Well, this fic is going to basically serve as a kind of thinking tank for the Stargate/Eva fic I hope one day to actually write. Until then, these little random interludes will have to tide you guys over. Sorry about this, really. Anyway, hope you enjoy!


The energy blast from the mass production Evangelion's lance-like weapon made contact with Unit Zero One, ripping a scream from Shinji Ikari's mouth. He felt the intense burn of the energy impact, shredding through the structure of the biomech. The LCL fluid around him began to boil, and as the front of the entry plug began to splinter and crack under the weight of the killing blow, his vision went stark white.


"Shinji, this is the Geofront," his mother said softly, her eyes crinkling in her infant son's delight at the vast city before him. The elevator down to the gigantic grotto that held the Ancient city had broad windows, one of which the baby had pressed his face against, giggling.

"It not as though he can understand you," grunted her husband, Gendo Ikari, at her elbow. His steely gaze looked through the window at the huge city-ship, but, Yui noted, without any wonder or fascination. His gaze was one of hunger...

"He won't be able to if we don't talk to him," Yui replied teasingly, holding Shinji close to her breast. Gendo grunted again, not looking at the baby. Yui hid a frown, considering that her husband never seemed to see their child, even when he was right in front of him...


"So, you pilot the city?" Asked one of his classmates eagerly, the rest of the students crowding around his desk. Shinji gulped.

"Um, I'm not at liberty to-"

"You made that giant robot!"

"You killed the Angel?"

"He can fly the city! That is just so cool!"

All the while the students bombarded Shinji with questions, Rei Ayanami, still bandaged heavily, turned from looking out one of the city's vast viewports over the Eastern section, and silently observed the Third Child.


"Just try to keep up, Third Child!" The redhead from over the sea gloated, both of them in her gigantic biomech, Unit Zero Two. Shinji recalled that it had been built with technology from the Geofront, but over in Neo-Berlin. As naval warships died around them, Asuka willed the great mecha to leap to another ship, and another, leapfrogging it's way. They finally ran out of room, only the umbilical cable from the fleet's task force holding them from dropping to the bottom of the sea.

"DIE!" The core of the Angel was slashed, and as the great beast roared its deaththroes, it knocked Zero Two to the side. The carrier above tipped, a huge, tarp-covered object sliding off the deck.

"Hey! Stop thinking! I have to get it!" Asuka growled, trying to swim after the sinking artifact. The gigantic hands of the mecha finally latched onto it, as Zero Two was reeled back up. The tarp fell away, revealing a four-meter wide stone ring. Shinji noted the strange markings and locks arranged on it, and asked Misato about it over the mech's radio.

"Misato, what is that thing?"

"That is probably what the Angel was after," Misato replied. "It's called the chappa'ai in some dead language... But we've called it the Stargate..."


The Stargate was now active, a pool of water-like energy rippling within the great ring. Section 2 agents scrambled into the secluded lab, near the Evangelion bays, and trained their weapons upon it. Shinji, Rei, and Asuka all watched from a viewport looking down into the bay.

Four figures emerged, dressed in green fatigues, black vests, and black boots. The first two were male, tall and pale-skinned, and could easily be mistaken for brothers. One wore a black cap, while the other worse glasses. The third was a petite, short-haired blonde woman, looking around her new surroundings curiously. The fourth was a massive, dark-skinned man, with short, fuzzy black hair and a golden symbol inscribed upon his forehead. All were armed, and all had taken defensive positions.

"Identify yourselves!" Shouted one of the Section Two agents, in Nipponese. The black-capped man, frowning, spoke a few words that sounded vaguely like the language on the Stargate. The glasses-wearing man then shouted in perfect Nipponese:

"Do not be alarmed. We are peaceful explorers, from a planet called Earth."


"German," repeated Shinji, slowly. "German... Japanese... Chinese..."

"Very good," Dr. Daniel Jackson smiled at Shinji across the apartment's dinner table. Shinji smiled back, thrilled that he'd finally gotten those small parts of English right.

"I'm still not as good as Asuka," he replied, shrugging. The redhead had become fluent after only a few weeks in contact with SG-1, and never hesitated to show this off. Even Rei, as reserved as ever, could now communicate with the people from Earth without obvious effort.

"It takes time. Believe me, I've had a lot of practice," Daniel smiled encouragingly. Shinji shook his head and sighed.

"What's the point? Asuka's got it down perfectly. She's better than me in every way. I'm just a waste of space." Daniel shook his head.

