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"So the boat arrives today, huh?" J.B. said, sitting on the hill outside the Slifer Dorm, Serenity sitting next to him.

"Yeah." She said with a sigh. "Are you... nervous? About tomorrow?"

"A little." J.B. admitted. "But don't worry, I'll be fine."

"I know." Serenity replied, scooting closer. "And besides, I'm always with you, win lose or draw."

"Thank you." J.B. said with a smile. "It's always--"

"Hey guys!" The heard, looking down the hill at Gonda who bounced from one foot to the next. "The ship's about to come into dock, come on and let's check it out!"

"Might as well check out the competition." J.B. said as he got to his feet.


"So that's Duel Academy huh?" The yellow clad figure said as the boat he was on pulled into the dock. "Sheesh... Talk about homely."

King's Academy followed the name quite literally; nearly the whole island had some form of medieval theme going on in it. The main buildings looked like castles, and the Obelisk Dorms like keeps. His own Ra Yellow Dorms were built like manors and the Slifer Red Dorms like barracks. Still, it was as serious an academy one could find about Duel Monsters, rivalled only by Duel Academy.

Another difference was in the uniforms. In Duel Academy everyone wore a blazer or trench coats to signify their dorm, often in one solid colour. King's Academy blazers were sleeker with the right half of the uniform a solid colour matching their dorm and a coat of arms over the white left half baring a medieval styled image of their dorm's namesake, in his case a golden Winged Dragon of Ra, shaped much like a griffin.

"So, it'll be me and some guy who thinks he knows how to use dragons, eh?" The student said before turning about and turning to enter the ship. "We'll see."


"Nice ship." J.B. let out as the boat docked. The smoke stack on it had a crown on the top and the small cruise liner had been painted in regal purples with white trim.

"Guess they really do mean 'King's' Academy." Gonda muttered as several students with half colour and half white blazers walked down to the dock, Serpents, Griffins and Titans on the white half of the blazers like a coat of arms.

"What is that?" Serenity asked as four students carried a podium of some form down the plank to the dock, a throne on the center of it. Behind it what appeared to be a Ra Yellow male student followed them as the four students set the podium on the dock. Walking over the Ra Student stepped onto the podium before seating himself on the throne. The student had spiky, shoulder length hair with a lock of white hair going over his left eye. Red eyes watched on as a Slifer Student stood next to him, fumbling with a scroll in one hand and a bullhorn in the other.

"Do we need to do this so over the top?" The Ra student sighed as a second Slifer from his school grabbed the scroll and held it open.

"Hey, we're King's Academy." A nearby Obelisk said. "If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing."

"Right..." The student let of with a sigh. "Let's get on with this then."

"Hear ye, hear ye!" The Slifer with the bullhorn spoke out into the bullhorn. "It is with great pleasure and honour that we of King's Academy grace the shores of Duel Academy, where our two champions will clash in noble combat!"

"Good lord..." J.B. muttered. "I heard these King's Academy guys were over the top, but this is just..."

"Yeah, we know." Serenity replied as the student continued.

"Now to the masses of Duel Academy I am proud to introduce our noble champion! Behold! Raven Storm, the Inferno!"

"Inferno, huh?" Gonda muttered.

"And where is the opposing champion?" The student continued. "This James Bart Jennings?"

"Right here!" A Duel Academy Ra Yellow student cried back, him and an Obelisk counterpart moving behind J.B.

"Hey now, WHOA!" He let out as the two grabbed his legs, pulling him onto their shoulders. "Hey, good view..."

"Now what?" The bullhorn using student hissed out, covering the mouthpiece. "That's all we could fit on the scroll!"

"And that's why we don't need to do things this over the top." Raven sighed.

"Champion of King's Academy? I dare say he's a pauper!" A new voice cried out.

"Hey, I know that voice..." J.B. muttered, scanning the crowd. "There..." He let out, seeing Artemis standing off to the side, Mayl behind him and to one side. Frowning he hopped off the students shoulders.

"Oh, get a freaking life Artemis!" An Obelisk cried out, one from Duel Academy. "You lost, you ain't in, get over it!"

"Who the hell is that guy?" Raven asked, turning to an Obelisk of his school.

"Artemis... Rouss maybe?" The student began. "Not a great reputation I've heard, but a very powerful duellist. No need to trouble yourself."

