32 Years Ago…

A skinny tall boy sat cross legged on his floor, a small cauldron smoked in front of him. His hair hung around his face, black and silky. His face was thin, and pale. It was a picture of concentration. His nose was large and hooked, and caused him a lot of hassle. His eyes were dark pools, brown and filled with emotion. His robes were on the ragged side, only at the hems though. His hands were large, and his fingers were long. He worked gracefully, reading the old instruction book next to him, pouring in the correct ingredients and stirring quickly. He gave a soft sigh. The book told him to leave it to brew for 24 hours. What on earth was he going to do for 24 hours? Perhaps terrorise some little first year Hufflepuffs or perhaps give some detentions out.

He stood up quickly, and brushed himself off. He lifted the small cauldron and hid it in the cubicle. 'This is what it has come to, eh?' His mind jeered, 'Little Snape is hiding out in the boy's toilets, hoping to god nobody walks in.' it was true though. He had placed a 'Flooded' sign on the door, so no little nosy sod would interrupt him. He normally did some reading or experiments in here, which the other boys didn't need to know about. He would never live it down if he was caught. But that's not /all/ he did in here. There were a few other things, but he wasn't going to let on about that at all. Besides, this was the only place he could do it, as he wasn't going to be like some of the other pathetic boys and do it at night when they thought everybody else was asleep. Sadly, Snape wasn't. He picked up his books and placed them in a box and pushed them into the 'Out of Order' cubicle, along with the bubbling cauldron.

He didn't like potions they taught in school, they were so boring. He enjoyed making transformation potions or even the occasional telepathic ones, but they never taught them as they were too dangerous apparently. Snape handled them just fine. He only did it though because he wasn't much cop at anything else. He was disastrous at Charms, Defence against the Dark Arts and Herbology. He tried his hardest, and according to that mad old crow Dumbledore, that's all that really matters. But that's not the case with his father. He's a disgrace to his family apparently, all his older siblings came in top for everything, and so did the rest of the family. Then Severus came along and mucked up the family line.

Severus hated this. He hated thinking about it, he threw a vile at the wall in anger, smashing it and Severus regretted it instantly. That was his best vile, the biggest one anyway. He couldn't afford another one as his family refused to give him pocket money unlike every other family due to the fact he wasn't brilliant at everything. He couldn't risk another explosion trying to repair it, so he scooped it up and dumping it in a bin. He sighed, hating himself. Why couldn't he just be like everybody else? Why did he have to be like this? He looked around at his surroundings. Here he was, sitting in a bathroom to hide from the outside world. What was out there that was so bad? People.

32 Years Later…

14 year old Hermione Granger sat in the Gryffindor common room, on the large plush couch. In her hands was a large book which was lying open, but forgotten. Ron and Harry were joking around, Hermione was rather distracted. She smiled, laughed and tutted at their jokes. She loved these times with her friends, just relaxing. Studying was something she did a lot, but it was such a bore. She needed to relax! These were the best years of her life. She looked at her two friends and smiled.

The fire place was burning happily, the light dancing on the walls. Sometimes, late at night when she was sitting up studying for a test she was distracted by the light dancing. Back in the muggle world, candle light wasn't very common. It was there, but it was more of a luxury to have it in your living room. Here, they always used it. Electricity was something wizards and witches knew of, but not many of them understood why muggles needed it or how they used it. The fire crackled and seemed to be burning happily, adding atmosphere to the room.

''Ron! Watch out, or you'll know the lamp over!'' Hermione laughed and dived to save the lamp from falling. Ron was such a clumsy person sometimes, it was unbelievable. He tripped over his own feet just standing there.

''Okay, okay! Maybe we should calm down a little.'' Hermione laughed, and was about to go back to her reading.

''Aw, c'mon Hermione! What's so interesting in that book? Is it PORN!'' Ron laughed and was about to grab at it. Harry laughed insanely, and Hermione snatched the book out of his reach,

''No! It's so interesting, about this Wizard named – '' Hermione started, but both boys groaned. She rolled her eyes and shut the book. Maybe she did spend too much time reading.

''So, did you see what we did to Snape today in potions?'' Harry asked Hermione eagerly. They had managed to pour lizard blood in the potion he was brewing, and it blew up whilst Snape was stirring it. Ron burst into a fit of laughter thinking about Snape's face when it happened; he more or less exploded himself.

'' Yes, and I think it was very immature of both of you. He is only trying to do his job you know, he doesn't need you guys playing tricks on him, even though he DOES favour those horrible Slytherines.'' Hermione shook her head disapprovingly. She did feel sorry for him quite often; he was only trying to teach. He DID get on her nerves often, never appreciating her answers in class or perfect potions. She sighed dreamily just thinking about him…

''Oh, don't tell me you LOVE Snape!'' Harry said, half joking and half disgusted.

''NO!'' Hermione said appalled he would even say such a thing. It was totally uncalled for. She sighed once again,

''It's late. I'm going to bed.'' She said, standing up and heading to the dorm. Both boys said goodnight and hugged her.

She moved up the stairs quickly and undressed. She was pulling on her night gown when she heard a crack. She turned to see an owl at the window staring at her.

