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Chapter One

Colby had to leave the room, either that or risk getting punched by Don. The man was looking dangerous and although Colby didn't know him well, he knew him well enough to know when to leave. He managed to stifle back the laughter enough to tell David that he'd be waiting outside. David could barely look at Colby, he was hanging onto his professionalism by a thread and he knew if he caught a look into the other agents eyes , the other agent who was desperately trying to not laugh , he'd lose it. He knew Don well enough to know that wouldn't be a good thing to do.

"Your Dad said he was on the way so it shouldn't take too long"

"Uh huh" Don had covered his face with his arm, David couldn't see his eyes but he knew Don would be relieved when Alan finally arrived. He could go home, rest, recuperate and try to forget this whole incident.

"Do you want a drink or anything; I could go and get a coffee for you"

"I'm fine David, you can leave, I'm not gonna fall off the bed again"

David, for the second time in less than five minutes found himself trying to stifle the laughter that threatened to erupt.

"I'll go and check for Alan"

When Don didn't reply David left the cubicle and went outside. Colby was leaning against the wall by the entrance, a grin still plastered all over his face.

"He's gonna hate me for laughing at him isn't he?"

"Oh yeah, you're definitely on his hit list, good thing it's not revue time"

"Man, he did take a dive though didn't he?"

David finally let out the laugh he'd been holding. It had been a pretty interesting day. They'd finally got a tip on the location of a jewel thief, Nathan Miller, who had managed to escape after holding eight people hostage at a store downtown. He'd escaped out the back and managed to take out a rookie officer who hadn't stood a chance.

After a search that lasted for almost two weeks Don's team had finally caught a break and discovered an old accomplice Miller had who wasn't all that familiar with the term loyalty. Apparently neither was their jewel thief as he'd made off with the guys wife a year earlier. He was all too eager to give a list of possible places Miller would be hiding out. It hadn't taken long to narrow the search down to a two bedroom dive in Compton.

Don had been the first to make entry into the house, expecting to find the guy holding a gun, instead he found the guy holding back a dog which he was only too prepared to release. Don felt the teeth sink into his right ankle before he had a chance to react. Megan had pushed by him and with the help of another agent had cornered Miller in the kitchen. All the while Don was desperately attempting to disconnect the dogs teeth from his ankle, he was certain the dog had broken a bone. He could feel the animal ripping into his skin. Its eyes had only one purpose in them, to remove his ankle from his leg. The dog began to shake its head back and forth, inflicting more damage to Don's ankle. He was aware of a warm sensation flowing into his shoe. He used his right hand to try to pry the animal's teeth from his leg while putting his left hand over the dog's eyes to try to calm it. Colby appeared behind him and tried to smack the dog away, he must have connected pretty hard as the dog yelped and released Don's ankle, only to grab hold of his right hand. This was just getting ridiculous, Don looked around for help. Colby caught a look of panic in his eyes which quickly turned to rage as he brought the butt of his gun crashing down into the animal's nose. The dog bit down harder, he again felt the teeth tearing into his skin, blood running freely and staining the dog's muzzle red. Don swung harder the second time , aided by Colby the two of them hit the dog with such force that it's unconscious body slid across the wooden floor and hit the wall a good seven feet from where they were.

"Man that was intense"

Don simply glared at Colby; David came through with Miller in handcuffs.

"You ok?" he enquired, he could see Don's hand was covered in blood, more around his ankle.

"The thing grabbed hold of my hand "Don's voice was uncharacteristically high pitched. "Wouldn't let go, can you believe it wouldn't let go! "

Miller chose this time to add in his two cents worth, "I trained it to attack FBI agents".

David shoved the smug faced thief onward toward the waiting car. Megan lifted Don's ankle and wrapped it in a dish cloth she'd found in the kitchen. Don hissed through his teeth as she pressed harder.

"Sorry, but I've got to stop the bleeding. Colby can you grab another cloth for Don's hand "

Megan rested Don's ankle in her lap and gave him an appraising look. He knew what was coming; there was no way out of this one.

"Gonna have to drive you to the hospital, this needs looking at and you'll probably need a Tetanus"

There it was, the Tetanus. Which meant a needle.

Colby arrived back with another dish cloth and Don wrapped his right hand up. He could try reasoning with Megan; he raised his eyebrows, prepared to use his most persuasive voice.

"Colby can you bring his car around, you need to take Don to the hospital"

She raised her eyebrows at Don, score one for Megan.

Megan helped Don up, as they stepped outside David appeared on the other side of Don and tried to take his arm.

"I can walk to the car fine, go with Miller, we need to know who he's sold the jewels to"

"I'm driving you to the hospital; Megan's going back to the office to talk to Miller"

"He thinks I'm a soft touch so I think I can use that to my advantage "

"He hasn't a clue has he" Don smiled at Megan; she was going to eat this guy alive.

Once they had Don inside his SUV, laid out on the back seat, Megan said her goodbyes and walked back toward the house, she flipped open her cell phone and dialled David's number, he needed to know something about Don Eppes.

"Sinclair "

"Hey David it's me , don't let on I'm calling , but just so you know Don has a thing about needles so make sure he doesn't lie about when his last tetanus was."

"How would you know that?"

"Blood drive earlier in the month? I witnessed first hand just how much Don hates needles! Be gentle with him! I'll speak to you soon"

Score Two for Agent Reeves.