"Maybe." Raven began thinking for a moment. "Did Jennings beat this guy?"

"Your opponent?" The Obelisk began. "Yes. Why do you ask?"

"I want to make a point." Raven said. "Get me a duel disk. And you..." He let out to the student with the bullhorn. "Tell him I'm calling him out for a duel."

"I don't have a scroll for that!" The Slifer complained.

"Gimmie that!" His counterpart said, tossing the scroll away and grabbing the bullhorn. "Now hear this!" He began speaking into the device. "The noble Raven Storm has issued a challenge to the vile villain Artemis Rouss! Provided he has the courage he may meet our champion in fair and noble combat!"

"This is unexpected..." Artemis mused to himself. "He challenges me rather than I him. Destiny smiles on me. Now to duel him. Mayl!" He barked out as he held out his arm, the girl strapping his disk to it. Taking his deck she shuffled it before loading it into the device. Grinning he stalked forwards, his opponent loading his own duel disk, stepping off the throne and on to the ground. One of the King's Academy Slifers passed a duel disk to Raven.

Unlike Duel Academy's disks, this one resembled the second version of the duel disk, made famous in the Battle City tournament. Unfolded it fit the user much like a pentagram shaped shield, a yellow griffin painted on it. Grinning Raven activated the disk, half the shield swung about so it's top connect to the other half, both pieces extending from the central part so it could spin about revealing five monster card zones and a field spell card zone.

"Get ready!" Raven cried out, as students from both schools gathered around. "It's time to duel!"

Artemis: 4000

Raven: 4000

Each player drew five cards, Artemis drawing a sixth. "I shall start..." Artemis called out. "By summoning Blocker in defence mode." He called out, parts of a doll-like monster rising up before him. (4/850/1800) "One card face-down, and I end my turn."

"My draw then." Raven called back as he drew. "Now watch as I rule the duel! I summon Spirit Ryu!" He called out, a winged, serpent-like monster rising to his field. (4/1000/1000) "Now I attack, with Soul Ripper!"

"You think you can defeat my defence with that?" Artemis balked.

"Yeah, with it's effect." Raven replied, discarding a card. "I can discard one dragon monster card while it attacks to double it's attack and defence." (4/1000/1000-4/2000/2000)

"That makes more sense..." Artemis admitted as the dragon spat a beam of light at his monster, shattering it apart.


"If his deck isn't dragon based it's at least dragon heavy." J.B. said as he watched Artemis' monster shatter apart.

"Yeah, but why challenge Artemis?" Serenity asked, frowning slightly. "I mean it makes no sense."

"Perhaps it does." A voice said as a slim figure stepped over to join them.

"Hey, Mary Sue!" Gonda called out, waving.

"Mary 'Susan'." The girl sighed.

"So you have a theory on this?" J.B. asked, pointing a thumb at the duel.

"It's simple really; intimidation." Mary Susan replied. "If he defeats a powerful duellist with you watching he may think he'll psyche you out, a show of force if you will."

"So?" J.B. said with a shrug. "I like a powerful opponent. This isn't going to intimidate me; it's just going to rev me up!"


"Now I activate Soul Rope!" Artemis cried out as his card flipped over. "By paying one thousand life points when a monster is destroyed I may summon a level four monster from my deck!"

Artemis: 3000

Raven: 4000

"Now come forth, Dark Valkyria!" He called out, a dark skinned woman with purple armour and metallic black wings rose to the field. (4/1800/1050)

"And now I discard one card to activate the Dragon Ice card I put in the graveyard, summoning it to the field in defence mode!" Raven replied as a dragon made of ice rose to the field, arms crossed before it. (5/1800/2300)

"What is this?" Artemis demanded, glaring at the dragon.

"Dragon Ice's effect kicks in while it's in my hand or graveyard." Raven explained. "I can special summon it for a discard, provided you special summon something first. So I'll set one card face down, and end my turn here." He added as his dragon returned to normal. (4/2000/2000-4/1000/1000)

"As you wish." Artemis replied as he drew. "I set one monster in face down defence mode and I attack Spirit Ryu with Dark Valkyria! Dark Collision!" He cried out, the dark fairy charging a black ball of energy that she fired off at the dragon, shattering it apart.

Artemis: 3000

Raven: 3200

"Now I set one of my own cards face down and end my turn." Artemis said, crossing his arms.

