Scores of exciting happenings have been sweeping the faerie tale lands. Princes fall in love with Princesses, evil Queens are vile to there step daughters, talking cats and irritating donkeys annoy Scottish ogres and trolls wreak havoc creating chaos but no one has time to hope, as this is an era of adventure, romance and epic quests. Despite that fact far across land, over rivers, mountains and peaks as high as Everest, a dangerous sorcerer is looking for vengeance.

Years ago when he was young wizard he met a beautiful woman whom he fell head over heels in love with. In spite of this she was still in love with her childhood sweetheart, a handsome young man ordained as a warrior. So his love was never fulfilled, never properly requited, now, years on both lovers are dead thus his retribution is aimed upon their only child.

For the past years he and his trusty companion have travelled over water, through forests and flown higher than mountains training, and travelling home. In the months recently gone, his companion has failed him and betrayed him, forcing him to blatant delinquency.

But that isn't where the story starts.

It doesn't end there either.