Gay Sanctum

By Mizzfreestyle

A/N: The title of his chapter is Greek for "God have Mercy." It is a common phrase that is commonly heard in Christian masses.

Now, I present to you the literally unedited chapter.

Chapter 13:

"Kyrie Eleison"

Everything was far too peaceful. The wind blew gently outside the window. The sky was a dark, evening purple, and the church bells sang to Daisuke's ears. It was like the calm before the storm or the evening before the battle. Daisuke raised his head with his disheveled hair and sleepy eyes and peered out the window. Beside him, he could hear Dark's soft breathing. Daisuke smiled, but wondered all at once, with such precious gifts, what catastrophe was to befall him? "God have mercy on my soul."

Daisuke pushed himself up and sat upright lazily. This utopia couldn't last. Not with so many against him. It didn't help matters that those who were against his place beside Dark were the people who have power of his life. "Dark." Daisuke muttered softly, almost, painfully. How much longer do we have together?

Furtively, Daisuke touched Dark's warm cheeks with the back of his hand, then brushed a few strands of hair aside. Even in his sleep, Dark's face was truly captivating. It was not like an angel's; more like a warrior's. It was composed even in his sleep.

Daisuke stepped off the bed and walked towards the window. He gazed down upon the masses that were joining together to celebrate mass. Outside, young boys in their uniforms handed out pamphlets and the Father was so kind to come out and greet his fellow worshippers.

Their smiles and friendly gestures confused Daisuke. They were told to be accepting. To love and forgive their brothers and sisters. To not judge and condemn others. Yet, they were sometimes the most hateful of all. There was very little you could say to a Catholic without offending them.

Daisuke covered his eyes and backed away from the window like the light burned his skin and blinded his eyes.

"Daisuke?" Dark's voice called. Daisuke spun around and reached out to Dark who embraced him wholeheartedly. They were finally together. "Hey, what's wrong?" he asked sleepily.

"I think we need to get out of here. Move far away where no one can find us."

"And live off of what? Tuna? Daisuke, we could never survive on our own."

"Then we'll live humbly and depend on the Lord."

Dark pushed Daisuke away. "What has brought this? Are you ashamed of us? Are you afraid of what your mom, no, your family will think of you?"

"No! That's not it!"

"Then what is it?"

"I'm afraid that they'll take me away from you. My mom doesn't think like me. She's more conservative. She wants me to marry a girl. She wants me to have children. She wants me to do exactly as she says and not to question it."

"So, if I was a poor girl, would that be any better?"

Daisuke stopped and pondered. "I don't know. I guess she would accept you because you are a girl, but you're a poor boy. She won't rest until she rips me from your arms!"

Dark grabbed Daisuke's wrists and held the boy steady. "If it is God's will, then we'll be together."

"But I don't want to have to wait for that to happen if my mom takes me from you. I want to be with you now and always."

Dark was about to respond, but then a most untimely knock stopped him and hindered further talk. Dark moved off the bed and asked, "Who is it?"

"It's me, Riku! Open up!"

"Riku?" Dark turned towards Daisuke, who had this surprised look on his face. "D'you know her?"

Daisuke moved to answer the door. Instantly, Riku came through and placed her hands on Daisuke's shoulders. "I knew I would find you here!"

"What's up? Why are you here?"

"It's urgent! You mom sent me because she needs to talk to you about something."

"What? There's no way I'm going back now!"

"No, seriously, she's in a good mood and she told me to tell you that she is sorry and that she wants to talk about things."

Something wasn't right. There seemed to be an open window at the end of the path of hope, but what bothered Daisuke is what caused it to open and what was waiting for him on the other side. Why was his mother giving leeway? What conditions needed to be met for her to comply with him? There must be a catch. Knowing his mother, she couldn't have a change of heart so suddenly. "I'll go." Curiosity, however, got the better of Daisuke.

"D'you want me to go with you?" asked Dark.

"No. I'll do this on my own. I may be only a teenager, but if I have to face the world someday, I might as well start now."

"Go Daisuke!" Riku cheered.

Please, God. Be with me.

Before Daisuke could get pass the door, Dark had grabbed his hand and demanded a moment alone with Daisuke before he went. Riku gladly stepped out and once the door closed, Daisuke felt Dark's lips pressing softly against his own. Dark then grabbed Daisuke's hands and folded them in his own. "Please promise me, you'll come back to me."

