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Nabiki couldnt believe her bad luck. Without Ranma her currency seemed to just dry up. It had gotten so bad she was forced to DUN DUN DUN get a job.

Of course with her reputation of taking advantage of people's secrets that made it hard to find a job. It was almost as if she was blacklisted or something.

It was so hard to find a job she had to settle with being a papergirl, which was a job she soon grew to hate. Especially when she had to collect, which was right now.

Nabiki pulled her bike into the driveway of a very old woman.

Nabiki hated this house most of all. She sighed as she knocked on the


The door opened and there stood an old woman with a hole in her neck.

"Here to take my money again, you greedy whippersnapper." Said the old


"Listen Mrs. Burnkin, you have to pay the paper just like everybody

else." Said Nabiki.

"Yeah, yeah. Just get in here and I'll pay you." Said Mrs. Burnkin.

Nabiki grimaced.

If there was one thing she hated it was going inside this lady's house.

The old lady stepped away from the opened door and Nabiki stepped inside.

The entire house smelled like cat poop, dog pee, and cigarette smoke.

Not only was the smell inside foul but Nabiki was pretty sure the air was toxic. She really had a hard time breathing inside.

"So how much do I owe you?" asked Mrs. Burnkin.

"Two eighty." Said Nabiki.

She didn't know how much longer she could take this air.

"What! But I remember a couple of years ago it was two fifty!" said Mrs. Burnkin.

"Listen you old hag, just pay me already! I don't make the prices, if you have a problem with it take it up with the newspaper!" said Nabiki.

Mrs. Burnkin grudgingly paid Nabiki and let her go.

Once outside Nabiki was deeply breathing in the fresh air.

"I hate that house! I really need to find a better job!" said Nabiki.

However, Nabiki needed to collect more so she could pay not only the bills to the house but the bill to the paper.

Nabiki reluctantly got on her bike and rode to the next house which in some cases was worse than the last.

She rang the doorbell and a fat, bald man in a wife beater shirt answered it.

"What is it you want this time?" asked the man.

"I'm here to...are you in your underwear? Again?" asked Nabiki.

"Oh you're just acting upset because in reality you just want some. I know how badly you want me." Said the man trying to hit on her.

Nabiki shivered.

"Ugh! Just give me my money so I can go!" demanded Nabiki.

"Okay, hang on just a second." Said the man.

The man started digging around in the mess behind him for some form of currency. It was Nabiki's personal opinion that his whole house was like this. Sometimes she could see the messes through the window.

The old man opened the door and plopped some money into her hand which was covered with some type of brown substance.

"Here you go!" said the man.

The man closed the door leaving Nabiki with the money and the questionable substance.

"Please be chocolate! Please be chocolate! Please be chocolate! Please be chocolate!" pleaded Nabiki.

She took a whiff of it and grimaced. It certainly didn't smell like chocolate.

Nabiki looked up to the sky as if wondering what kind of Supreme Being would justify such a punishment on her.

"What did I do to deserve this?" asked Nabiki.

Nabiki then remembered all the times she made Ranma's life a living hell.

"Oh yeah, that." Said Nabiki.


Ranma finally came home with a large plastic bag.

"I'm home!" said Ranma.

"Welcome home, Ranma." Said Nodoka.

"Where've you been, champ?" asked Lupine.

"I went to a shop called PetSmart and got you a couple of things, Lupine." Said Ranma.

Lupine got up and walked over to Ranma.

"Really? What did you get me?" asked Lupine.

"Well let's see... I got you a squeaky toy, a tug rope, a tennis ball..." said Ranma.


"Well it wasn't as if they had wolf toys so I had to get the closest thing I could find." Said Ranma.

Ranma reached into the bag and pulled out a squeaky toy shaped like a cat.

"Besides, you know you like them." Said Ranma.

"What would make you say that?" asked Lupine.

"Your tail." Said Ranma.

"Huh?" were the only words that came out of Lupine's mouth.

Lupine looked behind him and saw his tail wagging happily.

"STOP THAT!" shouted Lupine.

Somehow his tail seemed very depressed that he yelled at it.

"Listen Ranma, I don't do dog toys. It's just plain embarrassing." Said Lupine.

"Oh, well then I guess I should just give this chew bone to the dog down the street." Said Ranma.

Ranma had in his arms the biggest bone Lupine had ever seen.

Lupine's eyes got large and shiny as he eyed the bone.

"You got that for me?" asked Lupine.

"Yeah, but since you don't like dog stuff…"

Ranma started to turn when Lupine quickly stepped in front of him.

"Well let's not be too hasty, I MIGHT be able to accept the bone. I do like to chew on one every now and then." Said Lupine.

"Yeah that and your tail is wagging faster than ever." Said Ranma.

"Damn it!" said Lupine.

"Oh by the way Ranma, this letter came for you." Said Nodoka.

Ranma started to read the letter after receiving it from his mother.

"This is bad." Said Ranma.

"What is it?" asked Lupine.

"It's a challenge letter from Kuno." Said Ranma.

"What's so bad about that? You go in, kick his butt, and leave." Said Lupine.

"Lupine, this concerns you too." Said Ranma.

"What?" asked Lupine.

"It's a challenge to a mamodo battle." Said Ranma.