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"Hey Tai!" A girl with short red hair waved at her friend who was sitting at a table, just starting to eat. It was Wednesday, and one of those generous days where the students managed to drag themselves out to eat lunch outdoors at the school's cafeteria.

"Hey Sora," Taichi responded around his sandwich, eying her carefully. The last time they had talked, it hadn't ended so well. He had seen her around and meant to say something each time, but something always came in the way.

It was funny how coincidence only works when it wants to.

She sat down and put her tray on the table, glancing around casually before leaning forward slightly. "How did it go?" she asked lowly, giving him a meaning look.

He blinked, pausing his chewing. For a second he looked truthfully clueless, then he continued chewing slowly, lowering his gaze.

She watched him shifting slightly, looking at his sandwich as if he'd be able to fit another bite.

Unable to hide an optimistic smile, she ducked her head, tying to win eye contact. "Did you talk?" she tried, testing a slightly more innocent tone.

He grunted with a nod, glancing at her carefully and then looking away again.

Her jaw was hanging slightly by now. "And... how are things now?" she pressed, grinning widely.

He gulped finally, gaze flicking around the table. Unwillingly answering her question in his mind with memories of Yamato's warm and wet tongue gently tickling him into relaxing, hands squeezing him longingly as breath covered his sensitive skin with wet heat, making the brunet's body long for more touch and pulsate feverishly as the tongue returned with deeper strokes.

Grabbing his glass, he decided to replace his sandwich-shield with the drink. Slowly sipping, he continued verbally ignoring her question, and looked at everything but the smiling girl on the other side of the table.

"That good, huh?" she concluded, nodding. She straightened, inhaling the spring air, feeling strangely newborn. Then she lent back in.

"I was speechless for several days too when Mimi and I did it the first time," she confined with a low voice, grinning and taking a bite of her apple.

When Taichi choked on his drink and began coughing, she stared at him wide eyed.

"What?" he finally managed, eyes watering.

She chewed her apple slowly, her own eyes still wide open. "What?"


"Hey guys! Look who I found!" Yamato greeted, followed by Mimi herself.

The blond slumped down next to Taichi, patting his back slightly. "You okay?"

Mimi took a seat next to Sora, who was still staring at the football player.

"Oh, I didn't see the apples! Gimme" she quickly snitched it from Sora's grasp and began munching happily. Yamato snickered at her, caught Sora's stare and glanced at his friend who was staring back at Sora.

Breaking the awkward eye contact, Sora turned to Yamato, shaking her head slightly and blinking, as if refocusing. "How did it go?"

Unlike Taichi, the blond caught on quickly. "Meh," he shrugged, smiling slightly. "I think he prefers this over how I acted before." Apparently his father found it better to have a sexually active son than an inhumane stranger. He had forced the blue-eyed teen to survive a long, awkward talk. A hilariously big part of it had been about the couch.

Sora smiled knowingly. "Well I'm glad you decided tell- OH MY GOD make him stop!" she exclaimed as she caught Taichi still staring at her, not having moved an inch.


From outside they were just another group of friends, interesting to no one but themselves. Perhaps one person was looking their way in lack of better things to do, but most of the students were busy staring at one poor teenager in particular, who was growing redder by the second.

Shaking the bag of corn chips in front of her and waving a chip in the air just in case, the girl stared desperately between the audience and her unhelpful friend next to her, who merely shrugged and snickered.

"Dip! I said I need dip!"


The End