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Inuyasha/Harry Potter Inutaisho had three sons. One hanyou, two youkai. Seshomaru's second youngest brother, Natsu who he held, was killed as a baby when a miko is sent to assasinate both prince's hits him with a spell to send him into the future. Natsu's self is sent spiraling through time and into the body of a witch to be reborn, his true self waiting to be awakened by the familiarity of his past. Known only to Seshomaru and Inutaisho, the baby's body contained the Youkai-Tama. Now Natsu is in Hogwarts for his 6th year, Stress levels are forcing Natsu to make his appearance and Kagome goes to Hogwarts to find him and the knew jewel. What will happen this year?

Harry Potter and the Inner Demon

Chapter 1

A Blast in the Past

A hot day it was, today. The sun beat down like a giant fist, squashing the inhabitants of the lush green forest, even those harboring the dark shadows of the trees. Most amongst them were demons. Not just hypothetically but truly demons. It was so humid, even the grand demon of the Western Lands, Lord Seshomaru, leaned against an old tree, tongue lolling out as he gazed dazedly over his land.

For anyone, it would seem a sign of the apocalypse for this mighty demon to have the audacity to behave that way. But to him, It didn't matter, he would loll his tongue out pridefully, unlike his mutt of a half breed brother, panting as though he was going through a stroke at the faintest sign of warm weather.

Beside Seshomaru was a little girl, a ponytail holding on a few locks of hair to the left of her head. She looked no older than 9 years old and was just that. She was also human which had led to an outrage from the demons of the West, claiming their Lord had gone soft. They had been killed of course.

Seshomaru closed his eyes willing the tendrils of hot sticky air to evaporate into vapor and a strong wind to chill it. Of course, that wouldn't happen, but a youkai could dream couldn't he? In truth, it was the actual heat that bothered the Lord, though it was quite irritating. It was the memories it brought.

No one knew the story behind the Western Lands Lord, not even the faithful yet stupid ignoramus toad, Jaken, knew the truth. When Inutaisho had spawn another child, every demon and human were made aware of it. It was tradition for each prince to be announced at 2 years of age, human years of course as it would be too many generations skipped with mortals if it were demon years.

Few demons or mortals knew of the true, second prince of the West. Inuyasha was indeed a prince, as horrible a one he would be, but the third of Inutaisho. The second Prince was Seshomaru's blood brother, born from his biological mother.

Natsu, born in the summer, had been the light of Seshomaru's life. The pup had been a bundle of joy all his own except for when his mother or father wanted him. He had live 1 and a half mortal years. The West and the East had been fighting fussily for the past human decade and the West was winning. The East, in a desperate and futile attempt to beat the West and claim it theirs, sent an assassin to annihilate the elder Prince as he would take up and lead the troops to rebel if Inutaisho were to fall.

The assassin, however, was a pathetically weak opponent for Seshomaru and was fatally injured. In a last effort to aid his region, the assassin, a highly trained Miko, delivered a spell of terrible witchcraft to Natsu, sending him to a place unknown. Seshomaru could hear the chanting still, feel the blisteringly hot air whip across his face in fury as it was bent to defy everything the gods had created it to do.

"Kala veile chala tie! Kala Veile Chala TIE! Hanf Yuf!"

Seshomaru's tongue zipped back into his mouth as he took a sharp intake of hot air and choked, coughing on the thickness of it. Rin snapped out of her doze at the movement by her side and looked wide eyed at her Lord and asked worriedly, "Is Master Seshomaru alright?"

Seshomaru blushed with embarrassment and nodded, hoping to the gods that no one else was around. The chants of the Miko…it was too strong a memory for his taste. His thoughts drifted more and more on his brother, until he was in a near meditative state.

Seshomaru was in the trance until an itch made itself noticed on his nose. Brows narrowed, he opened his eyes slowly, ready to claw at anything that had disturbed his thoughts from his brother and a jewel he hardly remembered. But, it was not a solid offender. A scent had reached his nose and it was too far away. Inuyasha and his pack would be here any minute.

But Seshomaru would not move. It was now night and it was unwise to travel in the dark, his brother was too stupid to realize that apparently. After a few seconds the smell of dead corpse assaulted his nose. 'The dead Miko, Kikiyo. Dear brother, I'm afraid that is a mistake of judgment if you are doing what I believe you are.'

Inuyasha and his merry band stood outlined only across the meadow clearing the tree he leaned against inhabited. The dead woman stood next to his half brother and the group didn't look so merry at the moment. At least, not the monk, the slayer, the kit and the young Miko. Kikiyo looked delighted and Inuyasha enlightened.

"OI!" Inuyasha bellowed, and trotted to his brother. Seshomaru felt a strong irritation towards his brother who could not keep the peace as long as he could hold his tongue.

"Look," the hanyou said, with an imperial tone, "As head of the family, you should know, Kikiyo and I are getting married. So, as I'm the second prince, unless you get your ass working, our kid will rule after you're gone!" The others in the group seemed disgusted but Inuyasha seemed not to notice. It seemed as though he had been acting like this for a long while according to the look on the kits face.

Seshomaru felt a flare of anger. Inuyasha, this half blood mutt, the second prince? He stood violently, Rin falling backwards into the grass where he had sat and waking up startled. Inuyasha seemed unsure as Seshomaru stormed at him, unable to move. When he got close enough, Seshomaru swung his claws hard at Inuyashas face with a resounding SMACK!

