Chapter 7 - The Greatest Christmas Present

Who was that, thought Lorraine to herself. She had not seen him down the road when she had just been there, had he been hiding? And what of this present, signed "Jack". There was only one Jack that Loraine knew. A sudden glimpse of a tiny crying baby in her arms flashed to her mind. She shut her eyes and swallowed.

"Lorrie?" came her husband's voice. Loraine looked over at him

"Yes" she raised her eyes

"What's up?" he asked joining her and placing a hand on her back.

"Nothing" she said smiling

"Who was at the door?"

"No one"

"No one?" repeated her husband

"Just a neighbour wishing us merry Christmas"

"Oh, Annie said she didn't recognise him" said her husband

"Did she? Well perhaps she wasn't concentrating, you know how kids are" Loraine shrugged.

"Mm" said Ralph, he kissed her hair.

"Ralph, I'm going to take a little walk, you know, to let my food go down and all" said Loraine. Really she wanted to go somewhere private and open the box.

"Sure babe." Said Ralph "Take a coat though…it's a bit chilly" he patted her shoulder. He then suddenly turned around and swooped a five year old boy into his arms and walked over with him to the Christmas tree.

Loraine ran through the background of the house without being noticed. She grabbed her coat, which she had very cleverly dropped the little box into the pocket of when she came back into the house.


When Loraine was part way down the road, she took the box out of her coat pocket and began untying the ribbon. She gasped as she pulled out a very delicate silver bracelet; it shimmered almost magically in the dim near-evening light. The tiny blue tanzanite jewels were place perfectly amongst the silvery chain. This could never be the Jack she barely knew…he would not have given her such a gift after what she did to him.


A fifteen year old girl held the tiny baby in her arms, while her mother sat tight lipped beside the hospital bed not looking at either of the figures in the bed.

"Mum" the girl said softly. Her mother did not answer, nor did she make any type of response to say that she heard her daughter. "Look Mum I know you're angry…but look at him…just look at him" she almost wept. The blue eyes of the tiny baby looked up at his mother naively "And he's your grandson…your flesh and blood mum"

End of Flashback.

Loraine felt tears come to her eyes, but she bit them back. Without noticing where she was going, she had walked write down the end of her street, towards where the old church and graveyard was.

There was a teenage boy sitting on the wall, writing in a large book, a novelty quill pen in his hand.

She squinted at the young man and walked quickly forwards.

"Excuse me" she called out. The boy stood up suddenly like a frightened cat. He dropped his journal and hurried to pick it up. "Hey wait don't go" she said running towards him.

Draco stopped there was no escape…it was the moment of truth; he turned and looked at the woman who was his mother.

"Hello" she said awkwardly. Draco nodded and bowed his head slightly

"Hello" he replied

"Look…I'm sorry if I've got the wrong person" her voice was nothing like Narcissa Malfoy's soft well spoken accent, it was rough…almost cockney. "But I found this on my door stop…and you're the only one I saw around here" she raised her hand to show him the tanzanite bracelet "Did you give it to me?"

Draco looked at the bracelet, sighed and nodded.

"Are you Jack?" she asked, tears coming to her eyes.

Draco stood still on the spot.

He nodded.

"Oh my" she gasped holding her hands over her mouth "You're him…you're my…my baby?" she cried, tears flowing down her cheeks "You found me"


"I only just found out I was adopted" he sighed as he walked with her along the road "My mother told me on her death bed"

"I'm sure your parents loved you very much" she sighed hugging her body tightly

Draco nodded

"Whats your name now" she asked suddenly "Do they call you Jack"

Draco shook his head

"I'm Draco Lucius Malfoy"

"Now that's a posh name" she said smiling slightly "Where do you live?"

"Wiltshire…in the family Manor"

"Bet it's nice" she said encouragingly

"Yes…it is" he replied softly "Quiet at the moment though"

"What school you go to? Eton or something?"

"What…no…it's…it's complicated"

"What?" she asked

"Look…there's lots of things I can't tell you yet. My Headmaster will explain…soon"

"Your headmaster?"

"Yeah….its really really complicated" he explained

"Oh right" she said confused, she sniffed as she wiped a tear "I still can't get over the fact that you're here…I was sure I'd…that I'd never see you again"

Draco smirked

"You can't get rid of me that easily"

She laughed but then sobered almost too suddenly

"I didn't want to you know…I would have kept you"

"Then why didn't you?" he asked, it was not that he wished he had been brought up by Loraine Michaels but he was curious how a mother could give up her baby

"I…I was only fifteen. My mother told me that you'd have no life with me. She wasn't going to help…and I didn't even know who your Dad was…he was just some guy at a party I got the wrong idea about" she shrugged "I'm bloody stupid" she explained before bursting into tears

"No…don't cry" said Draco "Think how bad your life would have been if you had kept me. You're married now…and you've got more children, don't you"


"If you'd kept me…would you have them now?"

"…no…I guess not"

"Exactly" he shrugged "What are they like…my brothers and sisters?"

Loraine sniffed

"Well…there's Annie…she's a typical little saw her didn't you"

Draco nodded "She's a lovely little thing…I'm sure you'll love her. Then there's Edmund, he's only five…beautiful little boy…loves to eat" she laughed

"And what about my step-siblings?"

"Morgan and Adam" she smiled "They live with us sometimes…their mum isn't very maternal" she explained indifferently "I treat them like my own. Morgan is a tomboy…she loves sports…just like her brother…he's a lovely boy"

"Do they know…about me?" Draco asked curiously

"My husband does. He told me that you're the past…and I should look forward…I don't suppose he thought you'd turn up one Christmas day"

"Yeah…about that…I'm sorry to barge in on your Christmas-"

"No, I love the fact you've come here, it's the best Christmas present I've ever had" she laughed "Do you…do you want to come in?" she stopped and pointed to the house. They were back already

"Um" Draco murmured thoughtfully "It might come as a bit of a shock to them"

"Yeah…you're right" she nodded "Do you want to meet up…tomorrow or something, when you're free. I can break the news to them some time soon"

Draco nodded

"I think that will be best" he nodded nervously

"Goodbye Jack…or Draco" she shrugged, she made to hug him…but seemed to find the situation awkward and changed her sudden movement into smoothing down her top. She turned around and walked over to the house

"Goodbye….Mum" he whispered