Doctor Who Vs The RPGers

The Story So Far:
As the Time Travellers read on they find that more RPGers are being called upon to play their characters - but what about the plotline I hear you cry? Alright, Alright keep your hair on!

Jack looked disappointed as he realised the RPG had yet to actually begin, but it was Rose who voiced the thought everyone was thinking.

"If they're RPGing about us, whats the plotline. Assuming there is a plot that is." Said Rose, curiously.
The Doctor gave her a 'What are you talking about' look.

"Eldarado and Neighbours. Need I say more?" She added for clarification.
Jack shuddered, trying to forget the one episode he'd 'accidentally' taped one time. The therapy alone was enough to warrant that it never be revisited.

"Oh." Was all the Doctor could think off to say in response to his companions reactions.

"Wait, there is a plotline. Look here it is." Jack read it out...

"Featuring the Ninth Doctor, his 'charming' assistant Rose Tyler - the ever memorable Jack Harkness (that's Captain if you please) and company.

Following the Parting Of The Ways, the Doctor has saved Rose Tyler, returned to the Tardis the space/time vortex and survived with needing to regenerate but in sore need of some R+R. Confused, woolly headed he lets the TARDIS take them someplace safe, leaving Jack Harkness stranded on Satellite Five in the distant future.
The TARDIS brings them to Earth, to Rose's time and place - where an elated Jackie Tyler and Mickey Smith are waiting for news of Rose.

But its not all good news, and cheer. For something is waiting in the shadows - something that not even the Doctor could have forseen. An old enemy and an old friend - but which is which?
Only time, and a certain Time Lord, will tell."

Rose looked distinctly smug.
"I'm charming." She announced to the TARDIS crew.
"Yeah but its got it in speech marks, so they're being ironic. And since when do I do R+R? I dont even do domestic! And staying with Jackie? I dont think so. Bad for my health." Commented the Doctor sardonically.
"Yeah and since when do I get stranded! I mean come on... I just dont do the stranded thing.." Complained Jack.
"Major Plutoria ring any bells?" Said Rose.

Jack very wisely, shut up.

Places are going... so if you want in on the REAL RPG due to start soon - get in your TARDIS and drop me a bell. Or send K9.