Four long, deep, bloody scratches ran down Inuyashas face, dripping. The hanyou let out a high yelp of pain. "YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SECOND PRINCE!" Seshomaru roared, losing all control, everyone in the vicinity edging away frightfully but for the Kagome girl who watched with a satisfied look in her eyes.

"The second prince was killed by a filthy HUMAN before the Presentation Ceremony!" He hissed angrily, "MY brother is the next in line to the throne! NO matter what!" Inuyasha looked as though he were about to wet himself, he was so terrified.

Seshomaru abruptly turned to Kagome and snarled, "Come with me, Miko." Kagome gave a confused and curious look, but no fear. She followed him as he turned and left after Rin who scampered in shock after her Lord only to be stopped by a sharp painful tug on her arm.

Inuyasha gripped her arm his face mixed between fury and nervousness. "Where are you going?" He snapped. Kagome would have replied ' With Seshomaru, did he slap your eardrums out or are you stupid?' but he continued. "You belong to me!"

Kagome ripped her arm free and shouted, "I BELONG TO NO ONE!" and slapped him across the bloody scars on his face so he yowled. Quickly, Kagome ran after Seshomaru. She hurriedly wiped the blood onto her jeans.

Kagome had swapped her uniform for jeans and jackets when the high school had called her mother informing her they could no longer afford to order a new one every week.

It had been a year since she had fallen down the well and a week since she had banished Naraku with a spell she had learned from Kaede just a bit before. Kaede had told her the being would be sent hurling away, but no one knew what after that.

She had only managed it because her power had been unleashed on her sixteenth birthday, in the middle of April. It had given her the boost she needed. Kagome had at first hoped that it would attract Inuyasha but it hadn't' instead she realized what a true sicko the hanyou was and was disgusted by her brothers decision to idolize him.

When Kagome caught up to Seshomaru she found him breathing deeply and sitting on a boulder. It was strange to see him like this. The final battle had changed him greatly. He had been caught be mind spell while weak and relived something dreadful, though he would never consult in her, she knew.

"Miko…That spell you cast…at the Time of Destruction…" The Time of Destruction had replaced the name The Final Battle sometime within the past few days, as it fit more abstractly with the period to be put on the Demonic Scroll. "What did it do… What was the incantation…You were too quiet but it looked familiar."

Kagome stood silently a moment until shining gold eyes looked at her, pained and soulless.

" It sends one into limbo, that is, that's what we believe. The incantation is Kala veile chala tie…Kala Veile Chala Tie… Hanf Yuf…" It surprised he greatly to see the Lord shiver. I…I believe I need to research more before I do anything rash." With that he left her, Rin trailing behind silently. Kagome stood annoyed. 'That jerk, could have brought me back.'

When Kagome returned to the clearing she found Inuyasha and Kikiyo gone but the others waiting for her. "What did he want?" Sango asked concerned.

"Nothing." Kagome replied dully. "I'm going home. Okay? Mom needs to know I'm alive, I haven't gone back since we got rid of Naraku." Miroku and Sango nodded but Shippo looked heart broken.

"NO, please take me with you Mama!" Shippo had leaped off Sango's shoulder and clung to Kagome. Her eyes softened. "Alright. You can come." With that, they took their leave and wandered through the forest to the Well.

A shrine had been erected around the well, warded against dark demons and spells. It had been built no too long after Kagome had adopted Shippo as her kit. This adoption had caused Shippo's bright red hair to to end in ebony tips. His eyes stayed the same though, bright grassy green.

When Kagome jumped in the well, the feeling of familiar warmth did not come immediately as always. Instead, an icy wind seemed to strike through the stuffy air inside. Nervously, she turns her head to the kit but he seemed not to notice the change. A pulse sounded from her body fiercely and the Shikon jewel that hung around her neck, whole, started vibrating and heating her neck.

Kagome grasped it tightly with one hand, the other snuggly fitting in Shippos. AS soon as she touched it, the cold disappeared as if it were never there. It took only a few moments to climb out of the well, and they headed to the house.

Kagome could feel the anxiety in the air. It was tense, but so was that freezing cold, trying to push at her, to cover her. When she reached the door, she didn't know whether to knock, or to just walk in.

'It's my house, idiot,' she thought and tugged the doorknob.

A scream met her ears and many sobs. Her mother was clinging her to as though she would disappear like that. 'Which I could.' Kagome's mother finally pulled back and observed her daughter who looked at her in confusion.

"It's wonderful to have you back Kagome," She said quietly, "But we can sort that out later. There's someone you have to meet." Kagome found herself being drug into the sitting room, Shippo bounding after her after conjuring a mortal disguise.

In the sitting room sat two people. One very old looking, older than Grandpa with a pearly white beard that was at least 3 feet long in a belt buckle. HE wore violent orange and purple robes that swept past his knees to trail on the ground. His half moon spectales mad him an oddity, hiding twinkling blue eyes that beckoned one to come to him. His nose was long and pointy, and if he were to stand, Kagome had a feeling he would be over six feet.

The other boy was small. No doubt about it but he carried himself with an air of despair. He had unruly jet black hair that swept just at his shoulders and large round glasses that didn't suit him. His skin was deadly pale. 'Familiar…' Kagome thought. And his eyes were and emerald, grander than Shippo's, and they pierced through the soul as though he had seen too much for one his age. 'Seshomaru.'

He looked so similar in little was to Seshomaru. It was hard for her to explain but she knew it. She felt it then, locking eyes with him. HE was causing the cold.

A/N Translations

Kala is take

Veile is this

Chala is soul

Tie is away

Hanf is another

Yuf is time

I made up these words, they might belong to some language I don't know of and have a different meaning but I don't know so their mine!