Yes, it's another original Duellist Academy. Forgive me for trying my hand at it.

Regardless, things to note: Life Points will always be displayed each time they change and will be shown like this:

Duellist One: Current Life Points

Duellist Two: Current Life Points

In addition the stats of the monsters will be displayed like this: (Level/Attack/Defence)

So if Dark Magician is summoned it's stats will be displayed as follows: (7/2500/2100)

Changes in stats will show the previous stats then the new ones. For example, if Dark Magician is now equipped with Axe of Despair to gain one thousand attack this is what will be displayed: (7/2500/2100-7/3500/2100)

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"No, no, no... This will never do!"

The white haired man said as he looked over the sheets on his desk. On the desk was a label that said 'Maxamillion Pegasus' and well as a label for I2, Industrial Illusions.

"I can't believe making a chaser card could be so hard. I'll admit I'm running out of ideas! Everything is either too weak or not worthy of being a Secret Rare! If only I had some idea of what to do." Looking over to another part of his desk he saw the newspaper with a clip about Seto Kaiba. "You have it so easy, you play the game, you don't need to come up with cards. You and your Blue Eyes are still on top of the world, no matter how many defeats Yugi-Boy hands you. Hey now... There's an idea..."

Clapping his hands together he picked up a phone and dialled a number. "Yes, I need you to come up with a few art concepts. No, I don't need you to picture it in your head, it's a reprint."


A month after that phone call Pegasus was standing before a small crowd of reporters. A few flashes went off, as he talked about a few new cards in the newest pack to be released in two days time. The real buzz, however, was news of the pack's 'chaser', the secret rare. Behind the man on the podium was a ten-foot picture of the card covered by a white sheet.

"And of course we come to the last part of our little display, our new pack's chaser." Pegasus moved from the podium to the sheet-covered picture. "Now I have thought long and hard on this, what would Dragon's Nest need as a chaser, a card powerful enough, desired enough, to become a secret rare, the card all collectors would, forgive me, sell their souls for? What card could be named as the chaser? This one!"

Grabbing hold of the sheets Pegasus pulled them away. There was a moment of silence, a gasp, and then flashes as cameras went off. The picture displayed a giant white dragon gathering energy into its mouth. The background was the planet Earth on a field of starts.

"I present the reprint of the Blue Eyes White Dragon! And in addition we have also added support for the Blue Eyes into Dragon's Nest, such as Kaibaman, Paladin of White Dragon and Burst Stream of Destruction. As always I would like to say to all duellist I await to see the new combos and decks these new cards will allow."


"HE DID WHAT?" Kaiba shouted as Roland cringed after showing Kaiba the newspaper.

"He... reprinted the Blue Eyes White Dragons sir." Roland said simply.

Kaiba's eyebrow twitched for a moment before throwing the paper away. "I go through all that work, all that effort to get the only four Blue Eyes with just one escaping my grasp... and Pegasus REPRINTS THEM?"

"Umm... The art is different sir."

"That's not the point! The point is now any worthless duellist can get them, assuming they're lucky enough. This is... Is... DAMMIT!" Kaiba slammed a fist into his desk turning back to his computer screen with data on his Duellist Academies. "Leave me be. I have work to do."

"Of course sir."


"Aww man... This sucks..." A young boy called J.B. said as he kicked a can down the sidewalk, duel disk on his arm. "The packs just came out today! And now all the stores are sold out?" He sighed and moved to sit down on a bench.

"I don't believe it." He said as he leaned back on the bench. "This is the first time I could ever get them. And now there's no way I can get them before I go off." He signed again, this time leaning forward. "My favourite cards, and I'll never get'em."

Sighing again he stood up and stretched, walking down the sidewalk a ways. "Maybe I can find some card shop so obscure no one can find it so they can't buy cards from it. But then... It would probably be out of business." He kicked the same can further down as he heard a slight disturbance ahead of him. Lifting his head he blanched slightly.

Ahead of him there was an old man and two kids, maybe a year or two older than him. One of the kids held the man in a full nelson as the other slapped at his face. Despite his struggles the man was unable to get free.