"Now I draw!" Raven cried out as he took a card. "And I offer Dragon Ice to summon Divine Dragon - Excelion in attack mode!" He cried out, a silver serpent coated in blue flames rising to the field. (5/1500/900)

"You tributed for such a weak thing?" Artemis scoffed.

"Don't knock my dragons pal." Raven warned. "Cause when I summoned Dragon Ice I discarded another Divine Dragon - Excelion. And if I tribute summon these guys while one or two is in the grave I get to add one of three effects. Such as jacking it up by a thousand attack points! (5/1500/900-5/2500/900) Now attack Valkyria with Excelion Collapse!"

"I counter with Negate Attack!" Artemis cried out as the dragon's blast of energy reflected off a barrier that rose before his monsters.

"Damn it..." Raven spat out.

"Now it's my draw..." Artemis grinned as he drew. "And I flip summon my Witch's Apprentice." He called out, a winged woman with a broom rising to his field. (2/550/500) "And thanks to her all dark monsters gain five hundred attack points. (4/1800/1050-4/2300/1050) (2/550/500-2/1050/500) Meanwhile light monsters such as your Dragon are weakened by four hundred. (5/2500/900-5/2100/900)

"Aw nuts..." Raven let out.

"Oh, it gets worse from here..." Artemis chuckled. "You see my Dark Valkyria is a 'Gemini' monster. This means she's a normal monster until I re-summon her on the field, giving her an effect in exchange for a normal summon. So now she gains one spell counter that boosts her attack power by three hundred! (4/2300/1050-4/2600/1050) And to speed up the game I shall also play the spell card... Shrink, to cut your monsters remaining attack in half! (5/2100/900-5/1050/900) Now attack with Dark Collision!" He cried out, the dark fairy changing her attack and firing off at the dragon, shattering it apart.

Artemis: 3000

Raven: 1650

"That smarts, yeah." Raven said, smirking slightly. "But now I activate Damage Condenser, discarding one card to summon a monster with less attack than the battle damage I just took! So I call out Armed Dragon Level Three!" He called out, a shirt and stubby grey and orange dragon rising to his field. (3/1200/900)

"Bah!" Artemis spat out. "I end my turn."

"Then I draw." Raven said as he took a card, his monster glowing. "And my monster evolves!"


"See, when my standby phase rolls around I can offer my level three Armed Dragon for his bigger brother, Armed Dragon Level Five!" He called out as the monster grew in height, the orange deepening to red. (5/2400/1700) "Now I attack your witch with Armed Rampage!" He called out, the dragon bellowing out before rushing across the field and smashing the witch apart.

Artemis: 1650

Raven: 1650

"That's not all!" He added as he discarded a card as the dark fairy's attack dropped. (4/2600/1050-4/2100/1050) "I can use my monster to discard any monster card in my hand like my Des Volstgalph. Then I can destroy one monster with an attack less than the discarded monster, like your Valkyria!" He added as the opposing monster shattered apart.

"I would be more worried, if you held more than one card in your hand at the moment." Artemis replied.

"If you say so." Raven grinned as he played the mentioned card. "I play Super Rejuvenation, letting me draw one card for each tributed or discarded dragon! So I get two more cards when I end my turn!" He called out as he drew.

"Then I make my move." Artemis replied as he took his own card. "And I summon my Sangan in defence mode!" He called out, the three-eyed monster rising to his field. (3/1000/600) "Two cards face down ends my turn."

"Then I draw!" Raven cried out as he took a card. "First my Armed Dragon gets to go up another level, to Level Seven!" He began, his dragon growing even larger, massive blades appearing across it's body. (7/2800/1000) "And I get to play Pot of Greed to draw two more cards!"

"How nice for you." Artemis mused as Raven drew. "Let's see what good it does you when I activate my Crush Card Virus!"

"Uh oh..." Raven muttered as the Sangan turned a sickly black before shattering, his dragon following.

"With Sangan in the graveyard I can add a monster, such as Ritual Raven, to my hand." Artemis began as he took his card. "In addition, my Crush Card Virus not only destroys all monsters with fifteen hundred attack points or more on your field, but also in your hand and for what you draw in your next three turns!"

