"Shit!" I glanced over at the clock that read 10:00 a.m. and smacked my forehead. "Shit, shit, shit!" I was late yet again, for work this morning. Now I would have major explaining to do to Darla, and she would give me her famous 'I'm the editor of Star Shine Magazine for a reason' speech.

"SHIT!" I screamed as a spray of cold water doused my hair and ran down my already freezing body. I turned the shower nose sideways and then turned on the hot water knob, waiting for the water to heat up. If only my inner-child wouldn't keep me up so late, and I didn't waste my time staying up all hours of the night wishing on stars, then maybe I wouldn't be late to work so often.

I sighed as the hot water hit me, and with it a firm resolve. I needed to stop messing around and get serious about what I do. I didn't go to American College for 8 years and get a Masters in Journalism for nothing. No, when I came over from England, after Potter defeated Voldemort, I had a goal. That goal, was to live my life, the way I wanted to, and run things how I wanted to run them. My father was furious of course, but it was only because he knew he no longer had any control over me. I no longer feared him, because without the Dark Lord's support, he meant nothing.

Potter…Harry…I guess it was habit for me to call him that, but we never really saw each other much after the war was over. I guess it was just as well…I'd heard he got a job somewhere for the ministry and was happily married. Something like that I guess…of course, we'd quit being enemies when we both realized we were both too mature, and too busy to worry about such a petty thing.

"Oh…" I moaned. Is there anything besides sex, that's better than a warm fuzzy towel the first thing in the morning, after a hot shower? I didn't think there was. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, I'm so dead." I said to myself. It was 10:30 now, and I raced myself to the closet. Throwing on a pair of kakis, with a sky grey muscle tee and topping it off with a leather jacket, I grabbed my cup of coffee and was out the door in under five minutes. I had become an expert at dressing quickly, and racing out the door.

My life wasn't much, but it was all I needed. Not only did I love writing, but my apartment and my attitude couldn't have been better either. I was in my prime, and I knew it, now all I needed was a steady boyfriend with a load a cash, and then I'd be set.

Life's funny you know? I chuckle to myself as I greet my doorman Franc on my way out to my cab. "Hey Franc, if you lock up my apartment, I'll give you an extra ten bucks buddy."

"You know Mr. Malfoy, my father was a greedy man. He was so greedy that he named—"

"I know Franc, he named you after the French currency, but I really need you to make sure the guy in my apartment gets out by eleven and stays out."

"Of course Mr. Malfoy, anything for you sir."

Ok, despite what you are all thinking, I am not a slut. Sure I wake up late every morning and there's usually a guy in my bed…but…I have my morals. I'll just keep them to myself thank you very much. Franc takes care of me though. He was there for me when I first moved here. He showed me all the best restaurants, and the best movie theaters and gay clubs and even an apartment complex that has lower rent to fit my salary, if it weren't for him being straight, I think we might also have been lovers by now. Him and I shared something though, and that was hope. Hope that maybe today was the day we were going to meet the one. Also, the hope that today, wouldn't be the day we lost our jobs too.

11:00 and I was through the double doors of one of the biggest buildings in New York. Home of Star Shine Magazine, I was their resident advice columnist, and I loved it. I didn't get paid much, but that wasn't a concern. I was there everyday (albeit late) because I wanted to be.


"Yes Darla, I'm coming."

"Do you see this?" She asked, pointing behind her. At first glance I thought she was pointing to the clock on the wall, but something else caught my eye.

"International Magazine owner to buy out Star Shine" I read.

"Exactly! What are we going to do? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?"

"Darla, Darla, DARLA! Calm Down. Take a DEEP breath. Relax."

"They can't do this! They can't do this to me Draco, I mean…I've worked so hard to get where I am…we've all worked hard…"

"I know, I know." I replied patting her on the back. On the inside I was fighting a war between grinning because I got to slip by late to work unnoticed and got to keep my job, and crying because I might lose that same job to 'International Magazine'.

"Tell me things will be ok, Draco!"

"Everything will be ok. Now, I'm going to my cubicle, and getting to work on my latest article for you ok? Just relax and have…a cup of coffee…or whatever it is you drink."

"Yeah…yeah…yeah…" She got this weird glazed kind of look to her and she sat down repeating to herself that things would be fine.

"Oh and Draco?"

"Yes Ms. Norbury?"

"You come in late again and your fired."

I cringe. She did notice, and I had better start going to sleep a lot earlier.

"Yes Ms. Norbury."

Things would be ok…right?

I paced back and forth on my large two deck air craft as it soared halfway across the world to America. Sure I'd been to America plenty of times, but this time was different. Ever since defeating Voldemort, very anti-climatically I had decided to start fresh. Make something of my life, and so far, that plan had worked out fairly well. I, Harry James Potter, am owner of International Magazine which is doing very successfully.

I have my own private airline, a nice mansion back in France, and every other month or so, I go to visit my firm in America to check up on it. Not this time though. No, this time I'm afraid I have to be the bearer of bad news. Well bad news for some, good news for me.

Recently, I have bought some of the smaller magazine companies to combine into one more big office in New York. This was to build up credibility and boost moral of my growing staff. There's only one problem…Star Shine Magazine…one of the fastest growing magazines in the country. I don't feel threatened personally, but my agent believes it best that we delve into this endeavor and show the business world who we are.

I don't care honestly though. I've made my fair share of money, and I want to settle down with someone. Someone I love, and that loves me back. I chuckle to myself as the thought crosses my mind. 'What would Dumbledore say if he knew his Golden Boy was queer?' What would anyone say? It didn't matter though, because when I started this business my main goal was to start fresh and make my life full of luxury and pleasure…but as it hits its prime I find myself reverting back to another want. A want that I thought I left behind with my childhood. I want a family, with a real home, and a good childhood for my kid. I want to give my child something I never had.

There's a problem with that plan too though. Most people I want to date know who I am immediately by my scar, and I feel that if I entered in a relationship with those people, they'd just be in it for the fame. So I want to find an unknown. Someone who doesn't know who I am, and still wants to be with me, and I'm still searching for that today.

Another thing I'm worried about is whether or not they will want to have kids. I have heard of male pregnancy spells, but who would be the one to carry the child and how painful would it be to concieve?…

"Mr. Potter, too much worrying is never a good thing."

"I know Gwen. I can't help it you know. I just feel like every time I try to talk—"

"Hold on Mr. Potter I have to get the telephone."

"No one's listening." I sigh. My manager Gwen is nothing short of a blessing, but sometimes, not even she can fill in the role of my best friend when needed. No, that role is still taken by Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Weasely. The happiest couple alive, and I can only think to myself, as I'm drifting off to a light sleep lulled by the engine roar, that if I could just have found someone like that in school, then maybe I wouldn't have to have managers and in-flight calls and busy schedules filled with late nights. If only…

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