Gay Sanctum

By Mizzfreestyle

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Vocab: Amigo: Friend in Spanish (masculine).

Porque: but why, or because in Spanish.

You're probably wondering why the hell I am using Spanish words in a Japanese fic. XD

Chapter one:

"St. Francis' Academy"

"Yo, Daisuke! Wait up!"

Completely lost in his new book, Daisuke continued walking on; ignoring the calls of his friend, "Daisuke!" Saehara ran faster, "If you make me yell again, I'm glomp you!"

Daisuke continued to walk forward, heedless to Saehara's threats.

"I got you!" Saehara dove at Daisuke from where he was, and at the very last second, Daisuke realized that something was coming down at him, "SAEHARA!"


Saehara had practically pounced on Daisuke and knocked him to the ground. Now, on all fours, Saehara was hovering over Daisuke's paralyzed body. "I told ya," Saehara giggled.

Daisuke gaped at him for a few seconds; taking into account what had just happened, and then he said, "I can't believe you…," he was still in daze, "I wish you would stop doing that! One day you are going to kill me! Then what! You'll find a new victim!"

"Jeez, Daisuke. You shouldn't get so worked up about it. I yelled your names out a few times, and I even warned you," Saehara sat up, "I know that there aren't any freaky fan girls here ready to jump you at every corner, but that doesn't mean you're outta the snake pit," Saehara winked.


"Don't crinkle your face like that, Daisuke, or you'll loose that beautiful feminine face of yours," Saehara teased.


"Oh my god! Saehara, I'm going to be late for class!"

"You are, but I ain't. I don't have a first class today. I drop," a vicious grin claimed Saehara's face.

"Well, that's you, but not me!" Daisuke quickly got onto his feet, and made a run for it to his first class: Algebra II. Daisuke Niwa, along with many other boys, attends the St. Francis' all boy academy, and like any other all boy school, he has to wear a uniform. So, picture this; formal black slacks, much like the one guys wear to formal events; a white dressy shirt, much like the one you would wear at a private high school for formal days; a black tie; and nice dress shoes. When it's cold, the boys are required to wear formal black jackets. Nice, isn't it? Well, back to the story. So, Daisuke was running as fast as he could to make it in time to his first class, but suddenly out of nowhere, this other guy came running out of the bush.


He came crashing into Daisuke, and practically hurled him three yards into the opposite direction. I mean, come on, Daisuke is tiny, and this other fellow wasn't as small. The fellow student came to a halt, and back up. "Hey, are you ok!" He came to Daisuke's side to do a quick scrutiny of the boy, "Please don't be dead, please don't be dead," he lightly shook the body, and then luckily there was a loan groan, "He lives!"

Daisuke slowly turned himself over hoping that this time he didn't break any bones; and as he did, he caught sight of an unfamiliar face hovering over his own, blocking the sunlight, "Who is there?" Daisuke asked as he regained conscience for the second time that morning.

"Whoa! You're ok! I thought you were a goner, seriously. I mean, don't get in front of me when I'm on a run. Next time I may really hurt you," the guy warned in a sarcastic tone.

Daisuke shook his head and sat up. The guy backed away and rose, "Need some help getting up?" He offered his hand, and without thinking, Daisuke took it.

"What's your name, anyways?" asked the guy.


"There you are! When I get you, Dark, it'll be the longest time out you've ever received!" cried the nun that was chasing Dark.

"Heh, we'll have to continue this another time. Later!" Dark took off running again, and the nun wasn't too far behind him.

Daisuke stared for a few minutes at the nun that was running on flip-flops, and then he remembered his morning schedule, "Not again! Is the whole world out to make me late!"

Daisuke sped through the halls, absolutely desperate to get to his first class before he was even later, and after a good five minutes, he burst through the door, "I'm so sorry, Mr. Cheung!"

Mr. Cheung turned around from the board and saw Daisuke panting at the door, "Oh, Niwa. Very good. I thought you were absent today. Ok, take you seat, and try hard not be late again. I'll excuse you from today, and that's it," for this teacher, try to imagine a Chinese accent.

Daisuke walked across the classroom with a blush of embarrassment on his cheeks, and then took his seat. However, even though his eyes were on his desk, he still felt like the eyes other his fellow students were on him. Those made him want to hide even more. So he took out his thick and heavy Algebra II book and sat it on his desk vertically. He wanted to hide for a few moments while he fetched his notebook and pencil. "Niwa," said Mr. Cheung.

"Y… yes!" Daisuke sat up.