"Nothing in my hand qualifies though." Raven replied. "And I think I'll be able to make due, by summoning The Lord of Dragons, in attack mode!" He called out, a sorcerer in dragon-like armour rising to his field. (4/1200/1100) "Now attack, with Dragon's Fireball!" He cried out, his monster readying a fireball.

"And I counter with Birthright, letting me summon a normal monster, or a Gemini monster such as my Dark Valkyria who is treated as such in the graveyard." He called out as his dark fairy rose back to the field. (4/1800/1050)

"Great..." Raven said. "One card face-down, and that's all."

"As I would expect." Artemis said as he drew. "Now I summon my Dragon Zombie, in attack mode!" He called out, his decayed dragon rising up. (3/1600/0) "Now attack Dragon Zombie, with Rancid Breath!" He called out as his dragon began to spit an acidic cloud at it's foe.

"And I counter with Mirror Wall, cutting your monster's attack in half!" Raven called back.

"Blast it all!" Artemis spat out as his Dragon Zombie's attack was cut. (3/1600/0-3/800/0)

"Counter attack with Dragon's Fireball!" Raven called out as his spellcaster slung a fireball at the zombie, shattering it apart.

Artemis: 1250

Raven: 1650

"I set a card face down and end my turn, for now." Artemis let out, seething inwardly. 'Blast it! This battle is far more troublesome than I thought! I shall prevail however. Destiny demands it!'

"Now I draw!" Raven called out. "And I'll let Mirror Wall shatter, since I can't pay for it." He said as his card shattered. "Now I set one card face down and my dude to defence mode." He added as his spellcaster knelt down. "Next I set one monster, face down in defence mode."

"Very well." Artemis said as he drew. "Ah, perfect. I play Contract with the Abyss, offering Ritual Raven which fulfills the requirements of any dark ritual. Now I can summon Dokurorider!" He called out as a skull-headed monster on a motorcycle rose to the field. (6/1900/1850) "Next I second summon my Valkyria, granting her an additional three hundred attack points when her spell counter is equipped! (4/1800/1050-4/2100/1050) But I'll un-equip it to destroy your Lord of Dragons!" He added as the monster's attack dropped back down (4/2100/1050-4/1800/1050) the opposing monster shattering. "Now, Dokurorider attack! With Dokuroraid!" He cried out, the monster doing a wheelie as it sped towards the opposing monster as it flipped up to reveal a dragon with a metal mask about it's face. (3/1400/1100) The wheel smashed into the monster, shattering it.

"There goes Masked Dragon." Raven commented as a green dragon rose up to take it's place. "And since it was destroyed it summons Blackland Fire Dragon in it's place!" (4/1500/800)

"Dark Valkyria's Dark Collapse shall take care of that!" Artemis replied as the dark fairy sent a blast of energy at the dragon, blasting it apart.

"Now I draw!" Raven called out as he drew. "Cool! I set card face down and then I summon Kuriboh!" He called out, a puff ball with eyes rising to the field. (1/300/200)

"How is that supposed to help you?" Artemis scoffed.

"Simple. I use Monster Gate!" Raven replied. "Now I offer Kuriboh and then pick up and discard card from my deck until I get one I can normal summon! And since I'm not technically drawing your Crush Card can't affect it! Here we go!" He said, drawing. "First pick and I nailed it! Let's go, Red Eyes Black Dragon!"


"Red Eyes Black Dragon!?" J.B. and Serenity let out at the same time, staring as red light erupted before Raven, the massive black dragon rising from it, spinning in the air before diving back down and landing behind it's master, bellowing out to the world. (7/2400/2000)


"Oh my..." Artemis let out as the dragon growled at him.

"Next I use one of my face downs, Metalmorph!" Raven said with a grin as steel coated his dragon. "Not only does he get a nice little boost (7/2400/2000-7/2700/2300) he gains half the attack of whatever he attacks! So attack Dark Valkyria! With Inferno Fireblast!" He cried out, the monster spitting a fireball at Artemis' monster, blasting it apart. (7/2700/2300-7/3600/2300)

"Counter with Curse of Anubis, which forces all effect monsters to defence mode, such as Dark Valkyria thanks to her re-summoning!" Artemis called out as both his monsters took defence positions. "They do lose all their defence for the turn (6/1900/1850-6/1900/0) (4/1800/1050-4/1800/0) but I keep my life points!" He said as his monster shattered apart, the dragon's attack dropping soon after. (7/3600/2300-7/2700/2300)

"Turn's up, you're next!" Raven said with a grin as Artemis drew, the dragon's attack lowering. (7/3600/2300-7/2700/2300)

"One card face-down, and that is all." Artemis said simply.

