Love in Ryugenzawa:


Last time…

"Kurumi I have an idea, take out that piece of paper in his pocket and see if his adress is on it." Kurumi did as she was told and took out the paper and read it "I don't believe this, his whole information is on it along with a map of this forest with a dot in its center that says home, Its practically his and this forest entire history and biography"

"We'll have to see it later, lets just concentrate on taking him to the spot on the map, and see if he lives with anyone who can take care of him." Natsume stated.

"Okay sis" Both Kurumi and Natsume packed up their belongings and carried Shinnosuke to the spot on the map. Then Kurumi got a nervous look and said.

"I hope that we don't run into anymore monsters."

"Don't worry Kurumi, I'll make sure nothing happens to you." Natsume said with a brave smile that calmed her sister, 'At least now I know what were up against, and this time I wont let down my guard!'…

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On with the story…

As they carried him through the thik yet endless forest Kurumi started complaining again…

"Natsume, are we getting close, I'm still hungry!"

"Can't you wait a bit longer, were almost there anyways."

"Yeah, but that monster never gave us the chance to eat" said Kurumi looking hungry and sorrowful.

"(sigh) Kurumi can't you just-(GROWL!)-did you hear that?" said Natsume as she quickly let Shinnosuke drop to the dirt and took a stance.


"Not now Kurumi stay on your guard." said Natsume in a whisper.

"But Natsume…" (Growl!)

"KURUMI, I said wait!"

"But that's not a monster!"

"Then what the hell is it!" said Natsume staring at her sister impatiently.

Kurumi pointed towards her stomach and (GROWL!) Natsume fell anime style and got up and stared at her sister angrily.

"Can't you control that darn appetite of yours!"

"I'm sorry!" Yelled Kurumi as she let go of Shinnosuke's legs and covered her head with her hands.

Natsume shrugged it off and quickly helped her sister up. "Come on lets just get this guy to his house and then will find something to eat, okay?"

"Okay!" They both picked up Shinnosuke by his lower and upper body and walked off again.

4 minutes later…


"Kurumi, keep your appetite under control!" said Natsume staring at her sister sternly.

"But sis!" GROWL!

"KURUMI I SAID-" but was cut off by her sister.

"But its not me!" Kurumi said cringing.

Natsume looked shocked "Then what is it?" GROWL! Natsume looked back to see a giant echidna running towards them at high speed.

"AAAAAHHHHHH, ITS ANOTHER MONSTER!" yelled Kurumi as she dropped Shinnosuke's lower body on the floor.

Shinnosuke slowly started to stir until Natsume dropped his head on a rock "OOF!" in the spur of the moment she got in to her stance. 'This time youre going down!'

"Kurumi, hold on to him, I'll take care of this monster!" Shouted Natsume.

"Alright sis!" Kurumi held on to Shinnosuke as her sister leaped in the air and pulled out her staff.

Natsume leaped in to the air and she landed behind it, but this time she pulled out the ribbon in her hair and used it to tie the echidna's feet together, with his back legs immobilized, Natsume (now with her hair loose) jumped on his head and hit him right between the eyes, the creature became slightly dazed which gave her the chance to untie his legs and tie the ribbon on his tail, she then grabbed the ribbon and pulled it with all her strength until she managed to practically spin him around in circles, he was practically in mid-air spinning so fast that it looked like a blury black circle, as soon as Natsume saw this she let go of the ribbon causing the echidna to fly off in to the other side of the forest, but she soon felt dizzy and fell to the ground next to Kurumi and the unconcious Shinnosuke.

Kurumi stared at her sister amazed. "WOW SIS, that was amazing!"

"Yeah sure whatever…ugh." Natsume soon fainted in a daze.


6 minutes later…

Kurumi was carrying Natsume on her back while dragging Shinnosuke through the dirt, while still trying to read the map in her hand.

"These two are gonna owe me big time after this! (PHEW!)" Kurumi complained while wiping her fore-head of the sweat.

She then read the map in her hand. "If I read this right his home should be right about-oof!" Kurumi fell on the floor as she bumped in to the wall of Shinnosuke's cabin.

"Oh here it is!" She got up the floor and picked up Natsume and Shinnosuke and went to the door and knocked on it. Knock! Knock! Knock! "Hello, is anyone home?"

A week and old scratchy voice came from inside. "Come in!"

She slid the door open and walked in, she quickly placed her sister and Shinnosuke on the floor and took her's and the others shoes off.

She picked them up again and walked in to the small hallway. "Excuse me!"

"Over here!" Shouted the voice from down the hallway.

Kurumi went down the small hallway until she reached the small room at the end, as she opened the door she saw an old man resting in his futon. She walked over to him and kneeled in front of him. "Excuse me, me and my sister were helped by a guy in the forest and he got knocked out. We found a map in his pocket that said he lived here so we were wondering if you could help us and him out?"

The old man slowly sat up and stared at his grandson who was now lying on the floor next to Kurumi.

"Thank you for bringing my grandson home." He said kindly.

"No problem, but me and my sister really need a place to stay until we have an idea of were to go, or at least until we earn some money…so if its not to much trouble could we at least stay, at least until she wakes up?" Kurumi asked hopefully with cute puppy dog eyes.

"Of course, you can stay here as long as you like, that's if the giant animals of Ryugenzawa don't scare you?" He asked curiously.

"Don't worry, your grandson and my sister knocked both of them out!" Kurumi said giving a thumbs up.

"Both, he he he, young lady there are over thousands of monsters in this forest, though for you sister knocking one out I'm impressed, she must be a powerful fighter." Stated Shinnosuke's grandpa while staring at Natsume on the floor next to Shinnosuke.

"Thousands, that doesn't sound good, but none of them ever get in here right?" Kurumi asked nervously

He saw the fear in her eyes and quickly put on a cheerful face. "Don't worry child none of them ever get in here, so relax!" Of course as soon as he said this a large rat kangaroo came in through the window and started gnawing on the old man's head.

But he just sat there like nothing was wrong. "As I said before, nothing to worry about, HA HA HA HA!"

Kurumi stared at him nervously, but soon enough the beast gave up its chewing and ran off. "Now let me wake up Shinnosuke and he'll show you were your gonna stay."

"But he's out cold." Kurumi stated.

Grandpa raised his fist up high and gave Shinnosuke a good punch on the noggin.

BONK! "Huh, what, what happened?" Shinnosuke got up and looked around frantically.

His grandfather spoke up. "Shinnosuke, show these girls where there gonna stay!"

Shinnosuke looked at him oddly and asked. "Um…what girls, and who are you?"

BONK! His granfather gave him a strike to the head with his broom.

"YOU IDIOT, I'M YOUR GRANDPA!" His grandfather yelled from the top of his throat.

Shinnosuke snapped his fingers. "Oh yeah, now I remember!"

"Good, now show these girls to your room, they'll be staying here for a while."

"But were will I sleep grandpa?"

"You'll sleep in my room BAKA!" his grandfather then got a devilish grin. "UNLESS YOU WANT TO HAVE A THREESOME IN YOUR ROOM WITH THESE GIRLS AND GIVE ME PLENTY OF GREATGRANDKIDS, HA HA HA HA HA!-(KA-POW!)" Shinnosuke gave his granfather an Akane style punch through the window. Leaving every concious person in the room with a huge red blush on their faces.


End of Chapter 3…

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