Authors note: My first PB fanfiction. Just an idea I got the other day, when I was watching the bachelorette.

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Summary: Michael tells Sara everything, right before they escape. The pipe wasn't replaced, and they all get out. Later Veronica & Nic finds evidence, that Lincoln didn't commit the crime, so they're both free. Meanwhile Sara's hurt, and continues being hurt until her mother sends her into The Bachelorette, and she meets none other than Michael, but will she really choose Michael over all the other attractive men? R & R


"You lied to me and you used me!" Sara said with disappointment in her voice. "Sara, I…" "No… Just.. Go, go away." "Sara, please.." He calmly begged. "It's doctor Tancredi, and please.. If there aren't any professional questions, or anything medically concerned, please leave. I've got a schedule to maintain." Sara said icily. "Sara, don't do this.." Michael said softly. Sara gave him a professional look. "Fine, Dr. Tancredi don't do this.." "Do what Mr. Scofield?" She replied and looked him in the eye. "Don't just cut.." "Goodbye Scofield." Sara said, turning around and started doing some paper work.

Michael didn't have a choice, but to leave. She was hurt, that was obvious, and she had ever right to be hurt. But he had told her the truth, now it was up to her to decide whether she could ever forgive him. They were going to escape that night. And it was the last time he ever saw Sara again. – Or so he thought…

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