"Shinji, this isnt' a competition." Shinji blinked. "And you're certainly not worthless. You can run the entire city-She can't. And you're certainly nicer than she is." The young pilot sighed, and looked down at the table. Daniel frowned, before leaning forward.

"Shinji, she may make it out to be some kind of contest, but it isn't. It's not about being able to do everything by yourself. Nobody can do everything on their own." Shinji blinked and looked at the Tau'ri archaeologist.

"Not even Asuka?"

"Not even Asuka," Daniel smiled. "Our culture is, I realize, very different from yours. Total self-reliance and perfection, right?" Shinji nodded thoughtfully.

"I guess so..."

"Well... Back on Earth, we try to emphasize our strengths, and learn from our weaknesses. And our teams... Well... For the most part, we try to work together, to maximize our abilities through cooperation. We work together like a family." Shinji shrugged.

"I... I don't know what that's like." Daniel smiled softly.

"You will. One day. We can help you if you like." Shinji nodded fractionally.

"I... I think I would like that..."


"You need no one, Shinji. If you rely on others, you'll only weigh them down," Gendo stated, as he turned away from Yui's gravestone. Shinji stood, watching his father depart.

"It doesn't seem to do that to SG-1," he murmured softly. Gendo paused.

"You haven't been looking hard enough then," the senior Ikari said flatly, as he resumed walking to a waiting helicopter. Shinji followed his progress with his eyes, and shook his head before turning away.


"I... I do not understand why, Pilot Ikari, but I feel... Strange, near you," Rei confessed, looking puzzled. Shinji blinked.

"S-Strange how?" He asked. Rei did not reply, instead, she took his hand and placed it upon her breast. Shinji blushed bright scarlet.

"Like here... Only, more here," she explained, moving his hand to the middle of her chest. Shinji felt her heart beating, quickly, like that of a frightened bird. He licked his lips.

"Kiss her, you dope!" Hissed his earpiece radio. Shinji, discretely, shifted his eyes to the right and left. He finally spotted Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Dr. Daniel Jackson, hiding behind a bush in one of the Geofront's small gardens.

Gathering his courage, he leant forward and pressed his lips against Rei's. She responded in kind.

"Allright! Jackson, I think there's hope for him yet," Colonel Mitchell said on the radio.


Kaworu paused at the entrance to the Stargate, and turned back. Shinji, sitting in Eva Unit Zero One, stood still. He ignored the screaming of his father over the radio to kill the Angel. He'd killed so many already... And ever since Areal's mind probe, he'd been able to feel them as well.

And he'd felt Kaworu the moment he'd first laid eyes on him.

"You are not the monster you believe yourself to be, Shinji," Kaworu spoke quietly, but Shinji could hear every word perfectly. "Ultimately, you have thwarted our mission... But you have helped us on our journey nevertheless." Kawaru smiled sadly.

"You know what you must do." Shinji bit his lower lip, and nodded.

"I love you... And so do they," Kaworu finished. Shinji choked back a sob, before pulling the trigger. A single blast of the Eva's rifle, and Kaworu was splattered apart. His remains, however, burned bright white, before rising and coalescing into a small sphere, before vanishing through the open Stargate. Shinji shut his eyes tightly.


"You will not win," Teal'c snarled menacingly, towering over the manic-looking Gendo Ikari. The commander had the Geofront's two charged ZPMs in his hands, and an insane grin on his face.

"I already have," the madman cackled, before his eyes flash. Teal'c is sent flying down the corridor, as Shinji's father vanishes in a transporter beam. Shinji rushes to the large Jaffa's side, a hand going to his neck.

"Teal'c! Teal'c!" Shinji yelled, horrified. He could feel a pulse, and the Jaffa's eyes slowly opened.

"I am uninjured." The warning sirens of the city began to blare at that instant. Shinji looked down at Tea'lc, his eyes wide.

"You must defend the city," The Jaffa said simply. Shinji gulped. A million protests emerged in his brain... His guilt over Asuka's comatose state, his anguish over Rei's origins (a hybrid of human and Ancient), Kaworu's death, Touji's death...

So many reasons why he was no good.

And yet, none that mattered.



Like angels of death from Earth's Bible, the Mass-Production Evangelions spread their deadly wings as they descended. Shinji couldn't help but consider the irony, of the entire, torrid, twisted story that had led to this day, this battle.

The Angels were a group of Ancients, caught between the two levels of Ascension. They had made a mistake, but in the end, had decided to stay as they were. Some had stayed on the world they had achieved their breakthrough upon, some went to sleep, and some roamed the galaxy in peace.

