Immortal shots

I don't own YYH, so don't sue me, ok? Hiei wrote this poem and he wants reviews, so write them fast, or else wou might get flamed (or a Kokuryuuha is he's really pissed). I'll try to drug him with sweet snow but when he is out of his sugarhigh, may God help us all:) you'll find the link to the pictures I used for this collection of poems in my profile.

3. Good night!

Our little adventure came to an end

Another youkai won the Makai Tournament

Everything is back to the beginning

I said goodbye and now I'm leaving.

The baka is still flirting with Yukina, as if he

Had the chance her boyfriend to be, he forgot me!

Yusuke's back to the love of his life

I heard he'll soon ask her to be his wife.

Kurama's still at school, that stupid thing

I think it's just as worthy as a ling

Shizuru is smoking happy, to close the ring

And that annoying Botan's not worth mentioning…

The sunset is beautiful like a dream, but it's real

I can't express how good it makes me feel

I found myself a tree, climbed and forgot the light,

Now be quiet, I'm trying to sleep, good night!