I said I would never do one of these, now I'm doing one... oh well. It's been years that this has been in my mind. here ya go.

The wizard sat quietly thinking to himself, a book opened in his hands but his mind wandering along with his eyes that watched out to the trees and wonder of Rivendell. His mind could not focus on any of the on things that were in front of him, the book, the trees. None of what he could see and feel at the moment was on his mind. The council had already decided it's path for the quest. The date for the departure of the members now known as the fellowship of the rings was set yet a bit away to allow the members time to rest. Yet Gandalf could not find rest in the members. He wondered just how well the group was assembled and how well it'd hold against the forces of Sauron. At the back of his mind a nagging thought kept plaguing him, for him to get a person he'd heard of a while ago, someone who'd come to this place under mysterious circumstances and one who'd never been found to exist in any other part of Middle Earth though there were many stories.

"Gandalf..?" Frodo called the wizard for the third time. He'd crossed the wisard while wondering the grounds, having nothing better to really be doing. "What's the matter?"

Frodo's words snapped Gandalf to his surroundings as he turned to face the brave Hobbit.

"Frodo." The wizard gave him a warm smile. "Just the ponderings of an old man." The wizard gave out as a little chuckle. The Hobbit gave him a look, he certainly wasn't buying it.

"Gandalf, do you think we can make it to Mordor with Strider and the others?" The Hobbit took a seat up next to the wizard. "If anything you know them better than I do, especially the way you and Strider talk. You must have known at least him. Can we make it Gandalf?"

The wizard took a puff of his pipe, pondering his response wisely. One should always think their words through closely before they utter a single syllable. He blew a ring that drifted this way and that before finally drifted to the sky and dispersing some way up. "Those we have now are strong, reliable and the most respected of their own. We could forge our way with some time. Yet chances will always favor those who are overly prepared. Better to take now and not need it than to need and not have."

"Gandalf?" Frodo gave an even more puzzled look. Sometimes he thought Gandalf spoke in riddles on purpose. He didn't understand the underlying clues in Gandalfs words thought he was smart enough and experienced enough to know that there were. His puzzled face was rewarded with a mischievous grin from the wizard and a giddy chuckle, which only worked to puzzle the poor little Hobbit more. It was then that the wizard started up, scrounging his book and belongings as if in a hurry for some meeting he was late for. The Hobbit had to rush after him when he headed down the corridor. "Gandalf! Where are you going!" The Hobbit called out behind the wizard in a fluster.

"I've got business to attend to young Hobbit. I must get ready for my travel." The wizard almost seemed happy about leaving before the departure of the fellowship. "Oh! And I must ready Aragorn and Legolas, they should be the greatest aid to me!"

"You're leaving before the quest?" Frodo shouted behind him. "What about the ring! Isn't that more important!"

"It is for that reason I leave Frodo Baggins. I have the interest of the fellowship at heart always."

"And you take two of the companions with you?" He called out.

"I may need their assistance."

Finally the Hobbit caught up to the wizard when he entered the room that lord Elrond had given him during their stay. There the wizard had begun to pack a few things for a journy. "Will you be back to leave with the rest of us! I can't go without you Gandalf!"

The wizard turned from his frantic packing with a fond smile. "I will be back Frodo Baggins, you have my as a wizard. If I have accomplished what I set out to do or not, you will see me before you leave." He reassured the Hobbit with physical contact by placing his hand on the small shoulder. It then became quiet. The hobbit said not a word more as he watched the wizard pack, and the wizard allowed the silence to remain unbroken until they spoke a brief farewell at his leave. He could not waste time waiting. He'd all but pushed the Elf and ranger up onto their horses in his efforts to get out quickly. So they left the evening that Gandalf had decided, knowing they would not get far until they would have to camp due to the falling sun, but still it's be farther along then if they were to stay the night and leave the next morning.