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It was the next day, and Nakao had spent a good portion of the morning choosing something to wear. He couldn't deny how vain he was, and wanted to look good, even if he was just meeting a friend. He pulled on a pair of capris, that showed his newly shaven legs very nicely. He then slipped on a sleeveless shirt with a fancy design on it, and a denim half-jacket that matched his capris. Before slipping on his sneakers, he looked in the mirror and sighed.

"How can I look this good and still not manage to snatch Nanba up yet?"

He sighed once more, before getting his shoes on and heading out the door.

He walked, or perhaps more so, glided down the streets, a swerve to his walk like a woman would have. Inside he preened when he noticed a couple guys looking at him, he loved attention, even if it wasn't from who he wanted. He kept gliding until he caught a peek at his watch. Five minutes to 12?!


He yelled, a sour look on his feminine face, and began sprinting. By the time he got to the cafe, he was panting and red-faced. Kadoma was sitting at a small table by the front window, and gave Nakao a sweet smile when he saw him enter the cafe.

"W-Waiting... long?"

Nakao panted out, looking almost insane. His chest heaved, and he collapsed into the chair across from the small boy.

"No, not at all. I just got here myself."

The fact that Kadoma said that so easily, with such a smile, just made Nakao want to smack him. But he didn't, instead groaning and laying his head on the table. Kadoma laughed, obviously understanding what had happened, and gently patted his newly-made friend's head in sympathy. But the situation wouldn't have been quite so funny, if they'd known someone was watching them.

At a corner table, far away from them, a man sat, staring hard at Kadoma. Eyes were narrowed, brow furrowed furiously, the newspaper hiding the man's face was starting to crumple from the white-knuckled grip on it. 'That hussy...' the man thought. 'Trying to steal my man!!'

Back at Kadoma and Nakao's table, a young woman dressed up as Sailor Moon ran up.

"Hi there, welcome to the Anime Cafe! I'm Usagi, what can I get you two?"

Nakao seriously doubted the girl's name was Usagi, and was a bit weirded out that she would go that far to make her cosplay more effective. He thought about pointing out that the girl didn't even offer menus yet, but gave her a break. She was lucky Mizuki liked this cafe, and that they went here often.

"I'll have a coke, and some strawberry daifuku. How about you, Kadoma?"

Kadoma looked hesitant, he never liked ordering, he always felt he'd get the wrong thing.

"W-What's good here?"

"Well, I know Mizuki loves their fruit smoothies, and they have dango, taiyaki, and other street foods that I know are good here."

Kadoma mulled for a minute before turning to the waitress.

"I'd like a strawberry smoothie and... some bocchan dango."

The waitress took down their orders and skittered off, not noticing the face Nakao made at her as she walked away. Nakao rolled his eyes after and looked back at Kadoma, who was fidgeting a little and looking down.

"Kadoma? Are you nervous?? Haven't you gone out with friends before?"

The boy blushed easily and shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah, I guess. It's just... weird, going out with someone from another dorm. But I'm glad I did it."

Nakao smiled softly and nodded. He began to strike up a conversation and the two were soon animatedly talking about who knows what.

Meanwhile, another man came into the cafe and sat away from the two, at the table next to the one strange man who was watching the younger boys. The new man too, opened up a newspaper, which shielded his face, and began to watch the two interact. Anger rose in him and it took all he had not to slam the paper down and yell. He couldn't give himself away, after all.

But still, something felt odd. Like something was being copied. Slowly, each stranger peered over the top of their newspapers, only to lock eyes with one another. One looked back to Nakao and Kadoma, and nodded over to them. The other nodded ever so slightly. Slowly, one motioned the other to join him at his table. The newer one got up and sat down, opening his newspaper once more. Without putting the papers down once, they began to talk.

"Let me guess... Nanba?"

"Very good, but not surprising, coming from Kujo."

"Why are you here? To make sure Nakao isn't meeting some freak?"

"Not exactly... and I think you aren't here for that either."

"Well then... if we are both looking for the same thing... perhaps we should team up."


"Fine then, let us begin."

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