Growling slightly J.B. looked about and found a solid looking tree branch. Picking it up he ran towards the scene. "Hey, let him go!" He shouted out. Both kids turned to looks towards him, the old man taking the opportunity to stomp his foot onto the toes of the kid holding him who in turn let go to clutch at his foot. Both kids hesitated for a moment before running off, the odds looking too even for them. J.B. walked up to the old man, tossing the branch away. "You OK?"

"Oh, me? I'm fine now, thank you!" The old man said, grinning, his grey hair sticking out like lightning bolts as he tugged on his suspenders. "You really helped me out of a bind there! Ah, you're a duellist I see!" He said, pointing to J.B.'s disk. The younger man nodded. "Well, I own a small card shop. Why don't you come along, I'd like to show you something."

"Uhh, sure." J.B. said, following as the old man walked down the street. A few blocks later they arrived, the old man walking into the shop.

"Hmm, my grandson must be in the back... Oh well, come over here." The old man said as he went behind the counter, taking out three packs of cards and setting them on the counter.

"Dragon's Nest?" J.B. exclaimed, looking the packs over. "Everywhere I've looked they've been sold out!"

"I know, those are the only ones left. You see I have something of a tradition in this store. When a new pack comes out I save one from three of the boxes, the three I feel the best about. Then I find someone who's done a good deed and give him those three packs."

"Wait, you mean..." J.B. said, pointing to himself as the old man nodded. "I can pay for these you know, you don't have to--"

"No, no, in fact I insist." The old man said waving his hands. "Consider it... An early birthday gift. All right?"

"Well, if you say so..." J.B. said picking up the packs...


"Hey Grandpa!" A young man said as he stepped out from the back.

"Ah, Yugi! I was wondering where you were."

"I just had to use the washroom. Who was that?"

"Someone special I would say."


The morning after J.B. had stretched out before getting dressed, putting on some blue jeans, a white shirt and blue vest before putting on his black-streaked white sneakers. He grinned a bit before attaching his deck holder to his hip and picking up his bag, his duel disk tied behind it. After nodding once to himself he stepped down the stairs to the living room, setting his stuff by the door before walking into the dining room. A woman of about 36 set some food on the table. "Hey Mom, that smells great." He said as he took a seat.

"Why thank you James. Are you all set?" She replied sitting down as well.

"You bet!" 'James' said as he took some food setting it on his plate. "I got my deck retooled, my stuff packed, and my game on! I'm totally ready to take the Academy on!"

The woman shook her head slightly, filling her own plate. "I'm sure you will. And I hope you make lots of friends while you're there."

"Hey, no prob! I'll be fine, you'll see!"

"I suppose I will." Both quieted down as they began to eat, enjoying the final meal that mother and son would likely have for sometime...


A phone on the desk rang, causing the man at the desk to frown slightly before picking it up. "Yes? Professor Trammel speaking."

"Good morning Professor. I was hoping you could... help me with something." The voice came from the phone.

"You'll have to forgive me." Trammel said. "I have to overlook the newest batch of students trying for the academy. I don't have much time to--"

"This is why I have called you, there is a... young man that I do not want attending your school. Of course I don't expect you to... break any rules, just bend them."

"What do you mean?"

"If this young man fails the practical part of the exam he wouldn't be allowed in, correct?"


"Ensure he fails."

"Really now? And why would I help you? As it is I have half a mind to report this."

"I don't expect you to do this from the goodness of your heart. You will be... compensated with a deposit into your bank account. Of five million in American Dollars."

Trammel's eyebrows shot up as he leaned forward. "Quite a price to keep someone from the academy. So for what reason are you so interested in--"

"You aren't being paid to know, you're being paid to do."

"Of course. I can arrange it so I personally will duel this fellow. Who is it you want me to fail?"

"A young man named..."


"Thank you Mister... Jennings, James Bart Jennings." The woman said as she overlooked the written exam the young man had just finished.

"Just call me J.B. So where do I take the practical?"


Inside the duel arena several students battled examiners, duelling for the right to be entered into the academy. Monsters clashed and spells were played as returning students and hopefuls alike clashed.

"Alright Applicant." An examiner began, staring his opponent down through his sunglasses. "You have a Labyrinth Wall (5/0/3000) defending you. I have a Vorse Raider (4/1900/1200) and a Beast of Talwar (6/2400/2150) waiting for me to take out your defences so they can bust on through. What do you do?"

