13 Years Later

(((I think this story has been really good so far. But I think it's time for it to come to an end. So this chapter is taking place 13 years later. Yeah it's a big number. Oh well! It's in Regular POV this time. I love you all so much and thank you for reviewing! Oh and this is basically a sneak peek preview at the sequel.))))

It was 13 years later. Gabriella had Jacob (Jake) and Nicole (Sometimes Nikki). They were now 13. Ashley was 14. Ashley was 10 months older than the twins. Troy decided to stop playing basketball, but he was a basketball coach. Him and Gabriella were now 39. They were almost over the hill! Haha! But so were Chad and Taylor. So anyway, Ashley, Jake, and Nikki were best friends. They went to Pickford High School. Nikki and Jake skipped a grade. They took after their mother. They were very smart. Jake had very messy brown hair. It was the same length of how Troy's was in 11th. He had blue eyes and his dad's build. He was also on the basketball team. Nikki had long curly brown hair and blue eyes. She liked playing basketball, but she wasn't on the team. She was on the Scholastic Decatholon team. Jake was a bit taller than Nikki. Ashley had black curly hair. The same length of Taylor's. She had big brown eyes, and big lips, also like Taylor. She was on the SD team also. Troy was the coach at Pickford High. Nikki and Ashley were preppy though. But not cheerleader preppy. Just preppy style. They Savy Schoolgirl preppiness type.


"Wake up! Wake up Jake! JACOB ERIC WAKE UP!" Nikki was trying to wake her brother for school. She always got up at 4:30 to get ready. She had to shower, straighten her hair, pick out her outfit, eat, brush her teeth, and put on her little amount of make up. She always woke her brother up at 6:30. (A/N: She takes longer to get ready than my sister!)

"Alright, I'm up! Gosh, Nikki!" Jake said with a laugh. Nikki laughed and playfully smacked her twin on the arm. She walked out of the room as Jake got dressed. He picked out a ringer tee that was white and black, baggy jeans, and some black Converse. He walked into the bathroom and brushed his hair. He went to the kitchen wear Gabriella was making him some waffles. She handed him the plate and a glass of milk, and he walked over to the table to eat it. Troy had already left for work, and Nikki always left with him. She was a daddy's girl. She was wearing jeans, a pink plain t-shirt that fit her perfectly, pearls, and pink Converse.


"Dad, what would you say if I tried out for the musical?" Nikki asked her father.

"I'd say I hope you get the part." Troy responded.

"Really?" Nikki said, surprised. She thought her dad would say that he didn't want her to do it.

"Yeah. You know, I was on the basketball team, and I was in the musical with your mother." Troy said.

"You were? What did your friends think?" asked Nikki.

"Well, they thought I was making a mistake. But then they came to their senses and supported me through it." said Troy.

"Oh. That's cool. We're doing Twinkle Towne. I wanna get the lead female role, Minnie. But I don't have a partner." told Nikki.

"Whatever you do, don't audition with your brother." Troy told her.

"Why?" Nikki wanted to do that part with her brother.

"There's a kissing scene." Well, that scratches Jake off the list.

"Good point." Once they got to the school, Nikki went to her locker. She took out the music piece that had "What I've Been Looking For" on it. She put in her backpack and took out her French text book. She grabbed her purse, and went off to the auditorium. She walked in and saw Sean and Lily (Sharpay and Zeke's twins). Just then, NIkki had an idea.

"Hey Sean!" Nikki ran up to him and Lily.

"Hey Nikki Mikki." Lily and Sean said together. They always called her that.

"Sean, I need a partner to audition with for Twinkle Towne. Think you could be my partner?" Nikki asked.

"Ok. Sure, I'll do it. I heard there was a kissing scene though." Sean reminded her. Nikki had a big crush on Sean and wanted to be his girlfriend.

"It's ok. I mean, I was going to do it with Jake, but my dad told me that there was that scene. So that's why I asked you." Nikki told. Lily knew all about her crush and smiled at her friend.
"Can I talk to you, Nikki?" Lily asked. Nikki nodded and they went outside of the auditorium.

"You want to do this play with Sean so you can date him don't you?" Lily asked.

"Well, yeah. And because I want to try something new." Nikki spilled. Lily and Nikki giggled together and walked out.


"Jake, get a move on! You'll miss your bus!" Gabriella rushed her son.

"I'm heading out the door right now, Mom!" Jake said. His mom gave him a kiss on the cheek and he left. He took the elevator down to the lobby of the apartment building they lived in. He walked out the door and to the bus stop.

Once at school, Jake went into his locker. He pulled out his Biology textbook and stuffed his backpack in. He turned and walked to Biology and knocked into someone by accident.

"Oh sorry!" Jake said. It was Lily. Jake was crushing on Lily, and Sean and Nikki knew. So did Ashley!

"It's ok Jake." Lily responded. He helped her off the floor and she brushed herself off. He grabbed their books off the ground and handed her her French book.

"See ya around!" Lily called over her shoulder as she ran off. She also liked Jake, and Sean liked Nikki. So Jake headed toward Biology. He got there just in time. He took his seat and looked at the board. It said "Turn to page 36 and answer these questions in your notebook." Jake followed these directions. It took him 15 minutes just to answer them. The teacher stood up 15 minutes later.

"Please pass your notebooks to the front of the class and I will pick them up and grade your work." Mrs. Jones said. The students did as told.

"Now, turn to page 38 and begin reading chapter 7."


Lily got to class on time. Nikki was already sitting in her seat. Lily took her seat behind Nikki, who sat in the very front. Ashley sat next to her, and Nikki and Ashley were in deep conversation. Lily sat down and spoke up.

"What'cha talkin' 'bout?" she asked.

"We heard a rumor that Jake likes you!" Ashley said with a smile on her face. Lily's face brightened and she squealed and jumped up and down in her seat. Nikki laughed at her friend. Once Lily calmed down, the bell rang.

"Bonjour, class!" Madame Delacour said.

"Bonjour, Madame Delacour." The class responded.

"Get with your partners and continue working on your projects!" Madame Delacour said.

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