That night, Gale Weathers was curled up in bed next to Dewey. She awoke, feeling a chill. She rolled over to pull some of the blankets away from Dewey and looked at his face as he slept. He always had that disturbed frown on his face when he slept, surely something that had started after the murders and his own attack.

"Gale..." whispered a voice. "Huh?" said Gale. She looked around as best she could in the dark room, wondering if she was hearing things. "Gale", said the voice, growing nearer. Gale's eyes widened as she saw the glowing face of Sidney Prescott appear before her. "What the fuck?" asked Gale. "Gale, you must listen to me. Go to the asylum for the criminally insane where Stu is and burn it down." said Sidney. "What?" asked Gale, terrified. "Do it, Gale, before it's too late. That's all I can tell you. I must go", said Sidney, and she faded away. "Holy crap", said Gale. She closed her eyes and lay there untill she'd convinced herself it was no more than a dream. She opened her eyes as she heard Dewey moan. He always looked so disturbed when he slept, no doubt thanks to what had happened last year. "Poor Dewey", said Gale, stroking his face. "AAAAHHH!" screamed Dewey, sitting up in bed. Gale shrieked. "Gale, it's just you. I thought you were...I...nevermind", said Dewey, collapsing back in bed. Gale panted, trying to catch her breath. "I'm sorry, did I scare ya?" asked Dewey, looking over at her. "Just a little. I'm ok." said Gale, settling back in. They snuggled up and fell back to sleep.

"Gale..." whispered a voice in Gale's ear. "Not now, Dewey. I'm exhausted", said Gale. "It's not Dewey, you twit. It's me. Sidney", said Sidney. "Sidney?" said Gale. She opened her eyes and saw Sidney once again before her. It was the middle of the night. "God, I thought you couldn't talk anymore?" said Gale. "Well, I'm back! Now listen to me you bi-- just listen. If you don't burn down that hospital things are gonna be thrown into chaos! The world will end! Demons will prowl the streets! You've got to get over there, NOW!" said Sidney. "Are you crazy? I can't! I wouldn't just be killing Stu or the other patients, I'd be killing all the nurses and stuff, and more importantly, I'd get my ass thrown in jail! Now leave me alone, Sid! I'm really sorry you're dead, but I can't help you!" said Gale. "GET THE FUCK OVER THERE!" roared Sidney. "Hey! That is enough!" said Gale warningly, raising a finger. Dewey snorted in his sleep and tossed and turned. "Gale, if you don't do this I'll haunt you forever! Now I know you'll get away with it. Just put the ghost costume on and get over there. You'd better hurry. Trust me" said Sidney, and she vanished. "Shit. Well, I guess I can't argue with an angel. I'd better get over there", said Gale, and she got up. She grabbed some matches and gasoline and the Ghostface costume Dewey had kept as a morbid reminder of what had occured. She ran all the way over to the asylum and torched it. As it started to go up in flames, prisoners came running out of the crumbling building. Gale ran home.

Stu Macher staggered out of the building. "I'm free! Free! Wait, I don't wanna be free. I liked it back in the mental home", said Stu. He was about to walk back into the burning home when Billy appeared before him. "Oh, man!" said Stu. "This is your chance, damn it. Get over there and kill them both", said Billy. "Look if I do this, will you just leave me alone already, Billy?" asked Stu. Billy grinned. "Sure thing. You have my word", said Billy. "That's what you said when I asked you not to eat all my Doritos" said Stu. "Just go, Stu! Quick, before they catch you! Go!" said Billy. Stu sighed and ran off towards Dewey's house.

"Nah uh, not in there. He moved next door. Gale's in there with him. Easy pickings. Go on in. Look, the door's a crack open. Quietly, now..." said Billy. "I got it, Billy, I know! Geez! Are you gonna do this or am I?" said Stu. Billy sighed in irritation and dissapeared. "Sheesh he thinks I can't do anything for my damn self!" said Stu. He headed up into Dewey and Gale's home. He was creeping up the stairs slowly. Billy reappeared. "In there", he said, nodding towards a room that also had a slightly open door. "This is gonna be easy. I'll just bop them on the head with this vase", said Stu, picking up a vase as he went into the room. Billy's face watched in the distance as Stu entered the room.

Stu crept slowly closer and closer to the bed. He saw Gale curled up on her side and Dewey sprawled out on his back, both asleep. He held up the vase. He figured he'd slam Dewey on head with it then slam Gale with what was left, and if that didn't kill them he'd slit their throats with the jagged pieces of pottery. "Huh... huh heh..." said Stu dementedly, the old rush of killing coming back to him. Stu inched closer to Dewey and prepared to strike when suddenly Dewey sprang away, tilting over to reach under the bed and pull out a semi-automatic machine gun. Dewey fired the gun at Stu, pummelling his body with Bullets as Gale awoke. Dewey emptied the gun into Stu as Stu flew across the room, tumbling over furniture and a tv set. Dewey sat, clench jawed, staring at Stu's fallen, dead body. Gale sat panting and looked from Stu's body to Dewey. "What the fuck?" she said. "I knew he'd get here, I had to be ready to take care of it", said Dewey. He spat.

