Top of Form

Chapter 1

"How are you, Harry?" said a very familiar voice. Harry turned around and found himself facing to Sirius. To say he was surprised would be an understatement. He could not believe his eyes.

"Sirius, is that really you? How this is possible? I …" he began his questions but Sirius held up his hand to stop Harry.

"Harry, why did you kill me? What have I done to you to deserve such an act from you? You know you are responsible for my death, do not you? Why Harry?" by the end of his speech Harry was on his knees and sobbing uncontrollably.

"I am sorry Sirius. I know it is me and believe me everyday I mourn. I know I am guilty…" Harry was again cut off by Sirius.

"Being sorry does not change anything. I trusted you. I hate you Harry, I hate you." Harry was now outright crying.

"Please Sirius, forgive me. I love you" Harry managed to say.

"Shut up you shit .you are not my godson anymore" Sirius said started to walk away.

"SIRIUS! Forgive me Sirius." Sirius stopped and turned to face Harry.

"You will pay what you have done to me Harry," He took out his wand and aimed to Harry. "Avada Kedavra!" he bellowed. Harry saw the sickly green light zooming towards him. He covered his face with his hand and screamed " Nooo.."

Suddenly a raven haired boy woke up in his small bedroom at No: 4 Privet Drive. He was sweating and shaking. It had been a week since he left Hogwarts and it had been 2 weeks from his godfather's death. He did not have a night sleep without nightmares. He recalled his dream. Sirius was right. He was responsible for Sirius's death. If he used the mirror, if he listened to that damned know-it –all, if he let the adults handle the situation, if he studied occlumency more seriously… the list was going on and on.

He looked at the clock and it showed 2:30 am. He knew he couldn't go back to sleep so he got up and watch the outside through the window. He spotted the Dog Star in the sky immediately and he began to cry.

'Why me? Why am I alive? Why can not I have a normal happy life? Why do I have to be Harry bloody Potter, the-boy-who-always-suffers? Why was I not strong enough to save Sirius?' these questions were running through his mind since the events in DOM. Through out those two weeks he looked for the answers to the questions. Although he could not find the answers, he came up with an idea. He now knew he had to be strong to defeat Voldemort. He did not believe in the prophecy. He would fight this war not because of a prophecy. He would fight to avenge his loved ones' deaths. He would make Tom Riddle suffer.

While he was pondering these thoughts, Hedwig flied in to his room. She came from delivering Harry's letter to Order which contained the words 'I am fine'. At the thought of the Order his mind went to a certain Headmaster. Harry knew that Dumbledore was also responsible for Sirius' death and his miserable life.

'Why didn't he tell me the prophecy before? Why did he avoid me during last year? Why did not he give me occlumency lessons himself instead of Snape? If it is so safe here, then why do I have watchdogs for 24 hours?' as he continued to think about Dumbledore his anger began to rise. The air in his room became heavy with the magic. Hedwig began to have difficulty breathing. Air began to crackle and the objects on his table started to vibrate. Harry knew he had to relax or his accidental magic would cause a problem with the Ministry and it was the last thing he wanted to deal with.

Harry took several deep breaths and slowly relaxed. The objects stopped their movement. "After I have dealt with Voldemort, I will come after you, Dumbledore. You will pay the price of locking me here. That I promise on my blood." He said.

He had to do something. He was aware that both Dumbledore and Voldemort were powerful than him. They both knew more powerful spells than him and they had much more experience than him. How he could become more powerful? He had to make a workout schedule.

First he had to go to Gringott's to withdraw some money. Then he would buy books, both light and dark. He decided to learn the Dark Arts. As to why Harry did that? Well, First of all he had to know what he would face, secondly he would give them some of their own medicine, thirdly and most importantly, he had to be able to do magic, so he could practice what he learned

Then he had to find a place to live. He couldn't stay with his relatives anymore. Although this summer they had been nicer than before, he had had enough of them to last a whole lifetime.

He decided to leave that moment. He immediately grabbed his father's invisibility cloak, the Marauder's Map (I won't come back here to collect anything, he thought.) and his wand. He didn't take his trunk.

'The books were last years and I don't need Dudley's hand me downs anymore. I have plenty of money so I'll buy myself some decent clothes.' He thought

"Hedwig, I am leaving this place and won't come back. You can't come with me right now. Hunt for two days then go and find me. I hope I can find a place by the time you start searching me." Hedwig hooted angrily but did what her master told her to and flied out of the window. Harry was always fond of her.

'My first friend. She was always loyal to him.'

He put his father's cloak on and left from the back door through the kitchen. He chose to leave then because it was Tonks' shift. Tonks would leave at 6:00 am and Kingsley would come guard him. After that Moody would come at 3:00 pm. Only Moody would notice he left, as he could see through solid objects. So now he had 12 hours to escape and start a new life.