However, their attention had drawn to Shinji's world of Genesis, when a group of scientists were trying to reactivate an Ancient device at the southern ice cap of the planet. A device that held within it one of the Angels, called Adam. He had wished for the people of Genesis to worship him as a god and had tried to destroy them. His fellow Angels had imprisoned him to keep him from doing so over thirty thousand years ago.

Alas, the people of Genesis had released him. The Angels waited, trying to at least keep Adam confined to the Southern pole area, now a sea of death. His exertion in becoming free had caused a global catastrophe, but had also rendered him a mere embryo. The Angels, feeling he was now no threat, had returned to their previous adventures... Unaware that a number of humans on Genesis had discovered the city-ship that was once their home.

The city-ship that held within it Adam's partially-ascended former mate, Lillith, who had been asleep until now. Her cries for help, being held by humans seeking to use her abilities for evil, and Adam's manipulations of his host, Shinji's father, were answered by the Angels. Only one of them at a time could go, unless they wished the wrath of the fully-Ascended Ancients upon them for the use of their powers. And one by one, they failed.

Lillith and Adama's genetic structures were used to create Evangelions-Clones, copies, abominations of the Ancients, that could easily destroy the Angels. Adam's willing host, Gendo Ikari, imprisoned his wife, his lover, and his wife's school friend in three of the clones, for the purposes of stopping each Angel. For when an Angel was killed, they learned too late, they fully ascended, and were bound by the same rules as the rest of their kind. Unable to stop Ikari.

Adam and Gendo were now one and the same. Both obsessed with women who no longer loved them, who hated them for the monsters they'd become. Both wishing to use the secrets of the Ancients, to win them both back, and become gods.

Gendo, of course, hadn't been alone. A secret organization known as SEELE had held the Stargate in secret for centuries, letting the rest of Genesis's inhabitants forget their slavery to the Gou'ald, and their homeworld of Earth. They, too, knew of the power of the Ancients, and used Gendo to pave the way for them to become gods. To take complete control of all life in the Universe. But due to his obsession with his wife, Gendo had rejected SEELE. And now, SEELE had amassed all the military might of Genesis's various nations together, to take the Geofront. Take the Stargate. And use Lillith and Adam to fulfill their dreams.

The SGC had sent three hundred Marines and numerous SG teams to help in the defense of the city. One of their combat starships, the SGCS Columbia, with her squadrons of F-302s and missiles, had descended to give them air cover. And all four operational Evangelions; Unit One, controlled by him, Unit Two, controlled by Asuka, Unit Four, controlled by Hikari Horaki, the Sixth Child, and Unit Five, controlled by the clone of General Jack O'Neill, were at the ready.

But the Geofront was powerless. Her systems were dead. They only possessed their grossly underpowered naquada reactors to power its Stargate, and that was it.

"We're outnumbered... as usual," Jack O'Neill commented.

"Well, we Hessians have a saying back home: 'Swiftly into the breach, and make our deaths as fire,'" Asuka said grimly. She then smirked.

"Let's go!"




They were all his memories... All part of him. Shinji blinked and looked about at the darkness surrounding him.

"Hello? ... Where am I? Anyone here?"

Two spectral figures emerged, and Shinji choked in shock.

"Mother...? Kaworu?"

The Angel, and his mother, stood, their hands held up to him. They both smiled.

"Shinji... Come to us," Yui Ikari said soothingly. Shinji took a step forward... before jumping back, gasping at the bottomless chasm dividing them. He shook his head.

"I... I can't do it! There's... There's no way!"

"You must come forward," Kaworu replied. He cocked his head to Yui. "She is trapped, between here and my world. She needs your help. They all need your help, Shinji."

"But... I'll die," Shinji said quietly. "I didn't use to care, but now... Now I do care. I don't want to die. I can't..."

"You must, darling," Yui said, patient and loving. "Or all of this... All of your pain, your happiness, your sorrow and anger... None of it matters."

"It doesn't matter now!" Shinji shouted. "We're all going to die! Everyone's going to die! I failed! We can't win! Nothing will change that!"

"You will die, Shinji... But it will not be without change," Kaworu intoned. "If you trust and love those who do the same for you... You must come to us."

Shinji looked down at the impassable gap between them. He felt pulled away, desperate, clinging hands to keep him from harm. He looked ahead.

"If I do... I'll die."

"Yes," Yui sighed. Shinji looked down again and back across the chasm. He took a deep breath. He closed his eyes, and took his first step...

Dun dun dun...!