"Jeez, Dark. I'm just going to meet with my mother."

"Yes, but she's the one who holds all the power in your life."

"Don't worry. I'll be back. There's no way I'll let my mom take me away from you."

Dark squeezed Daisuke's hand then kissed him softly one more time before he let those tiny, soft hands slip away from his. "I love you." Dark whispered.

Daisuke paused at the door then turned his head and uttered softly, "I love you too."

Moments later, the door closed softly.


"Daisuke! You've come back!" Daisuke could've sworn to the holy powers that Emiko had tears rolling down her cheeks.

She reached other and pulled her son tightly against her chest and hugged him. "I am so sorry, Daisuke. I should have listened to you. Forgive me for pressuring you."

Something was wrong. Why was his mother being so sympathetic?

Either way, Daisuke allowed his mother to tug him into the house where he found Risa sitting with her parents and his father.

They all smiled, but Daisuke secretly believed for their smiles to be forced and phony. Thus, it was only proper for Daisuke to return a feigned smile and a wave for good measure. "Um, hi?"

Daisuke's father offered Daisuke a seat beside Risa, who suddenly, didn't look so cheerful anymore.

Emiko took a seat next to her husband and then she held onto his hand. "Daisuke, we decided to call off your arranged marriage."

"What?" Daisuke's ears perked to the best of their ability.

"Yes. But let us explain first. We understand that we placed you under a lot of pressure with this marriage. You made it obvious to us that you did not wish to go through with it, but we were so lost in our own world that we didn't see your pleas. You were so desperate that you even pretended to be gay. It's alright, Daisuke. You do not have to pretend anymore. We won't force you to marry Risa."

Daisuke was taken aback. Was this what they understood about his confession? That it was simply his method of communicating with his parents that he did not wish to be married to Risa? Daisuke gritted his teeth. His parents' heads were still so far up in the clouds of Catholicism that they didn't believe for him to be gay. He should have known. After all, conservative Catholics believed homosexuality was a choice. An immoral choice.

And what more, they had the indecency to laugh about it like some sad joke. Daisuke's orientation wasn't a joke. It wasn't even a desperate cry for attention. It was a confession. A genuine confession. And they laughed at him.

Quickly, Daisuke arose and headed for the door.

Emiko stopped laughing, but never quite stopped giggling. "Daisuke? Where are you going?"

"What does it matter? You'll laugh at about anything I tell you. You think everything's a joke!" Daisuke's head dropped. "You don't know anything about me."

"Oh Daisuke. Stop making a scene. Of course I know everything about you."

"Then what's my favorite color?"

"Why, it's white of course. For it stands for purity and all that's right."

Daisuke's eyes narrowed. "No. It's amethyst. The color that binds my eyes to his through which, I can see his soul."

There was no more laughing. Only bewildered faces. Risa then stuck her tongue out and Emiko said, "Stop it. You're speaking nonsense. Come here this instant and sit with me. We have a lot to talk about. Your future is at hand."

"No. No more, mom. I love you, and I care for you, but you can't possibly care for me."

"Why are you saying such things?"

"You won't listen to me. I can't love a girl that way. I can't be with a girl. And cannot let you determine my fate. It's not right. I cannot marry someone I do not love. I am not your puppet. I am not a plaything. I know I am your son, and I know that you have power over me, but first and foremost, I am human with real feelings and real reactions to that which is presented to me."

"You tell them!" Riku stepped through the door and was holding her thumbs up to him.

"Hush, Riku," said her mother.

"My god, mother, you should see them. They're so in love it's not even funny. The way they tease each other, the way they hold each other, the way they speak, kiss, and adore one another… it's enviable."

Of course the adults frowned, but Riku and Daisuke didn't pay them any mind. Let them think what they must. In the end, Daisuke was so sure he would return to Dark.

However, before Daisuke could take another step forwards, Emiko shouted, "Don't you dare step outside, Daisuke Niwa, or I will punish you!"

Daisuke retaliated. "You have already! For years I've lived under your law, I've obeyed every word and feared that if I ever dared to defy you, hell would be my retribution. But how can I believe that when I've seen the evil you've caused me? Knowing that, I can't possibly heed your every word without condemning my own life."

Emiko stood there speechless and the other adults could only stare at her. "Do something," said Mrs. Harada. "You are his mother."

