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Kagome/ Tsume


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It was a lovely day in Feudal Japan Kagome, Sango, and Kilala were heading to a hot spring. They had arrived in a new town the evening before and an innkeeper, who had noticed their tired faces, had informed them that there was a hot spring nearby that would relieve their sore muscles.

While the two women were walking over the sand path that led to the hot springs, and talking loudly with each other about what else, than stubborn guys, Kilala was riding on Sango's shoulder. She couldn't relax and kept alert in case anything wanted to harm her companions.

Lately, a lot of demons had tried to test their strength against the two women and the girls took this chance to relax before they took up fighting once again.

Both girls seemed to be walking in sync with each other. They had been together for many years and knew each other like the back of their hands. Kagome glanced over at Sango and couldn't help but smile. Her friend had been wearing the same style of clothes since they had met all those years ago.

Sango was wearing a purple kimono today. Her demon-slaying outfit was underneath it, ready in case they had to fight at a moment's notice. Kagome had given her a choker, black with a crescent moon, to match her own to show off that they were sisters in everything but blood.

Sango's hair had grown over the years and reached her lower back now. . She had taken to wearing it with the front pulled back, leaving the rest of her hair to hang over her back. As usual, she carried her Hiraikotsu on her back and her sword on her right hip.

Out of the two of them, Kagome's sense of style had changed the most. Instead of wearing her traditional school uniform, she wore a black skintight dress that reached her ankles with slits going up each side to mid-thigh. It was sleeveless and the edges had a blue lining around them. Hanging from her hip, she had a silver belt with blue diamond's that sparkled and shone while she walked.

Her hair now reached her mid-thigh and had a slight wave running through it. On her feet were plain black slippers and a silver anklet decorated her left ankle. Silver armbands adorned her forearms and on her neck she wore the matching choker Sango wore.

Even her choice of weapons had changed, no longer did she carry a bow and arrows around, but instead opted for something that would least likely run out on you at the worst possible moment. Strapped to her back was a sickle, scythe, as some would call it, and fastened to her legs were her two folded fans.

They were similar to Kagura's wind fan, but these allowed her to use her Miko powers to such a precision that one with swipe, she could slice steel in half.

They continued walking down the path for a few more minutes until they finally reached the hot spring. They quickly stripped out of her clothes and slipped into the water. As soon as they settled down, they both seemed to sigh in unison. The water was so warm and relaxing, just what they needed.

"Sango, can you believe it's been six years since our adventures together began? Look at how much we have completed in those six years. We defeated Naraku and freed Kagura, Kanna, and Kohaku. But really, what are we doing here?" Kagome commented. She was amazed at how much time had gone by.

"It's amazing at how much time has passed. It seems like just yesterday we met for the first time. Nevertheless, Kagome, you know we need to find our destiny. Just like Midoriko said all those years ago right after we defeated Naraku." She informed her friend.


Kagome, Sango, Inuyasha, Kilala, and Shippo were standing in the field Sesshoumaru and Koga had left long ago needing to make sure their own lands were safe. The battle was over, but one member of their group was not standing anymore. Lying on the ground was Miroku, he was seriously wounded and dying in Sango's arms. The blood flowed freely from the poisoned wound in his stomach.

"Why! Why did you have to jump in front of that tentacle! Why!" Sango was crying hysterically. But Miroku gently put his hand her cheek and tried to smile.

"Because, I love you my dearest Sango." He simply said, as if it explained everything in the world, and perhaps it did.

"I love you too Miroku." That was the last thing she could say to him before his hand landed on the ground and his eyes closed never to open again.

His burial later that day, was an emotional moment and even though they were grieving, they knew they still had something to do.

" Kagome you should put together the jewel now before it gets late." Inuyasha declared as they stood under the God Tree. Kagome reached for the last pieces of the Shikon Jewel which used to belong to Koga. Not before long the jewel was complete. It gave of a bright pink glow and hovered in the air for a second before it landed safely on the ground. But, as soon as the crystal did... Kagome fainted.