"NOOOOOOO!" said Billy Loomis. "Oh, oh, it's Billy! It's a ghost!" said Gale. Dewey squinted and looked around the room. "There! See him!" shrieked Gale. Dewey kept trying to see a ghost. "Huh?" Dewey said. "Only you can see me, bitch! I sent Stu here to kill you and you fucked up my plan!" said Billy. "Oh, well, I'm so sorry!" Gale exclaimed. Dewey looked confused. Billy floated over next to gale and Glared at her face. "It was me who told you to burn down the institution." said Billy, and suddenly he transformed into Sidney. Gale shook her head in fear and horror. "It's a DISGUISE!" roared Billy, changing back to normal. "There's all kinds of neat tricks when you're an evil spirit. I told you to set Stu free so he could finish what we started. But you screwed that up! I came to you because I can only communicate with Stu and his blood relatives. That's right, Gale. You're really his unidentical twin. Just look at that scar on your abdomen", said Billy. Shaking, Gale slowly raised her shirt to reveal the strange scar she'd had since she could remember. She looked back at Billy. "That's the mark from where they seperated you when you were a year old. Your parents gave him away to an adoptive family because they couldn't afford two children. He was doing so poorly in life that not long ago his adoptive parents decided to move to a new town, tell everybody he was 14 and enroll him in highschool all over again as a fresh start. They even got Stu to forget everything and accept the story. Stu is actually the same age as you, but he's so screwed up he doesn't know it.", said Billy.

"Gale, is everything alright?" asked Dewey. "God... I don't know how to cope", said Gale, holding her hands up to her head. "Is the ghost still here?" asked Dewey, looking around. "Yes. He's right over there", said Gale. "Don't worry, I'll take care of him", said Dewey. He got up and walked over to the bookshelf. "What are you going to do now, Dewey?" Gale asked. Dewey turned around with a rather sinister gleam in his eye and flipped open a book. "Could you turn on the light?" asked Dewey. Gale turned on the lamp. Dewey noticed he was holding a book called, "Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook" and put it back on the shelf. He removed another book. "Here," he said darkly, and flipped open the book. "What's this dicklick going to do now? I can't believe he blew away Stu. But there's nothing he can do to me! I'm a ghost! I'm -" said Billy, but Dewey interrupted as he began to read in a low, dangerous tone. "All unwanted spirits fall under my command. Your will is in my sway, your evil presence cannot stay, but will be bound to me as long as it is in my company! Egsel bun mort ex desis, griddien tar nikool simish GRATH!" Dewey said. He reached back onto the shelf and grabbed a satchet of something. He handed it to Gale. "Blow it on him quickly!" said Dewey. Gale blew dust from the satchet onto Billy. "Hey!" said Billy. "I can see him", said Dewey. His eyes flashed with rage. Thunder rumbled outside. "What are you gonna do?" asked Gale, getting up and stepping back. "Take care of this greasy slimeball once and FOR ALL!" exclaimed Dewey, picking up the machine gun and bashing Billy over the head with it.

"Hey! I'm supposed to be a vapor or some shit!" said Billy grimacing. "Not anymore!" howled Dewey, raising the gun above his head and then bringing it down apon Billy again. "Yowtch! Ok, ok, I'll go away! Just leave me alone!" said Billy. "NOT SO FAST, LOOMIS!" Dewey exploded. He was yelling hysterically in a quivery voice as he kicked Billy face. Billy grunted and flowted backwards. "And you shall KNOW my name is the LAW when I LAY my vengence apon thee!" said Dewey, grabbing the book and growling out a chant in some strange language. "What are you doing? What? Hey! No! Cut it out! Dewey! Damn yoooooooouuuuuuuuuu!" said Billy, twisting into a weird shape, shrinking, bursting into flames and caving in like a black hole before finally dissolving on the carpet. Dewey twisted his lip in disgust as he looked at the greyish green sludge on the carpet. Gale looked back and forth from him to the carpet. "He won't cause trouble anymore", said Dewey. He slammed the book shut and replaced it on the shelf.

Gale just sat there stunned for several minutes while Dewey stood, glaring squintingly at the sludge on the floor that had been Billy's ghost. "So what the hell just happened?" asked Gale finally. "It had to be done", said Dewey, and he got back in bed.