Across from him was a tall youth with spiky hair coloured grey like a stone. He drew a card before looking over his monster, a floating brick wall, Labyrinth Wall and his life points at 1800. Then he looked at the snarling beast man wielding a sword like weapon, Vorse Raider, and a double blade wielding fiend, Beast of Talwar, and their owner's life points, 1200.

"I intend to win." He began. "I'll set one card face down, then I play the field spell card Chorus of Sanctuary. This card will grant all monsters 500 additional defence points." Around them the field began to change to white mists with red roses sticking from the ground. Around them cherubs smelled the flowers, ignoring the duel that had summoned them forth. "Next I will summon my Dummy Golem in defence mode." Rising from a small flash of light a small rock monster with what looked to be a coil for legs (2/800/800-2/800/1300) arose to the field next to the strengthened Wall. (5/0/3500)

"Poor move Applicant. Dummy Golem would have allowed you to take control of my monster upon being flipped. Impossible to do now since you've summoned him face up." The examiner grinned and drew his card. "Go, Beast of Talwar! Attack his Dummy Golem!"

The fiend monster began to charge as the youth grinned. "It's not a poor move if my monster is just bait now is it?"


"I activate my face down card, Staunch Defender!" The grey haired youth shouted out as his face down card flipped up. "Now I have to name one of my monsters. And then you'll be forced to attack it with every monster on your end of the field. And I choose my Labyrinth Wall!"

"You're joking? You planned this all along?" The Examiner said as his Beast changed course, slamming into the Wall before falling backwards.

Examiner: 100

Youth: 1800

"Believe it. I've always said that the best offence is a rock hard defence. Now my Labyrinth Wall, defend against Vorse Raider!"

The beast warrior roared out as it slammed it's blade into the wall, only to be forced back as well.

Examiner: 0

Youth: 1800

"An interesting move." The examiner said. "Welcome to the Academy, Brock Stonecrawl."

"And thank you."


"Wow, not too shabby." A young man in multi-coloured clothing said as he leaned against a rail, a round red clown nose on his face. His hair was black and spiky almost forming a small Afro. "Looks like this place is going to happening."

"You said it!" A voice called out as someone joined him at the rail. He looked over to the other guy, his hair in a messy brown ponytail, blue eyes looking over the duels. "This place is sweet!"

"I hear ya! Say, you duelled yet?"

"Nah, still waiting my turn to burn. Oh, I'm James by the way, but my pals call me J.B."

"I'm Gonda. I just passed mine, but I almost flunked the written."

"Really? I did OK on mine but nothing to write home about. I studied so hard too."

"Well maybe I should have studied more but... It was so nice, and the pool was open! Oh and there were these girls! Oh, they were so fine!"

J.B. nodded a bit before speaking. "They didn't say a word to you did they?"

"Depends, does 'screw off' count?"

"Not really."


The two chuckled a bit until the PA system cut in. "Would James Jennings please report to duel arena 5 please? Repeat: Would--"

"That's me!" J.B. said as he went down the stairs to the duel arena, all but running. "Coming through!" He said as he passed the ascending grey haired duellist. Brock blinked as he looked to the boy with a red nose.

"Well he's rather eager, wouldn't you say?"

"I'd say so too. By the way, I'm Gonda."

"And I'm Brock." He climbed up next to Gonda. He looked over to the arena the young man that passed him was heading to before frowning. "Oh no."

"What is it?"

"Your friend might be in a little trouble. Look who's waiting for him."


"I don't know who he is... But he's not your typical examiner."


J.B. stepped out into the Duel Arena looking around for a moment as he unconsciously adjusted the disk on his arm. Then his head turned to face his opponent.

'Now wait a second...' He thought to himself. 'He don't look like no examiner to me.'

His opponent stood at an even six feet at least and wore some strange variation of the duel disk on his arm. His neatly trimmed and cut red hair hung to his shoulders and his uniform was blue and hung towards the ground like a trench coat.

"All right young man." His opponent said. "Time for a real test!"


That's it for now. Additional notes:

The reprinted Blue Eyes are the Shonen Jump Version, ( a card I actually do own as well as being the best card art of the Blue Eyes White Dragon, in my own opinion.

As mentioned ideas, comments and constructive criticism are always welcomed.