Its been about three months since Kit Tyler has seen Mercy, Judith, her Aunt, and Uncle in Wethersfield Conneticut. She remebers

saying goodbye to then I was at Nat's and her wedding. Such a tearful goodbye. But Kit would never forget the feeling of relief when

she left Wethersfield. Between the witch trail and the plauge it was enough for her to go crazy. But she was rescued by her love,Captain

Nataniel Eatonwho built her a house in Saybrook. Kit was happy to see Hannah again,it was like seeing someone you thought was dead.

"Kit, dear would you mind handing me the salt," Nat said bringing reality back to Kit. They were sitting at a table in the captain's quarters

of The Witch that was sailing to Barbados. Kit slid the salt over to Nat. "Kit are you okay? You seem kind of upset," Nat asked. "Yes

I'm okay its just this trip back to Barbados is bringing back alot of memories of the timeIfirst met you," Kit smiled. "Ah yes, i remeber!

Like when you dived into the water to save Prudence's doll and thats when Goodwife Cruff first started calling you a witch," Nat burst

out laughing. "Don't remind me! You know i could have died without you!" "Yes i know and i take good credit for it," Nat laughed some

more. "So are you excited to go back to Barbados?" "I sure am but i little sad to it will remind me to much of grandpa," Kit said bowing

her head down looking at her plate. Nat put his hand under her chin and picked her head up. "But just think this will sort of be like a

honeymoon. You know i fit this stop into our route..just for you," Nat said excitedly. Kit smiled and said,"Yes what would i do without

my Nathaniel Eaton! Threw good and bad we were strong, huh" "You got that right i think at one time or another we both put our life on

the line for each other," Nat said stretching back in his chair. Kit got up taking her plate and his over to a bucket of hot water. She

dunked them in the water and wiped them off. Nat got up and when she was done he wrapped his arms around her. "There is not any

other girl I'd rather be with right now."