"Please, put your math book down. How can you read what I write on the board if the book is blocking the way?"

"S… sorry," Daisuke felt even more humiliated.

"Having a bad day?" asked the kid behind him.

"Yeah. I was nearly killed twice today," responded Daisuke.

Mr. Cheung continued teaching his class about matrices when suddenly there was a knock at his classroom door, "Yes?"

The guy from earlier that day came waltzing in and the nun that was chasing him came in not too long after completely out of breath, "Sorry… for the intrusion… but this is Dark Mousy. He'll… be… the new… student," the nun took a few quick breaths in-between her words.

Daisuke's eyes wondered over to the intruder, and gaped, "I know you," he whispered to himself.

Dark came walking up the aisle Daisuke was seated next to, and as he passed Daisuke, Dark winked and flashed a wave. Isn't he too old to be in this class? He's at least two or three years older than me. "Umm," Mr. Cheung came to Dark's side, "This is Mousy," Mr. Cheung pointed, "He'll be joining this math course."

"Yo," Dark flashed another quick wave.

"Umm… There's an empty seat next to Niwa─"

"Alrighty," Dark just took the seat next to Daisuke, and leaned back.

"Please sit up straight," ordered Mr. Cheung.

"Aww…," Dark obeyed.

"Ok," Mr. Cheung looked around the classroom, "Let's continue then."

So, while Mr. Cheung continued babbling on about how to multiply matrices, Daisuke turned to Dark and asked, "Why are you in this class. Shouldn't you be in Calculus?"

"Me? Ha! I wish," responded Dark.

"What's so funny?" asked Daisuke.

"Me, in calculus? You gotta be kiddin' me."

"But… aren't you a senior?"

Dark gave Daisuke one of those looks that read are-you-serious? "A junior then?" Dark didn't respond, "You can't possibly be a sophomore!"

"Daisuke Niwa, please refrain from talking in class," ordered Mr. Cheung.


Mr. Cheung turned around again, and Daisuke leaned down onto his desk. "Smooth, Daisuke. Real smooth."

"Daisuke?" Daisuke looked over at Dark, "We have only just met, and you think you can call me Daisuke?"

"We're friend, no?"


"Cool, then you can call me Dark. It's nice meeting you, Daisuke."

The way Dark whispered Daisuke's name was enough to give him the chills. With each an every syllable that rolled off Dark's tongue, Daisuke felt flushed and at the same time, embarrassed. Why? Don't ask. It's one of those more complicated things that everyone at one point or another goes through. However, without saying another word, Daisuke turned around and tried to at least get a few notes down so that he could finish the homework for that evening. "Psst! Daisuke," Daisuke tried as hard as he could to ignore Dark, "Dai!"

Dai? Since when did I give him the right to call me by that nickname? "Dai!"

Nn… why does my body feel warm like this when he whispers my name? "Daisuke!"

I have to ignore him. "Dai!" But the way he whispers my name… "Daisuke!"

It makes me want to come…(A/N: Not that way you perverts) Nn…Daisuke cupped his hands around his ears to block off Dark's voice, but soon enough, the bell rang. Daisuke was practically the first one out of the class, and Dark was right behind him. "Hey! Wait up!"

"No! Go away! I have to get to the next class!"

"What is the next block?"

"It's C block. I have Spanish."

"Awesome, so do I!"

Daisuke's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets, "What! But you're an upper classman! They usually take native or AP. I'm in Spanish II."

"Well, I'm not good with foreign languages," Dark rubbed the back of his head.

"So, in other words, you flunked," Daisuke grinned.

Dark sneered. "Don't give me that look, or I'll have to whip it off your face."

Daisuke narrowed his eyes at Dark, then turned away, "As if. Come on then. I just hope you don't sit next to me this time."

"Aw! But we are amigos!" Dark joked as he placed his hand around Daisuke's shoulder.

"Get away from me!" Daisuke ordered as a blush crept onto his face.

"Aw! Porque!"

Daisuke slipped from beneath Dark's arm and sped towards the Language Department of the school. "Wait for meeeee!"

Daisuke shook his head and tried to run even faster, but his little legs could only go so fast and were nothing compared to Dark's. Soon enough, Dark was running along side him, "Do you do this to everyone? Or is this just how you get around? I mean, I understand that you're short and all, but is this nonstop running really necessary?"

Daisuke came to a sudden halt, and glared at Dark with one of those how-dare-you-call-me-short looks. "Aww," Dark teased, "You want me to carry you to the next block?"

