Rising Eva

Andrew Joshua Talon

Disclaimer: Neon Genesis Evangelion and Stargate: Atlantis are definitely not mine, and no profit is being made from this venture.

Shinji Ikari looked about the darkened room, blinking curiously. After Misato had picked him up at the train station, he'd thought that he was here to meet his father.

And he had.

"It's been a long time," Gendo commented, from a secure observation room above. Shinji's eyes flicked down to the lights activating in front of him. Before him, stood a ornate, blue and white chair on an elaborate platform. It resembled a throne, with a faint, inner glow.

"What is it?" Shinji asked. Ritsuko smiled.

"This, is the control chair for the city's defenses," Ritsuko replied officially. "It allows the user to activate the ancient weapons systems built into the city, and use them to destroy threats."

"However, we have only been able to activate it for a few minutes at a time," Misato added in. "And only certain people seem to…" The captain blinked, and looked up, aghast, at the commander.

"Sir? This is why you had Shinji brought?" Shinji, confused, looked to Ritsuko. She had a small, PDA-like device in her hand, which she pointed at him. She looked amazed.

"He has the gene… In fact, it's at least an order of magnitude stronger than any other subject we've seen… Except for the First Child, of course," the blonde scientist noted breathlessly. Shinji gritted his teeth.

"Is… Is this why you brought me here! To be your weapon!" Shinji demanded. Gendo looked down stonily. Misato grabbed Shinji's shoulders.

"Shinji, the Angel is approaching! If you don't get in that chair, we're all done for!"

"But… But I don't know how! How can I do it? I… I won't do it!" Shinji stuttered angrily. Ritsuko looked up at Gendo, who nodded.


"Bring in Rei." Ritsuko's brow furrowed.

"But sir… Can she do it?"

"She's still alive," Gendo said coldly. A few moments later, a gurney was brought in. Shinji, his eyes widening, saw that the blue-haired girl in the gurney was clearly badly injured. Shinji looked at the chair and wondered how on Earth she could get so hurt from using it.

The ground rumbled, and parts of the ceiling (lights and wires) fell down, as many were thrown off their feet to the floor. The gurney fell over, and Shinji, without thinking, rushed over, cradling the screaming girl in his arms. A large pylon came loose from above, and dropped for the two teenagers. Shinji closed his eyes and waited… But nothing happened. He looked up. The pylon was no longer there. It had clattered over nearby, lying innocently next to the gurney.

"He was protected!" Ritsuko cried, amazed. "But how? No one's in the chair!"

Gendo, above, looked down at his son. The boy trembled.

"I'll… I'll do it!" He gasped, shakily. "Just… Don't let her get hurt!"

The Commander nodded, and turned away, hiding a triumphant smirk.

Above, the gigantic monstrosity of the Angel lumbered onward, ignoring the continued attacks by JSDF hovercraft and strike planes. Even their most powerful weapon, an N2 mine, had failed to stop it, leaving a huge, burning crater in the middle of the already-shrinking island nation.

Finally, it stopped near the huge, steel plateau of Tokyo-3 itself, all of its mighty buildings retracted into armored walls. The Angel paused, preparing to fire it's main weapon against the protective shell…

The entire terrace began to shudder, and the Angel stopped. Broad ravines and cracks began forming in the armor shield, the retracted buildings shaking apart within their steel nests. The Angel stepped backwards, it's empty eyes blinking.

A burst of light emerged from beneath the surface, and coalesced into a vast dome of light. Resembling a several-kilometer wide soap bubble, the shield rose only milliseconds behind a gigantic, metallic tower, a great spear pointed towards the sky. More towers and buildings rose, as the long-dormant city sprang to life. The Angel, sensing the threat, fired it's main weapon, a cross-shaped energy beam that had plowed through JSDF ships, planes and tanks with ease.

But against the shield, the blast harmlessly bounced off and away, as the great city ship hovered slightly above the ruins of Tokyo-3. The city's inhabitants, all safely within protective bunkers due to the Angel's approach, had come out with the great commotion. Now they all stood, watching the gigantic flying city, as awestruck as the Angel itself.

"The… The city is fully powered!" Announced Lt. Maya Ibuki, from the cityship's main control room. She shook her head as other technicians scrambled around her. "I… I don't understand it!"

"She's awakened," Fuyutsuki said quietly. Gendo nodded, smiling behind his white gloves.

"She has indeed…"

Shinji had the strangest sensation of seeing, well… Everything.

Now reclining back in the chair, he could see his father, Sub-Commander Fuyutsuki, Captain Katsuragi, Dr. Akagi… All of the NERV staff were as well known to him as though their personnel files had been downloaded into his brain. Not only that, he could see the great city, knew that it had been dormant for over fifty thousand years, and was still as powerful as the day she was first commissioned. Well, almost.

Power reserves at 50 percent, a small voice in his head announced. Main shield holding.

The sheer freakiness of the situation did not seem to register. Shinji felt calm, safe, as though the city were a mother caring for and guiding her child.

The ruins of Tokyo-3 were little consequence. The primitive steel and concrete super-fortress-city were nothing compared to the advanced alloys and materials that made up the city-ship. Its dimensions and accommodations were also far better than anything NERV could have come up with.

And finally, there was the Angel. It struck again and again against the city's shield, relentless, menacing. Shinji's face became determined.

No one does that to me and gets away with it! The young boy thought. The city had three options for dealing with the attacker: Engage with ranged-weapons, run it over with it's sheer bulk, or fight it on it's own terms.

For some reason, Shinji chose the third option.

"Sir! The Eva bay!" Gendo turned and saw on the holoscreen that a gigantic, purple and green construct was emerging from one of the city-ship's construction bays. As it moved, it shed it's outer layer of armor, revealing a gleaming, pristine skin that seemed a composite of metal and organic material. It's yellow eyes changed color to green, as it roared it's challenge against the Angel. The Commander's smile became a truly disturbing grin.

"All is going according to plan…" Fuyutsuki looked at Gendo, disbelief etched on his ancient face.

"He caused the city to rise... That was not part of the projections." The commander shrugged, his eyes fixed on the battle as the Evangelion Unit Zero One, now under the remote control of the Third Child, engaged the Angel with furious blows and blood-curdling bellows.

"In the long run, it does not matter whether the city is above or below the ground. The point is, Yui is still inside there... And she is in control."

"And what about all the property damage she's just caused?" Fuyutsuki countered. Gendo shrugged.

"That, too, was part of the scenario." Gendo stared at his former professor.

"Did you honestly think I thought that that waste of taxpayer's money could defend against the Angels?" Fuyutsuki sighed heavily.

"At least the insurance premiums were paid up..."

Oh, c'mon. Like you guys didn't think that Atlantis from Stargate: Atlantis didn't seem similar to the Geofront. Anyway, just another random idea that I may write a sequel to if you guys think I should. (cues the SG:A theme)