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The Sister I Never Knew About

Summary: A few months before the Potters' deaths occurred, a prophecy was made for Harry. 15 years later, he finds out that a prophecy was made for his older sister which caused her death. Why had no one told him about her? What was it that caused her to die tragically? And if he is right-how did a muggle girl ended up in the hospital wing? Who is she? Just what does she mumbles in her sleep about angels?

I. Elizabeth and the prophecy



They came unexpectantly.

They teleported in, wearing black cloaks and white skull masks, and casted green laser lights at them. Wherever they hit, the people fell and those who were lucky to not be hit screamed in terror for the fallen were dead. Of all the survivors, one of them was calm-a girl named Aine of sixteen years old who was slender and could have been called a striking beauty with her dark curls and blue eyes had it not been for the abnormal amount of freckles that adorned her face and body.

Aine was the Slayer and these people were clearly categorized in the supernatural she could kill. She automatically tensed, ready to fight them all when her watcher grabbed her wrist and whispered in her right ear, "They are wizards."

At that, Aine's face twisted in fury. Wizards and witches that wielded wands were people the Watcher's Council couldn't touched and that extended to the Slayer herself unless she was one of them. But the last Slayer to have been a Witch also had died at the hands of the Scourge of Europe decades ago.

More people died but this time, they tortured them or made them embarrass themselves before torturing and it was painful to watch. Although their situation was red tape a Slayer couldn't bypass, Aine could not stand to watch or wait her turn. She stepped forward and caught the attention of one of them.

"Eager, are we, muggle bitch?" he taunted her from behind the death skull mask he wore.

"To kill you? Let me think about that. Yes, bastard." she taunted back, bouncing slightly on her feet, gathering the momentum she needed for the tackle.

But the opportunity never came. Instead, he waved his wand at her watcher and-

It hadn't matter that as a Slayer she was the fastest because even though Aine had quickly lunged to pull him away from danger, he had been hit. With a look of surprise, he collapsed to the floor with a resounding thud.

Aine began to shake, her eyes still watching the body of her watcher, when she went into a familiar trance. Not only had Aine been called to be the Slayer but she had an ancient bloodline that originated from the ill-fated Princess Cassandra of Troy or so her grandmother used to tell her.

When she spoke, her voice was harsh and cruel, dispensing punishment to the wizards.

"Laugh now for she will soon arrive.
Clear the path.
For her fourth birthday will be marked
with the strength to slay,
she will be the one,
to vanquish the Dark Lord's armies.

They watched her in horrified fascination, letting the prophecy continue until it ended, and paralyzed by her trance, Aine watched as the man who had killed her watcher killed her too.

In death, her blue eyes were piercing.



Her green eyes were piercing.

It had been her green eyes that had caught the attention of her husband, James Potter, back when they were first years at Hogwarts. His and every other person who had made eye contact with her. They always complimented her eyes and Lily Potter nee Evans never figured out what was so special about her eyes, spending hours in front of a mirror, searching for that something everyone saw in her eyes except her. It had frustrated the bright witch when she never found it.

Soon after her graduation, Lily finally found the answer she sought after in her newborn daughter's eyes.

Elizabeth Anne Potter had briefly opened her eyes and though her eyes were not the vivid green Lily's possessed, they held something that kept Lily wanting to seek eye contact with her daughter.

Three years later, the murky green had darken to the intense emerald with flecks of blue and Lily still found herself amazed at how Elizabeth took after her in looks alone. Everyone in the Order thought that Elizabeth was going to be "a man trap" when she was older. Elizabeth's dark red hair was held back by a girly headband Sirius had given her the last time he came to visit while her face twisted in annoyance.

"Mommy! Moony don't wanna play!" she stated bossily, pointing a finger at her poor godfather, Remus.

It made Lily feel bad but originally, Sirius had been meant to be Elizabeth's godfather. James Potter had promised Sirius Black he would be the godfather of his firstborn years ago when Lily still thought she'll only consider dating Potter if he was the last man on earth. But when Elizabeth had been a baby, she had been most comfortable with Remus that Lily blurted out Remus's name instead of Sirius's during the christening. Neither James or Sirius protested her choice of godfather upon seeing the startled pleased look Remus had when he asked Lily if she was sure and she replied she was sure.

