I don't own Medical Investigation but if I did and I was as rich as Bill Gates I would have paid NBC to keep it on the air. But since I am neither, all I can do is satisfy myself by writing fanfiction.


"It's a great day to be alive"

His vacation nearly over, Miles was heading back home from Maine where he'd just spent a very enjoyable week. He'd visited with old friends and attended the wedding of his two best friends from medical school. One he'd gotten the invitation to be Lyle's best man he'd immediately scheduled his vacation and hoped that the team didn't get called out at the last minute.

After several months of almost no days off, Miles had been more than ready for the two week vacation. The seemingly endless life and death crises had left him feeling stressed and definitely in need of a break. The last time he'd had that much time off was his medical leave following the events in Central America.

Although Miles wasn't a fan of country/western music, he found himself humming "It's a Great Day to Be Alive" as he drove along. Somehow the song had gotten stuck in his head and he decided he could blame it on Lyle and Jodi. After all it had been played at their wedding reception. And after a few drinks, he was beginning to reach the point where he'd soon be making a fool of himself. Not that he really cared what anybody else thought. The song started and he had made a big show of dancing with Jodi, showing off moves that nobody had ever seen before and probably never would again. Oh, he had definitely enjoyed himself at the wedding reception. But the nextmorning hadn't been nearly so much fun.

The song was still going through his head as Miles pulled up to an intersection in Boston. He had decided he'd find himself a good place to eat and then spend the night in the city. The next day he'd make it on home and that would give him a day to get over the long drive before reporting to work on Monday morning.

The light had started to turn green as Miles started to drive into the intersection. Suddenly he saw the gray SUV racing through the red light and heading straight for him. He tried to speed up and avoid it but the other vehicle was approaching too fast. All he had time to do was try and brace himself for the impact that he knew was coming. And hope that he somehow survived the crash.

The SUV struck the smaller car with a deafening crash and spun it around. As the car crumpled inward, all Miles heard was the thud as his head impacted against the window. Then blackness, nothing but blackness.