Living a Lie

Chapter 1 - Alone

Death Certificate

Name: Lucius Abraxas Malfoy

Date of Death: 30th August 1998

Cause of Death: Executed by killing curse on Ministry of Magic Orders

Reason for Execution: Murder, death eater activity and use of the unforgivable curses

Signed: Rufus Scrimgeour Witnessed by: Dennis Thornbridge

Minister of Magic Registrar of Births and Deaths

Draco Malfoy's hands shook as he folded the certificate and the letter from the Ministry. So, they had given the go ahead had they? No warning to his Lucius Malfoy's family, they did not care that his son was only seventeen and his wife was dying. Scrimgeour just wanted to get rid of some of the imprisoned Death Eaters the easy way, just so it looked like he was getting something done. So that he would be kept in power. Draco took the documents into his father's study, the study that had been empty for over a year now and although it was regularly cleaned by the house elves it still possessed a strange emptiness about it. Draco put the letter in his father's drawer.

Suddenly, a house elf appeared next to him. "What is it Twinky?" asked Draco hoarsely, closing the drawer.

"Young Master, Mistress is asking for you?"

His mother had probably heard the owl who delivered the certificate hooting, and wished to enquire what the letter was about. What could he tell her?

"Very well" said Draco.

Narcissa Malfoy had always been a sickly woman but hid her illnesses to the best of her ability using her charm, her pride and of course her beauty. However, since Lucius Malfoy had been arrested Narcissa had to look after the house, the family treasury, Draco and do all the things that Lucius did. Now Narcissa's health was taking a turn for the worst. For the entire summer holiday she had been bed ridden. The healer came every day and was often called for at night when Narcissa was in terrible agony.

Draco entered his mother's bedroom. It was a large room but it was hot and stuffy. Narcissa had a terrible fever and felt so terribly cold that the fire was lit in the middle of August. The candles were all dimmed so the room was dark; this was because the bright light hurt her eyes.

In the large four poster bed, between many pillows and under heavy duvets and quilts the slight figure of Narcissa Black Malfoy rested. Her blonde hair had been tied in a plait to keep out of her face. Several potions were placed at her bed side table. A house elf was soaking a cloth in a bowl of water and damping Narcissa's brow, trying to get her temperature down. Narcissa lifted her hand slightly to shoo the elf when she saw Draco enter the room. Narcissa smiled weakly at her son and motioned for him to come closer.

Draco sat next to her at the edge of the bed.

"Hello darling" she whispered

"How are you feeling, mother?" he said solemnly, still shaken by the news of his Father's execution, however, expected it was.

"Oh, not so bad Draco darling, I've been worse" she took his hand weakly in her own. Draco tightened his grip reassuringly. Narcissa gave a weak laugh.

"Mother, the healer's on the way" he said

"I know Draco, I'm sorry to be such a burden"

"You're not a burden Mother don't say that"

"I heard an owl downstairs, did a letter come" she asked in attempted hopefulness

"No mother, just the daily prophet" Draco lied, there was no way he could tell his mother what happened, how could he, not when her life was falling apart so tragically.

"Oh" she said downheartedly "Anything interesting happen?"

"No not really, a mudblood was orphaned. They think Aunt Bellatrix might have killed her parents" Narcissa did not seem at all interesting by the news, but Draco saw a sad tear slip down her cheek "Is something the matter mother?"

"Draco…you know I love you more than anything in the world?"

"Yes mother"

"Good, you need to know that, I have always tried to give you the best I could, everything you needed to grow up healthy and accomplished like you are" Draco nodded, he was unsure where this conversation was leading "Draco have you ever wondered why you had not brothers or sisters?"

Draco shrugged "Father said that after I was born, you couldn't have anymore children"

Narcissa nodded and another tear fell down over her pale cheek "The truth is Draco…I can't have children at all"

Draco looked at his mother strangely and believed that the potions she had been taking were making her rather delusional.

"Mother that makes no sense, how could I have been born then?" he smirked.

Tears leaked out of Narcissa's eyes at a faster pace now. Draco's smirk dropped and he looked seriously at her and the penny dropped "You're not my mother are you?" he said. Narcissa looked at her son "I am, I love you like a son, I have treated you like a son all your life. You are my son"

"But not by blood?" said Draco

"No, not by blood" she repeated softly. Draco wrenched his hand out of his mother's. He got off the bed and walked over by the window. Draco felt so incredibly empty. He felt like an empty shell ready to crack. However, there was a possibility his mother was delusional from the fever. In a sudden spasm of rage Draco grabbed the large chintz curtains and dragged them down. They fell to the floor revealing the night sky outside the window. A beautiful full moon glistened right through the window and on to his "mother's" face. She squinted in the light and made a breathy moan. Draco looked at her in fury ready to shout. But as soon as he saw her cheeks wet with tears and the agony on her face of physical and emotional pain he softened.

"Draco I wouldn't have told you if it hadn't been for the fact that…I don't think I'll see morning" she said. Draco bit his bottom lip to stop the hot tears from spilling out his eyes.

"A-answer me this?" he stuttered "Is father…my real father?"

Narcissa Malfoy looked up at the boy she had raised since he was a baby. Who she had loved and doted on as if he was her own

"Are you implying that your Father had another woman?" she asked seriously "He would never do that to me!"

Draco looked at the ground "So Father isn't my father?"

"He is as much your Father as I am your Mother. We both love you and we consider you our only child"

"So you adopted me, when I was a baby? I could be anyone's child. ANY SCUM'S CHILD!" he yelled and kicked Narcissa's dressing table. Her mirror shuddered and the perfume bottles rattled fell and spilt their contents all over the floor and the woodwork.

Narcissa made a moan of agony and the house elf rushed to her. Draco looked over at her. Tears now covered his cheeks as he looked at her. She was in such terrible agony, and what was he doing? Shouting! If he had been kept ignorant he would have been comforting her now.

"Draco please, please forgive me, I didn't want to hurt you. ARRGHH!" she yelled in pain. Draco could not take it; he ran to Narcissa's side and grabbed her hand. Narcissa smiled weakly again but continued to wear her expression of agony.

The healer came, checked Narcissa over and gave Draco a look which said 'it's over.' Draco held his mother's hand through the entire night, when he noticed the night outside was turning to day.

"Mother" Draco said softly. Narcissa opened her blue eyes tiredly "You said you wouldn't see morning but-" he pointed out the window, the first hints of sunrise appeared. Narcissa gasped and she smiled so brightly. Draco felt her hand clasp his more tightly and he grinned and looked out at the sunrise. Just as he realised its beauty the hand that clasped his own became limp. Draco, dreading what he would see, looked down at Narcissa. Her blue eyes were empty and gone. The healer rushed to her side and began feeling for a pulse. He looked at Draco and shook his head. "I'm sorry" came his whisper.

Draco looked at his mother's eyes for the last time. He reached forward and closed her lids.