"Huh! NO!"

"Ok," Dark approached Daisuke, and Daisuke backed up against the closest tree. Little did he know that there were ants crawling up the side his back was on. "Yo, Dai, you're leaning against ants."

"What? Eww! Get 'em off! Get 'em off!" While Daisuke tried to wipe off the ants, Dark came from behind and scooped Daisuke into his arm. At first, Daisuke writhed around hoping to get away from Dark, but Dark still managed to hold Daisuke without dropping him, "Stop squirming or I'll drop you," Daisuke blushed again and began to shake, "Wrap your arms around my neck, or you might fall," Dark instructed.

"No, you pervert!" Daisuke bellowed.

"Huh?" Dark raised a brow, "I'm not a pervert. I'm just trying to make friends," said Dark in a serious tone for once, "Now, stop struggling. I'm not putting you down until I feel like it."

Daisuke finally stopped and looked at Dark in the eyes. "Do as I say."

"Who made you the boss of me, Dark?"

"Daisuke," Dark said in a dangerously low tone.

With one of those looks that read if-you-do-anything-to-me-I'll-kill-you Daisuke slowly snaked his arms around Dark's neck and pulled his body closer to Dark's. "This is so embarrassing," Daisuke whispered against Dark's ear.

"See, don't we just make a cute couple?" Dark teased.


"Just kiddin'.

Why is he doing this? Why does Dark continuously harass me like this? What is he trying to get at? Is he gay or something? While weird scenarios played through Daisuke's mind, Dark continued to carry Daisuke to Spanish class, and once they arrived, Dark carefully set Daisuke down as if he was a fragile doll that would shatter into a million pieces if not handled with excessive care. "I'm not a baby," said Daisuke.

"No. You're a lot cuter," Dark pinched Daisuke's cheek.

"Huh! Stop treating me like a child!"

"Niwa!" said Señor Chavarria, "Hurry up and take your seat."

Daisuke quickly ran inside the classroom, not giving Dark a chance to say anything else. At least he knew that Dark couldn't talk to him in this class, because the teacher kept a close eye on each and every one of his students. Plus, Daisuke sat in the front. There was no escape there. So, for the first few minutes, Dark followed the same routine. He walked in, the teacher introduced him, in Spanish of course, but once Dark had a good look at the Spanish teacher, his mind froze, That guy has man boobs! He stared for a few seconds, then slowly looked away looking as if he had been scared for life. He then took his seat, but this time he was seated in the back. Away from Daisuke. Yes! This'll be one class without any distractions! Now…for the first time in my life, I'm going to treasure each and every minute of this fifty minutes long class. I just hope that Dark doesn't sit next to me in any other classes. Actually, I just hope that he isn't in any of my other classes. Soon enough, the class began. This is going to be the longest day of my life.

The Spanish teacher was just about to begin with a lecture, but then the same nun from earlier that day came in and called the teacher away, "I'll be right back. Don't get too loud," he said as he walked out of the classroom.

Oh no, Daisuke didn't dare look behind him. He knew that Dark would be tempted into staring another pointless conversation that would ultimately end with Daisuke getting into trouble. However, he didn't have to turn around; someone else had begun talking with him. "So, you're Dark?"


"Nice meeting you," said a boy.

"Hey, I gotta question to ask you. Is it just me, or does that Chavarria guy have man boobs?"

Suddenly, one other guy from the other side of the classroom began to sing, "Wiggle, jiggle, yellow middle, that's the best of what you are! Love you eggs, EGGS! White and tender surround the center inside your crackling shell! I love you egg, EGGS!"

"You use English in a Spanish only class. You get to hold the shot glass, Matsushita."

Chavarria had this game he would play with his students. In this Spanish class, English was forbidden; and if spoken, then you would have to hold unto this shot glass and pray that someone else would speak English, otherwise at the end of the class you were assigned something that would be presented orally the next day. What a drag for those taking honors and AP courses. This was the only reason why Daisuke dreaded his Spanish class. He wasn't good with foreign languages himself, and the horrid thought of obtaining that evil shot glass made him dread the class even more. Oh, how he longed to stick a potato up the exhaust pipe of Chavarria's red convertible.

The fifty-four minute class soon ended, and Daisuke knew he was no longer safe. He slowly packed up his books, but before he could reach for the last one sitting on his desk, someone handed it to him. Daisuke looked up knowing fully well whose hand was passing him his workbook. "Eh, hi, Dark."

