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Chapter 1

Chaos notification

USS Odysseus was stationed in orbit around Earth to watch the skies for any sign of the ORI fleet vessels. The ORI, powerful beings and opposite fraction of the Ancients, have begun invasion of the Milky Way galaxy. Their first wave has defeated the fleet dispatched by the Jaffar near Chulak. The capitol of the Jaffar being Dakara for the time being was well protected but the question remained would it withstand a frontal attack by the ORI fleet. All worlds in the galaxy were concerned. It seemed nothing could stop the invasion forces.

A small craft appeared on the long-range sensors of the Odysseus. The radar officer immediately contacted the captain.

"Colonel Emerson, long-range sensors are detecting a small craft in hyperspace on approach to Earth."

"How long until it reaches Earth?"

"Two maybe three hours."

"What type is the craft?"

"Instruments can't determine but definitely isn't a Jaffar craft or an ORI."

"Understood. Keep it under surveillance."

"Yes, sir."

Colonel Emerson was standing still on the bridge, and was wondering who was coming. He turned to the communication officer.

"Inform Home World Security and Stargate Command of the incoming craft."

"Yes, sir."

Two hours later, the radar officer aboard the Odysseus reported:

"Colonel Emerson, the small craft has dropped out of hyperspace but has disappeared of the radar.

"What do you mean? How?"

"I don't know, sir. Maybe it has cloaking abilities."

"Understood. Try to locate it."

Meanwhile in Stargate Command, General Laundry has briefed George Hamilton on the situation in the galaxy.

"General Laundry, the situation has grown beyond our control." – Hamilton concluded.

"I have to agree." – General Laundry said. "But the question remains what are we going to do?"

"Have SG1 found a ZPM?"

"No. They found an inactive ZPM although I have sent them on another mission on P5S67. There had been rumors of an Ancient base. Hopefully there could be another ZPM or battleships."

"Good. I have to inform the president. We might have to pass to full alert."

"General, we just received a message from the Odysseus." – Chief Walter Harriman reported.

"What do they say?" – Laundry asked.

"They report that the craft they've been monitoring has dropped out of hyperspace and disappeared from the radar."


"They believe the craft is equipped with cloaking technology."

"Try to find it. We can't let unknown crafts to fly by our defenses."

"Yes, sir."

Hamilton looked concerned. This was not the first time they had detected crafts that disappear. He just hoped the craft was not of the ORI. Laundry was also concerned but for a different reason. His concerns laid with the defense of Earth should the ORI attack. They had only one vessel for combat and although some other were under construction.

"Unscheduled off-world activation." – Walter announced.

Hamilton and Laundry headed to the control room. Walter raised the IRIS and waited for an IDC.

"We are receiving Master Bra'tac's IDC." – Walter said after a while.

"Open the IRIS." – Laundry ordered.

The heavy titanium shield was opened and soon through the event horizon of the gate Master Bra'tac appeared. He had a concerned look on his face and it looked like he had survived a battle. Laundry and Hamilton went to greet him.

"Master Bra'tac!" – Hamilton greeted.

"It is agreeable to see you, General." – Bra'tac answered simply. "We need to talk."

"Of course." – Laundry said. "Follow me."

They went to the briefing room and were served some refreshing drinks. General Laundry understood from the appearance of Bra'tac that something not quite good has happened.

"The ORI main fleet attacked us on Dakara. The battle was fierce but with the help of the priors the ORI fleet crashed the fleet and the defenses of Dakara. Several ships managed to escape. I was on one of them." – Master Bra'tac stated.

"That is no good news, Master Bra'tac." – Hamilton said.

"No but it is not the worst part." – Bra'tac took a deep breath.

"What is it more than losing the Jaffar fleet and Dakara?" – Laundry wondered.

"They're coming to conquer Earth." – Bra'tac said deeply serious.

"Are you sure of that, Master Bra'tac?" – Hamilton asked.

"Yes. The ORI commander decided to inform us knowing that we'll inform you."

Some time later.

"Off-world activation." – Walter announced. "Receiving an IDC, it is SG1."

"Open the IRIS." – Laundry ordered.

Few seconds in, SG1 team appeared from the gate before shutting itself down. The team looked exhausted but General Laundry wanted to hear them first. He met at the briefing room.

"Colonel." – Laundry looked at Cameron Mitchell. "Have you found the base?"

"No." – Mitchell simply answered.

"No base, no ZPM, is that it?"

"Yes, sir, although Daniel found the ruins of an Ancient base. However, there was nothing helpful in it."

"But the ruins are very interesting…" – Dr. Daniel Jackson began.

"Another time, Dr. Jackson. We have more pressing matters." – Laundry interrupted him.

"Such as?" – Daniel looked puzzled.

"The ORI fleet has defeated the Jaffar fleet and taken Dakara. And they are also on their way to Earth." – Laundry explained then turned to Teal'c. "I'm sorry Teal'c."

"Oh!" – Daniel exclaimed.

The others looked confused and deeply concerned. Sam looked worried at Teal'c who has sunk to one of the chairs and has covered his head with his arms.

"What are we going to do, sir?" – Mitchell asked.

"The President has been informed of the situation. Also we think that we'll need to activate our defenses." – Laundry informed.

"But we don't have a ZPM." – Daniel observed.

"No but Atlantis does."

"You can't be serious, sir. They will be vulnerable without it." – Sam objected.

"If we had any other options, Colonel Carter, I'd have agreed but right one Earth is defenseless and we need a ZPM to activate the chair and the only solution is Atlantis ZPM."

"General." – Walter intervened. "The president is on the phone."

"Right." – Laundry went to speak with the President.

"Ah, things have gone really…wrong." – Mitchell stated.

No one bothered to answer. The situation has grown indeed very serious and out of control. Daniel wondered whether the Ancients would take any actions but so far they've done nothing to prevent the ORI from invading the galaxy. Only a miracle can save us now, Daniel thought. Although he's hoping that they could at least prevent the ORI priors of using their increased capabilities, which would be the only advantage they possessed.