Love in Ryugenzawa


Our story begins deep in the forest of Ryugenzawa; two beautiful young girls walked through a dirt path, one of them who appeared to be the youngest, had pretty brown eyes and a lovely red ribbon tied into her short brown hair, while her companion had brown eyes as well but was older and her beauty was more mature than her companion's, and she also possessed long silky black hair tied up in to a long upper pony tail.

Both of them had been hiking on the same trail for what seemed like an eternity, of course this was the younger girl's descreption of how long it had been since they got to the forest.

"(heavy sigh) Natsume! weve been walking for ages, cant we stop and take a break soon I'm tired and I'm hungry too!"

"Kurumi weve only been walking for three hours plus your always hungry." said the older sister in a low tone.

"WHAT, Nee-chan how can you say three hours isn't long, and a.k.a I am not always hungry but right now I'm hungry enough to eat a giant chicken basted with ponzu sauce with a side of suruyaki, ohhh how I can taste it and it's so delicious hmmm…" (A/N:Nee-chan is japanese for sister while suruyaki is actually fried eel on a stick.)

"Okay I get it could you stop talking about food your starting to make me hungry!" said Natsume with an agitated tone.

"Then good, because I'll keep on talking unless we stop for a lunch break." (silence) "Alright then you asked for it (Takes a deep breath) I'm picturing a bowl of delicious chicken noodle ramen topped with a sweet spiral fish cake, and cantonese sweet and sour pork doused with juicy teriyaki sauce, and some yummy yakisoba and wonton soup all washed down with some gourmet chinese green tea, and some…"

"Alright I get it well stop and camp here for the night O.K. just stop alright!" said Natsume in a demanding and annoyed tone.

"YAAYYY!" yelled Kurumi with glee and delight.

Thirty minutes later

"Alright then I'm done lighting the fire, have you set up the tent yet sis?"

"Does it look like I'm done these instructions are too complicated!"

"Ummm Kurumi…"

"Errrrrrrr! What is it?" asked Kurumi with frustration in her voice.

"It's a pop-up tent." said Natsume in a matter-of-factly tone.


"Look why don't I take care of the tent and you go out and find us some food okay?"

"(sigh) Okay."


As kurumi walked through the thick and dense forest her sharp little nose picked up a familiar yet unique odor.

"(sniff sniff, sniff sniff) MMMMMM, yummy I smell eggs" 'It's smells like it's coming from (sniff) behind those boulder's!'

As she looked behind the boulders she couldn't believe what she was seeing, it was a large nest containing three egg's the size of cows!

"Oh my god those are the biggest egg's I've ever seen, I wonder how they taste like, wait till Natsume sees these!"

She slowly picked up one of the egg's with both hands and carried it on her back.

"Man this thing is heavy, I hope I get it to camp before it crushes me under it."

She said in a stressed voice.

A few minutes later…

"Nee-chan I'm back and look…(rrrrr) what I've…(rrrr) got!. Few! I need to rest and eat…(umph)" SPLAT! Was the sound that was heard after she fell face first in to the dirt while she was still being crushed underneath the egg. "KURUMI! What the hell is that!"

"MWUNCH!"said Kurumi in a muffled voice.

"What was that, I couldn't under stand you?"

Slowly kurumi moved from under the egg gasping for breath and said "I said it's lunch."(sigh)

"Where did you find this thing, is it some sort of prop?"

"No it's real and I found it in a huge nest in the woods!"

"WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY WHAT IF IT BELONGS TO SOME MONSTER OR SOMETHING!" said Natsume in a frightened yet angry tone.

"Don't be silly Natsume theres no such thing as mons-(STOMP!) -sters…" STOMP!STOMP!


"Wh..wh.. what is that noise?" said Kurumi in a nervous voice.

As she said this the creature slowly crept out of the shadows roaring in fury for it's stolen egg, as it came in to the moon light it was revealed to be a giant platypus.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHH! What the hell is that thing?" yelled Kurumi while pointing at the beast in front of them.

"It's a monster Kurumi what else does it look like?; I told you not to take that egg!"

"I didn't know it belonged to some mutant duck!"

As she said this the platypus swiped at them with its webbed claws nearly striking them, as they dodged it's attack Natsume managed to leap behind it and launch an attack of her own.

"Kurumi! You attack it from the front and I'll attack from behind it alright!"


Kurumi lashed out her staff (A/N:I saw some scenes from OAV but I never saw their fighting scene so I don't know exactly what type of weapons or techniques they use, all I saw was a picture of Kurumi attacking Akane with the ribbon in her hair and another of Natsume with a sort of blue whip in the picture with her so if anyone reads this could you please tell me there techniques or weapons please…back to the story!) towards the beast but it easily tore the ribbon into shreds with it's sharp claws.

"AAAAAAHHHHH! It's gonna kill us!" Yelled Kurumi frightened.

Natsume attacked it from the rear but it lashed her attacks away with it's massive tail. - "It's no good, this thing keeps attacking even after we hit it!" The platypus soon swated Kurumi with its massive tail.

The oversized animal raised it's sharp claws up high to strike at Kurumi who was now laying on the ground, staring down on her with it's red eye's; right before it striked, Natsume leaped in and saved her sister from the beast's attack.

"Kurumi are you alright?" Asked her sister with fear and worry evident in her voice.

"Yeah I'm fine just a little bit spooked. How are we suppoed to beat that demon?"

"Look Kurumi please listen to me… I'm going to try and stall it for as long as I can and I want you to run from here as fast as you can alright!"she said with care and reassurance in her voice.

"Nooo! I can't let you do this by your self I'll stay and help you no matter what it takes Natsume-chan!"

"Kurumi as your older sister I have to- (SLASH)" she never got to finish her sentence as the platypus attempted another attack at the two.

"Kurumi go now before it's to late!"

"No! I won't leave you."

"REEEEEAAAAAR" It maid itself known once again as it let out a loud disfiguring roar, it raised it's claw up high about to let out it's last attack.

More than 10 seconds had passed as they slowly opened they're eyes, and all they saw was the figure of a young teenage boy holding of the beast with nothing but an ordinary broom, as it slowly raised it's other claw to attack him.

"HAH! You think I'll fall for the same trick twice you beast!" All of a sudden with barely no preassure at all behind this he managed to block it's other claw with ease and with a spin of his broom he managed to flip it on to it's back and with a simple leap managed to strike it in the stomach and landed on it's side managing to kick it halfway across the campsite and defeating it with ease as though it were a mear punching bag.(A/N: This fic takes place a while after Akane and Ranma left making him a lot more determined to train more and become stronger)

"That was amazing how did you manage to defeat that thing so easily!"Asked Kurumi with astonishment obvious in her voice.

"Who are you?" Asked Natsume this time.

"Go home now!"