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Chapter eight; The Unfinished Conclusion

Sam was sleeping uncomfortably in the little chair next to Dean's bed. Dean smiled looking at him; his neck was going to hurt so bad when he woke up. He had his arm in a sling, probably so he didn't make that burn on his chest worse. Dean had been awake for about a minute, but didn't say anything.

Almost as if Sam could feel him, his eyes opened. He smiled when he saw Dean was awake. He sat up higher in the chair and scooted it closer to Dean's bed.

"Hey." Sam whispered hoarsely. "How long have you been awake?" Dean cleared his throat.

"About a minute." His voice was a rough whisper and it hurt to talk. "How long have I been here?" Dean asked. Sam looked at the clock.

"A little more than two days." Sam explained. He sighed heavily and hung his head. "Jesus Dean… I am so sorry." Sam whispered. Dean shook his head.

"No, Sam. I know you didn't mean to. Please, don't apologize." Dean whispered. Sam didn't say anything. They sat there in silence for a minute.

Sam looked up when he felt Dean grabbed his hand. Sam looked at him. Dean shrugged.

"I think it's all these drugs…" He whispered and gave his brother's hand a little squeeze. Sam smiled and squeezed back. "Dude, so this is over? Lisa… Hannah is dead and Alana is gone?" Sam nodded.

"Yeah…" Sam explained. Dean sighed heavily and put a hand protectively over the wound.

"Dang Samuel… if Dad could see you handle a knife." Dean said gently. Maybe it was his tone, or maybe it was because Dean was still holding his hand, but Sam smiled.

Hey, it wasn't the giant chick flick moment they needed, but it was something.


Sam stood closer to Dean than his older brother would have liked, but that was too damn bad. He'd just have to deal with it. Sam opened the car door for him and made sure he was seated and had his seatbelt on before shutting the door.

"Hey Sam?" Dean asked when Sam slid into the driver's seat. "Did you talk to that Tracey girl?" Dean asked. Sam looked at him. "Did you make sure she knew it was over?"

"Yeah… about that." Sam said quietly. He took a deep breath and hit the steering wheel light with both hands. "Um… apparently Tracey killed herself." Sam watched his brother go a few shades whiter. Sam cocked his head to the side. "Dean, there was nothing we could have done differently, she overdosed on the meds they'd been giving her."

"She said something had been trying to kill her." Dean whispered.

"She killed herself, Dean." Sam reminded him. He nodded.

"Right." He took a deep breath and winced slightly, recovered nicely, but Sam still saw him. "Where we going now?" Dean asked, smiling slightly. Sam didn't press their previous conversation, but he knew Dean would be losing sleep over Tracey. But right now… he was just thankful to have Dean at all.

"There was this murder up in Chicago." Sam explained. Dean raised his eyebrows.

"Chicago, huh?" Dean asked. Sam nodded. "I can live with that."

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