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Chapter 14 - Roxanne's mission

"Wake up Roxanne!" shouted Selene, shaking her awake.

Roxanne lifted her head from her 'pillow' and groaned.

"What is it Selene? I'm not in the mood to play, I feel like I have a hangover!" she said angrily.

Selene was taken back, as always she had the dirty jobs to do.

"Our master wants you, Roxanne like now."

Five minutes later, Roxanne was standing in front of him, sulking.

"What do you want now?" she said moodily.

He laughed, "No 'Milord' or anything? Wow, must have been one great dream you were having to be this crossed at me, Roxanne."

"No, My head hurts like hell and I haven't been drinking for over two months now!" she replied.

He sighed, "That is the reason why I wanted to talk to you. It seems the Slayer's anger got ahead of her and used her magic unwisely, which was actually yours."

Roxanne mumbled a string of curses in all kinds of luangages under her breath.

"Also, the Slayer is desperately needed in Sunnydale, yet she is also needed where she is."

Roxanne smiled, any problem of his is laughing time for her and she hadn't laughed in a long time.

"So, what are you going to do?" she said, her eyes twinkling.

"I'm going to send you on a mission, Roxanne. Now listen carefully." he said, leaning towards her ear in case certain people were listening 'coughselenecough.

She groaned, the mission was going to be very difficult and if she slipped up, it would mean death for her.When she started walking, she began to laugh as she took out a box of chocolate and started eating one.


Laughing, she took off running, 'who knew the evil guy loved chocolate very much?' as he chased after her.

Selene and Aithne came out from where they were hiding.

"Aithne? Do you ever noticed that Milord has no name except by what we called him?" asked Selene, cocking her head to the side.

Aithne looked down at her coldly, "Only Roxanne knows Milord's true name and his true love too. If he wished to tell us, he would have done so. Now stop cocking your head to the side, you're not a dog."

With that, she left Selene glaring at her.

Selene crossed her arms, still angry. 'What did Aithne mean "his true love"? She never thought her master would have a soulmate too.

She shrugged it off and ran towards Aithne. Aithne will pay for that remark, sooner or later.

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Chapter 15 - The Slayer returneth