Return From Behind The Veil

Chapter 1: Behind the Veil Conversation

"SIRIUS!" Sirius could hear Harry calling out to him after being awoken from another terrible nightmare during which he relived his beloved Godfather's death once again. Oh how he longed to be with his godson again. To tell him that all the feelings Harry had for him were reciprocated. If only he had told him in his life but he had been so scared that Harry didn't care for him that way, not to mention that he was petrified about what Lily and James would say.

"Watching Harry again Siri?"

"Yeah Jamie. You know how much I love him and I just want to go and fling my arms around him and tell him that all will be all right because I'm alive, I love him and I'm not going anywhere. But I can't, even though I know how much he needs me. I suppose the only bright spot on my horizon is that you and Lils don't care about my feelings for him."

"Oh Padfoot you are an idiot. Of course we don't care! All we ever wanted was for him to be happy and who says you can't be with him again?"

"Prongs what idiocy is this? You know it is impossible to come back to life. Don't make jokes about the one thing I want but can't have."

"Shut it you stupid old mutt and let my husband get a word in would you? Now that's better. You can have it because we talked to the Founders and they agree that we should all go back with Cedric Diggory and give Harry all the things he so desperately longs for and wants more than anything in the world." Lily said as she entered the room.

"W-W-We can go back?"

"Yes we can go back you silly thing. Merlin and Godric decided you should go back first and prepare him for our return. We'll come back a----" Lily started but was interrupted by a terrified scream from the young boy they were watching.

"No! Please don't do this! You don't want to do this, you know what they'll do if you do this."

"Ah but they aren't going to know are they freak or I'll kill you myself!" Vernon shouted as he flung the boy into the wall. The three horrified adults watched as Harry lost consciousness just as Vernon started thrusting into the poor boy in the most brutal rape anyone could possibly imagine

"That is it! No one touches my Harry in that way and gets away with it! How do I get out from here? He needs me now!"

"I agree Sirius. Now all you need to do is walk out of the door in the main hall and you'll return home. Before you ask though, no it is not as easy as all that but if you have permission to return you may. Go now Siri please and protect my beloved little boy until I may be there myself. Take him to Potter Manor; you'll be able to enter as long as you have Harry. It's at the top of the hill in Godric's Hollow. Go now!"

"Of course Lils. I'll see you guys tomorrow. Farewell!" Sirius cried as he walked swiftly to the door in the main hall. He walked swiftly out of the door and found himself right where he knew he needed to be to save Harry. 4 Privet Drive!