"Then I draw!" Raven replied, taking his card. "And I attack with--"

"Nothing, activate Shadow Spell!" Artemis barked back, chains appearing to wrap around the dragon. "Now your dragon is helpless and it loses attack power!" (7/2700/2300-7/2000/2300)

"Crap..." Raven let out as Artemis drew.

"Ah, perfect... Plague Wolf in attack mode." He said simply, a deranged wolf rising to his field. (3/1000/1000) "It's effect allows me to--"

"Don't matter!" Raven replied as a card flipped up. "I'll use Waboku to protect myself."

"How bothersome..." Artemis let out. "Go."

"I will." Raven said as he drew. "And it's time to end this!" He added as his dragon began to transform, the chains around it breaking.

"What is this!?" Artemis demanded as the steel darkened and hardened, the monster growling out.

"When a Red Eyes Black Dragon is equipped with Metalmorph I can offer it to summon a monster from my deck, Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon!" (8/2800/2400)

"Black METAL Dragon?" Artemis parroted.

"Now attack Plague Wolf and finish this!" Raven commanded. "With Flash Flare Blast!" He called out, the monster charging a dark red fireball and firing it off at the wolf.

"NO! This isn't what should happen!" Artemis bellowed out. "THIS IS NOT MY DESTINY!" He cried out as the black impacted his wolf, the shockwave, forcing him off of his feet, throwing him onto his back.

Artemis: 0

Raven: 1650

"Now here's the lesson to be learned pal." Raven said, pointing to himself with a thumb. "I'm the King of Dragons. And I'm gonna be the best dragon duellist around, like it or not!" Grinning he looked down at Artemis as Mayl rushed to his side. "Now that was just part of my power. Tomorrow..." He began pointing towards J.B. with a grin. "I'm going to show all the power I can bring to bear!"

"Wow, cocky guy." Gonda said as he looked at the victor's grin. "Gonna knock him down a peg or three J.B.? J.B.?" Gonda repeated turning to his friend at the same time Serenity and Mary Susan did.

He had the exact same grin on his face.


"Sounds like things are coming to ahead." Mary Susan began as she, Serenity and Skyla watched students from the two schools mingle, the occasional duel in sight.

"Yeah, no kidding." Serenity added with a nod. "J.B.'s ready though, I wouldn't worry."

"Maybe, but so is this 'Raven Storm'." Skyla replied. "I wouldn't be too comfortable just yet."

"Hey, hey, check it out!" They heard, turning about as Raven and two Slifers from his school wandered over. "Not joining the party?" One of the Slifers asked.

"We're fine." Skyla said simply as Raven fidgeted slightly. "...May we help you?" She directed towards the lone Ra.

"What?" Raven let out before coughing slightly. "Ah, well you see..."

"Really need to get over that shyness with girls..." The other Slifer sighed. "He's a fan of Joey Wheeler and heard his sister is around."

"I was getting to that!" Raven barked out. "I just... Didn't want to come off like some fan boy."

"Uh-huh." The Slifer let out. "Anyway, any idea where we can find her?" He asked as Mary and Skyla shared a look before pointing at Serenity. "...Wow, that was easy."

"Yeah, we oughta set up a PI service or something." The other Slifer added.

"I wouldn't go that far..."

"Hey, it's be cool! We could spy on people! Legally!"

"They always like this?" Serenity asked Raven as the two King's Academy Slifers continued to banter.

"You've no idea..." He groaned back. "Uh, yeah... So your Joey's... sister?"


"Oh. Well..." He began slowly as a beeping noise sounded on Serenity's PDA. Pulling it out she looked at it, her eyes widening.

"Oh nuts, I told J.B. I'd meet him for some studying for the match, I gotta run!" She let out before turning and running off. "Sorry, have to run!" She called back with a wave.

"Okay... be seeing you..." Raven said with a wave and slight blush.

"What's with him?" Mary asked, pointing to the Ra student as he left, head hung.

"...No idea." Skyla replied.


Raven Storm was made by Blue-Eyes White Knight-BEWK. Talk to him about it.