Kagome's Dream

Kagome woke up in a field of flowers and saw on the horizon a waiting figure. She jumped to her feet and ran to the figure only to find Midoriko smiling at her. "Child, you have defeated Naraku and now I will grant your wish."

Midoriko closed her eyes to see something beyond the impossible.

"Hmm… your wish is selfless and I also see that you have a pure heart something you don't usually see. You want all your friends to have their wishes come true. Let's see, Sango wants Miroku back. I' am sorry child, Fate won't let me do that. But, I am able to grant her brother's soul back from Naraku's control."

"Kilala just wants her friend, Sango, to be happy. Shippo, wants you to be happy. And Inuyasha wants Kikyo to have her soul so they could live a normal life together." She once again opened eyes and stared sadly into Kagome's.

"Does that bother you Kagome?"

"I guess so but I believe I have known all along that we weren't meant to be but I would like for me and him to stay friends."

"Kagome, child, when you wake up go on a journey with Sango and Kilala but leave Shippo behind as the road may get dangerous. Leave him in the care of Inuyasha and Kikyo, they will care for him well. Nevertheless, you must take this journey to discover whom you, Sango, and yes, even Kilala, really are."

" When you wake up you will find most of the wishes granted and the jewel to have disappeared. Years from now, you will once again encounter the Shikon Jewel. Now goodbye, Kagome, I will be seeing you soon."

"Yes, I remember that day clearly. I was taking a walk trying not to blow up at Inuyasha. And somehow I ended up with these." Kagome shuddered and started to rub her armbands. She remembered what had happened soon after their journey began. They had visited Inuyasha that day and he had started to rant and rave at Kagome.

She did not want to fight, so to blow off some steam she walked away ending up deep in the woods. It had been the full moon, and there was enough light to help her see so she could head back to the hut.

She had been at the entrance of the village, when this whelming headache suddenly hit her and the next thing she knew she was waking up with her friends surrounding her in concern.

She had been surprised to find the armbands on her previously bare arms. Her looks had changed as well, since she apparently acquired unknown demon blood when she had been passed out. Her hair had changed to this silvery grey color and her eyes had changed from blue to a dark purple that almost looked like black.

On top of her head she now sported a pair of silver grey ears. She soon found out on the next full moon, that she could actually use them on the night of the full moon. Otherwise, she looked and smelled things like a normal human girl.

It appeared that the bands were in order to control her demon and Miko powers. The pure energy emitting from the bands were similar to Midoriko's, which Kagome could only guess was the culprit.

It was getting late and the women got out of the spring.

"Well we better make camp before night falls. I'll go and get the firewood for tonight." Kagome entered the forest, only to come out with an armful of wood mere minutes later. However, she did not get the chance to start a fire as the ground began to shake and a load roar echoed through the trees.

"Grab your weapon Kagome! It seems to be coming this way." Sango shouted in warning.

Kagome lunged for her sickle and got in a fighting stance. Sango and Kilala got in battle mode ready for whatever was coming and they were not disappointed. Out of the forest jumped a blue scaly type of monster with only one eye jumps out of the forest.

"So you are the notorious Miko, eh? Your blood is mine!" The monster growled predatory.

"You wish." Kagome and Sango said at the same time.

"Elemental Tornado!"

Kagome's scythe slashed the ground and shook up the earth, it's power delved deep into the creature's flesh.

"Hiraikotsu." Sango and Kilala attacked alongside with Kagome. The battle continued for only moments and the creature seemed to be no real threat to them as they defeated it easily. It's carcass began to glow an eerie green color though, was not a good sign.

"Run! The carcass is going to explode. We have to get as far away as we can." Kagome yelled as she realized what was going on.

And they ran. They ran as fast as their feet could carry them, but it didn't matter how far they got: the explosion caught up to them.

The three travelers found themselves sucked through a green spiral-like portal until finally their unconscious bodies landed in a middle of a completely new world. Kagome ended up at one end of the strange place, with Sango and Kilala far away from her.


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