She looked down sternly at her daughter and said,"Well then that's because it is time for your nap."

Meanwhile Remus seemed ready to cave and start playing with his goddaughter to prevent her from disliking her godfather. If there was a reason why her daughter grew up to be spoiled and impatient, it would be partially due to Remus, who readily caved at his goddaughter's will. The other half was credited to Sirius, who brought her gifts every time he visited. Lily shuddered to think how Sirius's gift showering will worsen when his godson was old enough to appreciate it. It was time to distract Elizabeth from getting what she wanted.

"Elizabeth, I'll let you hold Harry for a few minutes." Lily baited. That did the trick. Immediately Elizabeth pinned her attention on her mother and smiled brightly.

"Okay, let's go, Mommy!" She exclaimed as she grabbed Lily's hand and tugged.

However, Remus still looked guilty and conceded, "I'll read to you tomorrow on your birthday, Eliza."

"Ok Moony!"

She grabbed Lily's hand and followed her out the door, waving to Remus as she went out.

"She has you wrapped around her finger, Remus." said a familiar someone, his voice dripping in amusement.

Remus looked over his shoulder to see Sirius and James leaning against the doorway, grinning at him.

"Well, Sirius take one look at her face tomorrow and let's see if you can deny her anything." challenged James.

"Fine, you'll see. If no woman has roped me into marrying her, no sweet niece of mine will either." boasted Sirius proudly.

James and Remus laughed at his ignorance.

"I admit I am to blame. Sirius doesn't spend time with Eliza because of me." said Remus sadly.

"Sirius will find out tomorrow just how wrapped around Eliza's fingers he truly is." James declared, slapping Remus's back in assurance.

Sirius exclaimed,"I am still here! Stop talking like I'm not in front of you!"






"...Will have to choose between light and darkness,

her choice would make the difference to clear the path

in the final battle..."

The lilting voice of the muggle Seer echoed throughout the meeting hall, sending shivers down the spines of the followers, no matter how devoted they were to their master. The memory of the Seer-dark-haired, slender built, freckled, and dressed in muggle clothing-faded down to the pensive, where it replayed in silence.

"And you dealt with her, Barty?" The Dark Lord demanded to know.

"We were dealing with muggle filth, my Lord. I didn't realize the bitch was actually a mudblood. As soon as she finished her prediction, I killed her." replied Barty, raising his eyes to make eye contact with Lord Voldemort. A quick glance into his follower's mind confirmed the truth.

"I have shared this with my most faithful followers. Should you betray my trust, you will find death will be more merciful than I, Lord Voldemort," he paused briefly before continuing, "What I require you to do is most unusual. I want you to gather all the girls who will be reaching their fourth birthday soon. Make sure you are not seen. I don't want that fool, Dumbledore, to find out about this girl. He'll give the people the savior they hope for desperately. Kill anyone who stands in your way."





Elizabeth opened her eyes.

It was still night time and technically, that meant it was still her bedtime but something within her was urging her to go outside. It would not be the first time she had snuck outside while her parents were asleep and she left the comfort of her bed.

She wished she could climbed into her parents' bed and be reassured everything will be alright. Elizabeth wanted to tell them about the nightmare she had about the freckled girl dying, and many others as well. She wanted to tell them about the last girl who had called Elizabeth her "future daughter." Was Mummy not her real mummy?

Elizabeth walked out of the house and continued on walking past where she normally stopped. She walked right past the wards protecting the house and its inhabitants and the death eater keeping watch couldn't believe his luck. He quickly grabbed her from behind, covering her startled scream. The clock from the community church began to chime, signaling to everyone that it was now midnight.

He lifted up the struggling and flailing girl who had been charmed silent and disapparated with a loud crack. Inside the house, attending to the needs of their baby son, James and Lily shared a glance before Lily rushed off to Elizabeth's room.

Two minutes later, a long, blood curling, mournful cry was heard from the Potter's house.

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