Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Characters in this story.

Story takes after last episode, with a little bit of changes.

Chapter One,

School had just started in New Moon with Mr. Francis Carpenter returned as

teacher, Rhoda Stuart back from New York with many a story to tell, Emily Byrd

Starr fully recovered, Isle Burnley finally getting along with her new mother,

Perry Miller on leave from the war for good behavior, and Teddy Kent up to

nothing new expect a lot more paintings of Emily then Emily would ever hope to


"Emily Starr, here comes Isle to walk with you to school," shouted Aunt Laura

from the bottom of the stairs.

"I will be right there," replied Emily. Emily finished her hair and ran

outside to meet up with Isle.

"Bye Aunt Laura"

"Bye Emily."

As she ran out the door Cousin Jimmy Murray came out of the barn to say, "Have

a good day at school Sparrow."

"Thanks Jimmy"

Just as Isle and Emily, where just past the doors of the barn Perry Miller

jumps out from behind a tree and shouts, "May I walk you two loving ladies to


Startled to death Emily and Isle shout at the same time," Perry Miller You


"I never knew that I was so loved."

"I guess you may walk us to school. We are meeting Teddy by the disappointed

house but you may come along if you wish," replied Emily with some discuss.

"If Teddy Kent is Walking Emily to school then I shall walk Isle to school."

"Why thank you Perry," replied Isle whom had been silent before now.

" Well we must not keep Mr. Kent waiting, Miss Burnley may I take your arm."

"Why yes thank you."

Emily walked in silence while Perry and Isle were talking up a storm for she

wanted to save her breath for Teddy. Isle and Perry talked as though they had

not seen each other in a long while. Finally they made it to the disappointed

house and there was Teddy Waiting for them.

"Well hello there Teddy Kent, have not seen you in a while," said Perry."

"Well it is nice to see you again. Shall we get going we wouldn't want to be

late," Replied Teddy as he grabbed Emily's arm to escort her to school as

Perry grabbed Isle arm again.

"Yes lets get going," they all agreed.

On the way they talked and talked. Catching up with Perry and enjoying each

other's company.

As they neared the school Teddy thought he heard a noise so he turned around

but nothing was there, so he brushed it a side and led Emily there the gate of

the school lawn. Perry said ado to Isle and said that he shall be back to pick

her and the others after school.

When Perry was out of site the noise replied "We'll get you Perry Miller for

what you did and those three for just being your friends, And from what I see

that boy wont be much help trying to protect those pretty girls."

Chapter Two: Who was that guy and his gang. Is the fab four in trouble. Find

out next chapter.