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Chapter Four: The Good, the Bad, and the Monkey

Kim awoke the next morning next to Shego. I could definitely get used to this. Kim blushed, her thoughts taking a decidedly… Shego-like turn. She turned to wake up Shego, only to find her green eyes staring at her own.

"You know, when you blush like that, I can't tell when your hair ends and your face begins. I wonder how far down it goes…"


"Careful Kimmie, don't want to wake the tweebs or the folks now, do we?"

"I don't think you really care all that much about wake-"She was once again cut off by Shego's lips pressed against her own. Just like at BN, Kim was left speechless for a while when Shego pulled away and started her morning rituals. "That is so unfair when you do that."

"Duh Kim, I may not be a bad guy anymore, not that I was ever any type of guy to begin with, but that doesn't mean I am going to be a goody-goody either." She began to stretch her muscles to get the kinks out of them, while Kim's eyes never strayed to far from her. Shego smirked when she noticed, and asked in her best sweet little innocent voice. "See something you like Pumpkin?"

Kim, caught staring, declined comment and got out of bed, heading towards the bathroom and shower. Deciding that two can play that game, she turned around to look at Shego. "I'm going to take a shower. Want to join me?"

Shego, caught in the middle of a back bend, turned her head to look at Kim and promptly fell on her rear. When she groaned and opened her eyes, Kim threw an exaggerated wink before closing and locking the door. As she started the shower, she could hear Shego muttering under her breath, something that sounded like a cross between anger and admiration.


Kim walked out of the bathroom, hair still damp, and began getting dressed. She had some errands to run today, not to mention that she wanted to go out with Shego again.


She groaned, and then hit the audio only switch to the Kimmunicator as she moved about getting ready. "What's the sitch Wade?"

"Kim? Is the Kimmunicator not working? I can't see you."

"I'm getting dressed Wade, Audio only for now."

"Oh, sorry. Anyway, it looks like I will need to design a few new filters for the site. We have over five hundred messages today, and only one mission."

"What are the rest?"

Shego poked her head up through the door, and smirked at Kimmie. "Darn it, I missed it. You shower way too fast. As for your question, probably a lot of hate mail now that you're 'out of the closet'."

"Shego is halfway right Kim. About two-thirds of them are hate mail, either because of your dating preference or because it's Shego. The others are actually encouraging and congratulating you AND Shego. You for having the guts to admit it in public, and Shego for changing to the good side."

"For the last time, I am NOT good. Just not evil either."

"Whatever you say Shego, you go on believing that if it helps you sleep at night."

"Nerd-linger, you are so lucky I don't know where you live."

"I know. Anyway, about the mission, it looks like Monkey Fist is going after a new monkey idol somewhere in the Congo."

"Ron will love that."

"Love what?" The aforementioned Mr. Stoppable stepped into the room as if it were his own, and considering how much time he spent over at the Possible residence, it may as well have been.

"Geez Stoppable, don't you ever knock?"

"Shego, you really need to consider the fact that Kim and I have seen each other naked before. Once that happens, you really aren't as self-conscious around the other person as you were before."

Kim noticed Shego's eyes flare, and quickly butted in to avoid having a char-grilled partner. "Monkey Fist again Ron, new Monkey idol in the Congo."

"Ah man, I hate monkeys."

Rufus poked his head out of Ron's pocket and shook his head vigorously. "Monkeys, BLEARGH." He scampered up Ron's shirt and jumped across to land on the bed next to the Kimmunicator. He flipped the video switch on and then curled up on the covers.

"Thanks Rufus. No idea what this one does, but if Fist is going after it, you can probably expect some magic stuff as well. I'll call later when I get some more information"

"Thanks Wade. You rock, as usual."

"Once again, I know." Wade blinked off the screen, showing the Team Possible logo.

"Hey Kim, let me handle Fist today. For some reason I really feel like kicking his butt."

"Probably the MMP acting up again Ron. It normally does anytime you face him."


"Sorry Shego. Mystical Monkey Power. Ron got hit with a dose of it on our first mission against Fist, his first solo one as well I think."

"Wait, you mean all that junk of Monty's was for real? There really is some Monkey Power?"

"Yeah. Why do you think he considers me his arch-foe? I'm the only other master of Monkey Kung Fu on the planet, thanks to those jade…monkeys." Ron shivered, remembering the creepiness of those statues. "Anyway, I'll go get my stuff and be back soon."

"Later Ron." As Ron went downstairs, Shego moved and locked the door, turning to face Kim. "So you and he…"

Kim looked on in confusion for a moment before comprehension splashed across her face. Rather than blushing, as Shego expected, Kim bust out laughing and fell on the bed. In between laughs she manages to choke out "I…can't believe it. You're… jealous… of Ron!"

"I fail to see the humor here Princess."

Kim calmed herself down and managed to make her face a semblance of seriousness. "It's not what you think Shego. Remember that time Drakken had the body switching machine?"


"Ron and I switched. We had to use the bathroom and take showers." Here Kim's face did blush a little. "I admit to looking, just as I sure Ron did, but we never did…that. I'm still a …virgin."

"Good, because you're MINE, and now the whole world knows it."

"Well if I'm yours, then you are mine as well." Rather than respond, Shego grabbed Kim's arm and pulled her down for a serious kiss, which Kim was only too glad to return.


Sometime later, Kim had gotten ready and was trying to get Shego into a copy of her mission suit.

"Nuh-uh Kim. You wear it all you want to, I am NOT wearing that. It looks good on you, but I'm more of a cat-suit person." Upon hearing this, Kim smacked herself in the head and began digging through her closet. "Kim? What are you doing?"

"Where did I put it…" Kim ignored Shego as she continued to dig around through the closet. "Ah! Here it is." She turned back to Shego, a satisfied grin on her face. "Cat-suit huh? Maybe this will work then." She handed Shego a plain black box, looking very smug.

"What-"Shego cut herself off as she opened the box to see a very familiar pattern of black and green. She dropped the box, and one of her suits came out. "When did you get this?"

"Remember Drakken and the mind-control chips? I kept the suit."

Shego's response was to shed the shirt and pants she was currently wearing, much to Kim's joy and embarrassment. Once she was back in the suit, she pulled a pair of her gloves out of the ankle pouch, snapping them into place as she flared up. "Oh yeah, I'm BACK!"


The three, four if you counted Rufus, arrived at the airport, awaiting their ride. Wade had hooked them up with one of the airline companies that Kim had helped. After all, it was no big. Anyone could successfully maneuver a plane into a landing pattern while the flight crew revived the pilot.

The three drew some odd looks, some nods of respect, and even some stupid enough to insult them and throw objects at Kim and Shego. That stopped, however, when Shego grabbed the wad of trash and burned it into ash in less then a second. That, combined with the angry glares of the world's two most dangerous women, equaled BACK OFF!

"Attention, flight 1197-15, to Africa is now boarding."

"Well, that's us. Ready for your first mission with the good guys Shego?"

"Ron, for the last time, I am NOT a GOOD GUY."

"No Shego, you are definitely not a guy."

"GAH! Kimmie!

Still bickering, the newly expanded Team Possible climbed aboard the plane, ready to face a new adventure.

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