A/N: There's some implied WinryEd in there, but hopefully not enough that my friends will kill me for the WinryEd stuff in there. …My friends are Ed fans and Winry haters, in case you were wondering.

Never Forget

She was sick of it. He was constantly there, with her. But Edward was only ever there to have his automail fixed. He was never there for her. Though she claimed it was because he'd broken his automail, there was only one reason Winry threw that wrench at his head all the time. She threw it because he'd left her, again. Because he'd leave again when she was finished with fixing his automail. Because he wouldn't stay for her.

Winry could take it no more. She was leaving Resembool, forever. She was never coming back. If she could have done, she would have burned down her home, like Ed and Al did when they left Resembool, so that she could never return. But Granny Pinako and Den lived there too, so she just had to trust in herself, trust that she could keep her promise. If Ed came to her - not just to have his automail fixed and rant at her for leaving Resembool and making him traipse all over Amestris to find her - to love her, she would love him back. But if he didn't, she would start a new life without him.

As she started on her journey, guided by the light of the moon, Winry looked up to the stars and whispered into the night.

"Never forget me…"


A/N: …a former Winry hater is writing fics centered around Winry? Yes, indeed. See what a lack of internet access does to me? This, To Mirai and Tell Me Why were all written while my wanadoo service was being a bitch and not letting me on the net, BTW.