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Harry Potter and the Inner Demon

Chapter 25

The brothers sat on the couch side by side, both lounging comfortably on the velvet cushions. The warmth emanating from the fire eased any left over aches that Natsu harbored and left him feeling heavy all over.

"It's just the pack mentality," Seshoamru was telling him flippantly. "It's common with all canines."

"So now I'm a dog," Natsu murmured as his eyes drooped. "Bloody brilliant." His brother sent him a disapproving look. "There's nothing wrong with dog demons," he sniffed, a small smirk tugging at the corner of his lip.

"Aunt Marge's dog was a menace to society," Natsu went on to say, laying his head on the back of the couch. "Damn thing always went after me when I was tot." Though Seshomaru was unfamiliar with the word 'tot' but shrugged it off and told Natsu to get up to bed. "What are you going to do?" Natsu asked while rubbing his eyes and peering at the stack of books that sat on the small table in front of the fire.

"Research," was all he got as a reply. Natsu swatted him and left up the staircase to get back to the bed he'd been forced to stay in for the past few days. It seemed the house elves had swapped the old sheets with a new set—sweat free luckily.

Seshomaru ran his fingers through the pages of his book, and studying each one intensely. It was the same quiet process for the next hour until he gave up and set the book aside as to think on his problems.

When Kagome and the Headmaster had introduced him to the Magical World, as sudden as it had been, he found himself drowning in knowledge, techniques, and ideas that astounded him. Once he had found the time to do so, he began to investigate this world's medical abilities.

Seshomaru had attempted to replace his arm dozens of times in the past, and each time it slowly rotted and left him with his stump of a limb. How he yearned for two arms again!

It was to his displeasure to find that the only methods of creating a new arm required the injury to be somewhat new, or at least, not as old as his was. His body had made accommodations, alterations, and in a way reconstructed the way his body would work. Simple things that made it unlikely for a new arm to function.

To use darker, more ritualistic methods would create a whole new, and bloodless, limb. His body had lowered the amount off blood he needed to after the loss of his arm, and to introduce a new one in need of it's own supply so quickly would render him lacking for the rest of the body.

When one loses a limb it bleeds profusely, the body not yet comprehending that it needs to stop producing blood for the part that's no longer there. As the wound closes over the blood is regulated to how much the body would from then on need. It's easier to lose blood quickly than it is to make more blood. The limb Seshomaru would aquire would simply shrivel and be rendered useless by the time all the blood necessary to keep it functioning.

Skelegrow would grow the flesh blood and bone all back ata slower and more logical pace but his nerves had long since been rendered useless. If there were processes to bring them back to life, he hadn't a clue about them and it all seemed rather bothersome.

He'd have to make due with what he had, however much he wanted more.

The Library was nearly empty. Most students had retreated to their dorms after dinner to relax with friends or go to sleep, so it wasn't too hard for Natsu to find Embry and Alexandra were sitting. A few Hufflepuff first years were with them as well as a Slytherin boy who seemed like he ought to be a third year at least.

"Hey, Natsu!" Alexandra called to him as loudly as she could while whispering. Madame Pince glared at her from her desk in the front of the library but went back to her reading. "Hey," he replied and smiled,, taking the last seat on the end of table.

He nodded to Embry who returned the gesture and introduced his friends. "These three are Cloe, Ben and Katie."

Alexandra then introduced her own companion. "And this Nicholas, but you can call him Nick. He's a fifth year and isn't doing so well in Potions so I told him about how you were really good. He wants to be a medi-wizard and needs to get in to NEWT Potions," She explained.

Natsu introduced himself to all of them and they settled into studying.

It was with great delight that Natsu found himself actually helping someone else with Potions of all subjects.

"So you stir it eight extra time clockwise?"


"But why? It doesn't make any sense and the book doesn't say that."

"The eight stirs will will mix the ingredients more. The text books are out of date because that was the older method of brewing it. The Potion Master's guild was too wimpy to see what would happen if he stirred it anymore. He must've thought the lace wings and halley leaves would ruin it."

"I'd be worried too, this bloody potion takes forever to make!"

"Patience is a virtue."

Nicholas looked at him oddly. "What?"

Natsu just rolled his eyes and shook his head before checking how the others were doing. The first years were all huddled together at the other end of the table working on transfiguration homework and he was hit with a feeling of nostalgia.

He really did want to see Ron and Hermione. They weren't taking his disappearance well at all, not that he had expected them to but one could always hope. Yet, then everything would change again. They'd demand answers that he might not know the answers to, after which he would either find himself glued to them or cast off completely.

Hermione wouldn't likely leave him; she was too accepting to turn him away, but Ron was a whole other issue. He hadn't stuck around when he thought 'Harry' was keeping him in the dark about the TriWizard Tournament, Natsu had to go through hell and back in order for him to get his head straight. Ronald Weasley wasn't to be easily trusted, he had thought. But last year he hadn't let the hisses and jeers that followed Natsu get in the way of their friendship. Even after the incident that landed Mr. Weasley in St. Mungos over Christmas, he had gone with him on a fool's mission to the Ministry of Magic,

"Is there a reason I have to dice the ginger root?" Natsu blinked, drawn from his thoughts by Nicholas's voice.

"Sorry," He said, embarrassed. "What was that?"

"Ginger root!" Nicholas emphasized. "why couldn't I just chop it rather than dice into tiny bits for an antidote?"

"Oh, that's because…"

Natsu was able to fall asleep quickly that night, the study session had drained him enough to simply flop onto his bed without even a glimpse at his brother, who sat at a desk in the corner of the common room scribbling on a piece of paper.

Seshomaru however, would be up for a very long time that night. He had learned at a young age that time, however monotonous it may seem, went by extraordinarily fast. Before they knew it would be the winter break and time to return to his own era, for a week anyway.

The demon lord had compiled a list of goals to be achieved before then. He had covered all the training that Natsu would need, knowledge he'd felt that he needed to attain, any threats that may be presented…Number one of which was none other than Inuyasha. The han- no. the youkai would undoubtedly wish to take Natsu out while he was in this state of weakness. Seshomaru could not deny that his youngest brother was strong, a characteristic likely gained from years of fending for himself against the world of demons and humans.

The look in his eyes the last time they met was disturbing to say the least. Something truly feral had shifted inside them, leering at him threateningly.

Rin was likely to be an obstacle. The girl was fiercely possessive of him at time and, while he was rather flattered by it, there was chance she'd attempt to separate Natsu from the flock, so to speak.

He groaned tiredly and rubbed his face. Tough times were ahead.