It was Emiko's turn to grit her teeth. How dare her son defy her! She marched forwards and Daisuke gradually stepped back. "Daisuke Niwa, you've left me with no other choice. I didn't want to do this, but your insensible ways have forced me to resort to this."

God, have mercy.


It was the following day, and Dark still hadn't seen or heard from Daisuke. What had happened? Was Daisuke okay? Would he be returning to the school? Would Emiko go as far as to physically remove Daisuke from Dark?

Dark looked at the church while he made his way to church. If Dark ever had a wish, it would be to keep Daisuke with him. He never knew such joy until Daisuke came into his life. The sun never shined as brightly as those ruby red eyes. No instrument ever sang to Dark's ears as tenderly as Daisuke's voice. No gift could've warmed Dark's heart quite like Daisuke's laughter. Silk didn't sooth his skin like Daisuke's touch. And all the treasures of the world couldn't replace the one person that held Dark's heart. Please, I ask only one thing. Let him be with me.

Then, from the roof of the church, close to the singing bells, Dark saw a figure with long blonde hair and a white cloak looking down at him. For a moment, Dark thought it was a suicide, but then just as quickly as the figure appeared, it disappeared. Could it be? A messenger from the Lord?

Dark was pulled out of his thoughts by a screaming voice.

He turned around and saw Riku running towards him. She was nearly out of breath and barely had the strength to utter, "Daisuke… trouble… go… quickly…" She fell onto the ground and Dark sped off towards the mansion.

No… You can't do this…Don't you dare take him from me!

"No, please!" Daisuke pulled and pulled and pulled, but his father's tenacious grip wouldn't let him go.

"Enough, Daisuke! Our mind has been made up. You will go to England. You will study at the Academy there."

"My god, please no! I have done nothing wrong!" The tears in his eyes rained down and clouded his beautiful ruby eyes. "I will never forgive you if you do this!"

"Enough of your silly little remarks! Get in the car or we'll strap you to it!"

Emiko waited by the door, patting down her little tears. "I am so sorry, Daisuke, but you've left us with no other choice. You did not see reason and so we must punish you. We will be moving shortly to meet you there. We can be a family together there."

"No! I don't want to go! My place is here!"

"Hush, you insolent boy! You will go wherever we send you! It was by our will that you were brought here and you will leave by our will!"

Daisuke was shoved into the car and the doors were locked before he could open it. Daisuke's father wiped his forehead then walked to the front of the limo and instructed, "Make sure all the doors and windows are locked. Don't think he will hesitate to jump out into moving traffic."

He then gave a roll of cash to the driver and walked away. "Oh Daisuke," Emiko leaned into her husband. "He was such a good boy. Whatever happened to him?"

"The devil, my love. He has misled our boy. But don't you worry; our Lord will set him on the right path again."

Dark reached the mansion, but just as soon as he turned the corner, he saw a limo pull out of the driveway and inside, he saw him. Pressing his face against the window and banging against it with all his might. Daisuke opened his mouth to scream, but Dark could not hear anything. "Daisuke!"

Dark turned and for as long as he could, chased after the limo. He reached out and cried and with all his might, willed himself to run faster. "NO! Daisuke!"

They knew Dark wouldn't last. They knew Daisuke couldn't escape from the limo. Their road was coming to an end. All Daisuke could do was mouth, 'I love you' against the window.

Once the limo reached the freeway, Dark could no longer follow. He stopped, fell to his knees, then cried out once last time, "DAISUKE!"

I will find you. We will be together some day...

A/N: Yes. This is the end. I do not plan on writing a sequel. And yes, Krad finally made an appearance, and as blasphemous as this is, I decided to let Krad be God. Now, for all those who are wondering if Dark and Daisuke will ever end up together, picture a world in which Krad reigns supreme then ask yourself, "Would someone as sadistic and menacing as Krad let Dark and Daisuke be together?" That should answer your question.

I've always wanted to write an ending in which the two lover didn't end up together, because frankly, a happy ending doesn't leave me as content as a sad one.

Some may wonder why I targeted Catholics in this story. Well, I am a born and raised Catholic. I even attended Catholic school all my life. I don't know enough to write about any other religion and for some reason and I wanted to write a fic that involved religion in some way. Don't be alarmed by what I mentioned. Not all Catholics are like Emiko. In fact, very few are. But I won't go into the details.

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