Chapter 3 The After Math

Chapter 3 The After Math

As Emily Finally awoke form being passed out she noticed that she was tied up but being the clever person she was easily got herself untied. Emily began to scan the area around her and she noticed that she was in an old barn in the hayloft, the same barn that she ate the "Poisoned" apple at. Down Below she noticed about a dozen men in brown uniforms and a huge man in a gray uniform. The Soldiers were discussing something but Emily could not make out what they were saying. Then Emily remembered how she got there. She remembered seeing Perry being beat up by those men below, Ilse screaming for help and Teddy trying to help but was pushed aside. That was all Emily could remember. Then Emily thought if she was here then the others must be here also. Emily began to crawl around quietly. She knew she would not be heard because the soldiers where very loud drunken fools. Emily found Ilse first. She was unconscious so Emily tapped her on the cheek. Ilse awoke with a startle and so Emily quickly put her hand over Ilse's mouth to keep her quiet.

"Ilse Shh you must be quiet. I don't know where we are but help me find Perry and Teddy."

" Ok Emily."

So they both began to hunt for the two guys.

"Emily I found Perry. It looks like he is pretty beat up," whispered Ilse as Emily crawled over.

"Ilse tar a little of your skirt off to wipe of the blood on his mouth and his nose then just make him comfortable. I am going to go find teddy because if Perry like that I don't want to see what they did to Teddy."

"Ok Emily, Perry looks like he will wake up soon. I'll keep him quiet."

With that Emily began to scan out the hay loaf. As Emily looked on the ground she began to see pools of blood on the ground. The spots led in a line so she began to follow them. Then Emily began to hear a heavy breathing noise and knew it was teddy so she began to crawl quicker.

"Emily…Is that…You?" As Teddy whispered that she followed his voice and finally found him. "Arm."

Emily looked at his left arm and saw nothing so looked at his right shoulder and saw that his shirt was covered with blood.

"Teddy what happened?"

"Shot…Stop blood." When she heard that Emily began to tare his shirt so to get a better look at the wound, then started to tare her apron of her dress to use as gauze and to hold the gauze in place. When Emily began to place the pressure on the wound Teddy gasped in Pain.

"Oh Teddy I am so sorry I didn't mean to hurt you but I have to stop the bleeding."

"It's Ok… Emily…I…" As Teddy said that he passed out.

------Chapter 4

Perry tells us who those men where and can he convince the men to let Emily take Teddy to Dr. Burnly's.

--------------As a side note in between chapters Emily and Ilse fix up Teddy the best they can. I just did not want to write that because it is just boring.