Harry walked for ten minutes and called the Knight Bus. BANG...

"Welcome to Knight Bus! I am Stan" said the enthusiastic clerk. "Diagon Alley, Gringott's. Please be quick. Here take a galleon. Keep the turn and do not tell anyone I was here ok?" Harry asked. Stan was stunned by the generosity and replied "Of course young man. Your secret is safe. Next stop Diagon Alley, Gringott's." He said and the bus began to travel in neck breaking speed.

After ten minutes, Harry stood in front of the bank. He thought it would be closed at night but he tried his chance. He learned that wizarding banks were different from the muggle banks. They worked 24 hours a day, fortunately.

He entered the bank and went to the nearest goblin. He was surprised when he noticed the goblin was Griphook.

"Hi, Griphook! I want to visit my vault and withdraw some money. Here is the key." Harry was taken aback by the shocked expression on Griphook's face. "Did I say something wrong?" he asked.

Griphook took the key and said "Oh no Mr. Potter. Wizards don't bother to know our names. They do not respect us. So when you called me by my name I am surprised. Actually we are expecting you. However, you did not mention Sirius Black's will. Did you not know about it?"

"No, I do not know about the will. No one told me about it" answered Harry. "Haven't you received a letter?" asked Griphook. "No, I have not received any letter from Gringott's. Let me guess, you give the letter to Dumbledore to pass it to me do not you?" Harry said. "Yes, that is exactly what we did. I understand Dumbledore deceived us. He will pay for his action. We are very sorry Mr. Potter about this incident. We will not repeat our mistake" Griphook said and determination etched on his face. "I know how manipulative that bastard. I accept your apology. Anyway, let's get over with the will ok?" "Of course, this way please."

After walking down the corridors for ten minutes, they reached Griphook's office. "Mr. Potter, Sirius Black declared you as the Heir of Black family. You are in control of everything except for Grimmauld Place no: 12. That residence left to Remus Lupin for use of Order. Other than that you have Black family vault and three residences. One is in London, Padfoot's House no: 3.It is under the Fidelius charm. Once you sign this will, you will become the secret keeper of the house. You will know where it is. Another manor is in France and the last manor is in Hogsmead under the name Shrieking Shack."

Harry was relieved when he heard about the manor in London. He immediately decided to live there. He was a little bit surprised when he heard that he was the new owner of the Shrieking Shack. He would repair the house. "Can you explain the emancipation part?"

"Yes. Well, basically you will become Lord Potter and Lord Black as you are now the heir of the houses. You will be count as an adult in the wizarding world but not in the muggle world. Because you will be an adult, you can perform magic, have apparition license, and have control on both families' vaults and assets."

"Give me the papers Griphook" Harry exclaimed excitedly. That was what he was looking for, permission to use magic. He signed the papers. He felt like something fusing in his mind. After a second he understood what happened. He knew where the manors were both Black's and Potter's. Griphook continued.

"Because you are now Lord Potter, I will inform you about their assets. A manor in Godric's Hallow…" Harry cut Griphook's speech and said "I know the manors Griphook. However, I have some requests from you. I want you to repair Godric's Hallow. Also put all the things in all my vaults in the Potter family vault. It will be much easier that way. Can you do these please?"

"Yes Lord Potter. It will be done by tomorrow. Anything else?"

"Do you have anything like a muggle credit card? I am planning to make some big purchases and I do not want to carry too much money."

"Yes. We have wallets. You think of the price and it will appear in the wallet. The money will be directly deposited from your vaults. Also we have special money bag similar to the credit card. It works in the same process. Both of them are charmed to your magical signature so even someone steals them they cannot use them."

"That's great. They are exactly what I am looking for. I will take them both." Harry said. Griphook stood up and both of them started to walk towards to entrance of the bank.

"Griphook, thank you for everything that you've done. I want this meeting to be secret. Also could you lend me a black robe with a hood? I do not want to use my invisibility cloak all the time." Griphook snapped his fingers and a black robe appeared. Harry put the robe on and tucked his father's cloak under his robes. He took the wallet and the money bag. "I will come tomorrow to visit my vault. See you later." Harry said and walked into Diagon Alley. It was still dark and Harry made his way to Leaky Cauldron without any problem and from there entered to muggle London.

Quickly took a cab and gave the driver the directions of Padfoot's House. He used his wallet and amazed how it was easy and practical. He stood between the houses number 2 and 4. He thought the address of Padfoot's House No: 3, and a pitch black door appeared in front of him. There was a snake emblem on it. Harry placed his hand on the door. It glowed in silver color for a second and with a click the door opened.

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