''That's funny, an owl at this time of night?'' She whispered to herself, before moving over and pulling the window open to let the owl in. It suddenly flew at her, pecking furiously at her head and clawing at her head, she screamed but nobody heard her for some strange reason.

The package the owl had been carrying burst open, and a strange liquid poured over Hermione. She managed to fight the bird off, and run her fingers through her hair and study the strange liquid,

''What on earth-'' She said, then recognized it. It was the same liquid that was in her time traveller that she used in 3rd year. She gave a loud shriek, before feeling very dizzy. She passed out, swirling and swirling…

32 years into the past.

Snape was in his Head Boy dorm, when suddenly a crash was heard. His brow burrowed in confusion before he stood up and walked to the Head Boy common room. There lay a young girl shivering, naked, on his table.

''What on earth-'' He whispered and moved towards her. Her hair was a mousy sort of colour and rather curly. It was sticky though, covered in some sort of liquid. His eyes scanned over her body and he realised after a few seconds she was awake. She looked up at him in confusion and trembled,

''Who are you?'' She whispered, ''Professor? Is that you?'' She shivered a little more.

''Professor? What are you talking about? Who are you and what are you doing in my dorm?'' He demanded. She seemed very frightened; he decided to be gentler towards her. He pulled a throw off the couch and wrapped it around her shaking body, and pulled her up and held her close to him.

''Professor … I don't understand, how have you become so young looking? Where is this place?'' She questioned, her voice trembling and she clung onto him, her mind foggy.

''I am not a professor, why do you keep saying that? I am Severus Snape. This is Hogwarts, school for Witchcraft and Wizardry.'' He stated, his brow was still burrowed in confusion.

''Severus Snape? But you are a professor … What year is this?'' Her mind suddenly clicked and she remembered what had happened.

''It is the year 1965, why don't you know that? Are you simple or something?'' He questioned her.

''1965! Then … oh no…'' She whispered, her legs felt weak all of a sudden. She gave a small cry and began to sob. She didn't know exactly what was going on but she knew she was in the past. She was 32 in the past. And this was Professor Snape, holding onto her.

''What's wrong? Are you okay?'' He suddenly seemed concerned, and had to hold her up. He looked around and was glad he had his own dorm. He moved over to the couch and sat down, with this strange girl on his lap.

''What is your name? Who sent you here?'' He questioned her, very interested. Maybe his father had sent her as a gift, erasing her memory so he could keep her… Finally, his father was doing something to benefit him.

''Hermione… My name is Hermione.'' She whispered, and looked around the room. Why had she come to this room? Why not the girls dorms in the Gryffindor house? Why in SNAPES dorm of all places?

''Hermione. That's a beautiful name.'' He whispered and gently kissed her ear. She stiffened and realised Snape had no idea who she was. She realised that he couldn't know who he was due to the fact that this was the past and he didn't even know that he was going to teach! She trembled again, thinking of Harry and Ron. What were they going to do when they find out she was no longer there? Would they look for her? Would Snape know where she was? Would they bring her back? She began to sob gently, and clung to the only person who was there.

''Why are you crying? Its okay, I won't hurt you…'' He whispered gently. He stroked her hair, and realised the liquid was drying in. ''Perhaps you would like to shower?'' He suggested. She nodded eagerly, anything to think things through without him sucking on her ear. ''It is right through there, here take this and I shall wait for you.'' He hanged her the prefect robe he was wearing and showed her where the bathroom was. She managed to stand up without falling over and hurried to the bathroom. Snape smirked to himself watching her move quickly. Perhaps things were going to change now for him.

In the bathroom Hermione rubbed her red eyes. She looked around and saw a large shower and bath tub. She thought it would be wise to shower though; she wanted to be quick so she could get back quickly and perhaps find Dumbledore. He had a strange way of knowing things. She turned the large knob with ease. Water poured onto her shoulders, warmly. She thought the situation through over and over again. She didn't understand what had happened. Why was there a time turner in that package? Why did the owl start attacking her? Why had it sent her back this far? Why was she in Snape's dorm? She rinsed her hair and closed her eyes. She tried to relax; she wasn't too sure what Snape wanted from her.

In the common room Snape was walking around smiling. He finally had power over somebody. He wasn't going to mistreat her or upset her, but she would do as he said. She wouldn't leave his sight or disobey anything he said. He called the shots now. He smirked into the fire place.

''Um…'' He turned to see Hermione standing, dripping wet, his robes wrapped around her. His mouth dropped slightly, and he turned away uncomfortably from her seeing eyes.


First chapter! Yay! I hope it is up to standards. I started this story as an intro to be honest, but everybody kept saying I could make a good story out of it, so I have. ) I was going to make it Sirius/Snape, but I MIGHT work on that. I'm not sure where I am going with this, but I may make Sirius a secret admirer or something. I just want to make everybody happy.

Also, this story isn't going to be a happy story. People are going to change from what you thought they were like. People are going to die, and people are going to turn out to be complete bastards. I love twisting characters!

Also, I just thought I would clear how old they all are. Hermione is 14, and it's 1997. J.K Rowling wrote the books a while back and set them further back than the 2000's. I know this isn't exact, but I did want to change it a little. Snape, in 1997, would be 48 and in 1965 he is 16. Yes. I am wicked.

I hope this story is yummy enough. )