"It's break, Daisuke. Want me to buy you a snack?"

Daisuke looked down for a few moments then shook his head. "I usually make my own snack. I can't afford to buy snack every single day."

"But I'm buying it."

"I don't think I'll be able to pay you back anytime soon," said Daisuke.

"But you don't have to. I'm doing this outta kindness," responded Dark.

Daisuke shook his head as he walked out into the halls. What's up with him, Dark thought to himself, Does he like not trust me? Dark ran after Daisuke and decided to follow him. Daisuke wanted to go to his locker to change his books, but instead, Dark had dragged him over to the snack bar, "I want a pizza," said Dark.

"I need to change my books, Dark."

"Hold up. I need food," it was finally Dark's turn in line, and he ordered a pepperoni pizza with jalapeños on top, "Yes! Extra spicy!"

"Eww," Daisuke wasn't too fond of chilly, "Can I finally get my books now?"

"NO! We have to eat this, otherwise it'll get cold! And pizza is cold when it's nasty!"

"But… my─"

"Nope!" with one hand, Dark held the plate with the pizza, with the other, he held onto Daisuke's hand.

It took a few moments for Daisuke to realize that Dark was holding his hand like they were a couple, and when it finally clicked, Daisuke tried to pull away, but that only made Dark hold on tighter. Why's he doing this? We just met! Not even best guy friends do things like this! Dark pulled Daisuke across the grassy yard surrounded with trees away from the larger groups that were sitting together. It wasn't until they had practically reached the school's stone walls that Daisuke began to notice… Couple! Are these guys around here couples! I knew that at every all boy school there are gays, but there are actually couples here! Dark finally released Daisuke's hand and sat down. Daisuke just stared at Dark until Dark patted the grass next to him, signing to Daisuke to sit. At first, he hesitated, but then Daisuke complied. "See, this isn't so bad," Dark said as he sat back.

"Eh…," Daisuke felt a little out of place being here with all these guy couples.

There was absolute silence between the two boys until Dark felt that he needed to break the silence, and so, he placed his hand over Daisuke's shoulders and whispered, "Want some of my pizza?"

Daisuke jumped and blushed, "What the hell are you doing! Why are you whispering! And no, I don't want any of your pizza!"

Dark grinned and said, "Eat it. I promise it's good."

"I don't like spicy things. It burns my tongue."

Dark shook his head, and then took a hold of Daisuke's cheeks in his hand, "Please!" he slowly forced Daisuke to open his mouth, and once he saw that he could get a small piece of pizza through, he bit off a small piece of pizza, took it out of his mouth with his hand, and gently placed it in Daisuke's mouth, "There, now chew."

There wasn't any jalapeños on the piece that Dark placed into Daisuke's mouth, but it was still a little spicy. Daisuke's face turned red, and stuck his tongue out, "Whaher! I hneed whaher!"

"Dark pulled a water bottled out of his backpack, and with his arm still around Daisuke, he slowly pushed the bottle against Daisuke's lips, "Drink," Dark whispered.

Daisuke didn't hesitate. He took the bottle into his hand and poured as much as he could into his mouth. He drank greedily, and then began to pant. "That was so hot…"

"I didn't realized that you really couldn't take anything even a little spicy that much," Dark chuckled.

"Yeah, well, now you know."

"I'm sorry, Dai. I won't do it again," Dark leaned his head on Daisuke's shoulder and looked up at him.

Daisuke turned his face away and saw a close by couple making out. He blushed and turned back around. "I didn't know that there were students here that were this much…"

"In love?" Dark asked in a seductive tone.


"Tell me, Daisuke, do gay couples disturb you?"


"It shouldn't," Dark whispered as his hand slowly stroked Daisuke's cheek.

"Huh? What are you doing?" Daisuke asked.

"Nothing really," Dark withdrew, "Just trying to make friends."

Suddenly the bell rang.

"What are the next two blocks," asked Dark.

"A and E. I have Sacraments and English," said Daisuke.

"What a pity. I'm not in either of those classes," Dark stood up and stretched, "But please say we can meet at lunch. By the angel fountain? Ok, bye," Dark didn't even give Daisuke a chance to say anything. He left him sitting there alone with a confused look on his face.

Why do I get the feeling that Dark wants to be more than just friends? Why do I get the feeling that his intentions are malicious? What will become of our friendship if we do in fact become close?

A/N: For all those that are wondering, yes, it's a little similar to that yaoi manga from DMP, La Esperanςa. Visit my profile for news.