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Smiling at his husband's snuffling snores Draco edged out of their bed, slipped on his bed robe and padded to their sitting room, pulling his hair back into a neat ponytail as he went. They were a couple of hours from daybreak, but no matter how he'd tried, he just couldn't sleep. He dropped into the sofa in front of the banked fire, and wrapped his arms around himself. Tomorrow, well today really, but sooner than he was ready for, everything would change. Then again, maybe it wasn't all that grand a change, it was just that now he had to acknowledge it in a way he hadn't before.

That's the real problem old man. You have to admit it now. You have to let him go. He doesn't need you anymore…

Draco sighed and pulled his wand from his robe; he muttered, and with a point and flick, the chest they used as a coffee table cleared and opened. With another murmured incantation, a box from within flew through the air, landing at his feet. He shifted up and opened the box, adorned with lapis lazuli panels and a cloisonné raven above an engraved nameplate. He rummaged through the box and pulled out a well-worn sheet of parchment. He knew nearly every word by heart, but he needed this now, to relive these memories. He stroked his fingers lovingly across the page, and content to savour the past for these last few hours, he began to read…

Dear Papa and Dad,

I'm here! I'm finally here! I can hardly believe it. Everything was so cool and just like you said. Aidan and I met some other first years on the train. They're really nice; I think we may become good friends. Denise Creevey is a really sweet girl, even if she is a little preoccupied with her camera. It makes sense though being as her dad's a photographer for The Daily Prophet. She says he went to school with you and was even in your House Dad. Do you remember him? His name is Colin. Michael Pucey said his father was in Slytherin with you Papa, but he was older, I don't know if you'd remember him. And Gabriel Bell-Alexander's mom was a Gryffindor too.

Oh, you can tell Aunt Fleur that Cousin Mirabelle came and looked in on us. She and her friends, Olivia and Brian, didn't even care that it wasn't cool to hang out with the firsties; they even played a few hands of Exploding Snap with us. It was fun! And my other new friend, Alexandra Van DerZee, had never played before, so it was even better. She's Muggle-born so everything is really new to her, but I think she'll get settled in just fine. She's really smart, and quick to pick up on things. It's kinda funny because I'm the only one who gets it when she makes Muggle jokes. She's in my House though, so I can keep an eye on her, and help out with the culture shock/transition to the wizarding world thing.

My favourite part was the being in the boats on the way to the castle. It was like being in a fairy-tale. And everything just crackles with magic. I love it here! I'm stalling can you tell? I want to draw out the suspense. Let's just say I'm indulging my inner-Slytherin Papa--you know, the importance of timing and guile and all that. By the way, students don't have to sit at House tables anymore, so even if we don't have classes together, everyone I met on the Hogwarts Express can still meet up at meal times and hang out. Brilliant eh?

So, the news you've been waiting for…dun dun dun…I, your son, Evan Harrison Aurelianus James Draconis Potter-Malfoy--did I mention that when Uncle Sev called my name, "Potter-Malfoy, Evan" that everybody and their mother turned to stare at me? It was so weird. I guess that's sorta how you felt huh Dad? A couple of people really creeped me out, but I was good and didn't hex them or anything. Point deductions on the first day would be bad, plus Filch is still here, and from what you've said I don't wanna ever have detention with him. Mama Rhi said I can cuss people out when the teachers aren't looking though, so I made a note of all the freaky people for retribution later (again my inner-Slytherin, Papa you should be so proud)!

Right, back to my great announcement--I, Evan Harrison Aurelianus James Draconis Potter-Malfoy, am now a proud member of Hufflepuff House! Huzzah Black and Gold!

Well, that's it for now. I'm a bit tired and I'm going to bed. Tell everyone I'm just great, and I'll write more tomorrow. I love you both very much. Tell Chelsea that her big brother loves her lots and misses her slobbery grin already. And give her a hug and kiss from me. Alexandra thought the pictures in my photo album were the best thing ever. She's never seen wizarding pictures, and thought that one we took last week of Chel stuffing her face with her fist instead of birthday cake was hilarious. Though she did say something about "terrible twos." What is that? Papa, did I go through terrible twos? I don't remember two being a bad age, not that I actually remember much about being two.

Okay, I'm really going to bed now.

Love you both. You're the best fathers a kid could have. And thanks Dad for the cloak and map. They're wicked cool.

Love from your cub,


p.s. I was kidding about Hufflepuff, so Dad you can pick Papa's jaw up off the floor now. I hope he wasn't sitting above Chel. His chin's a bit pointy. And you better not have dropped her. I happen to like having a little sister, and I want her brain to be fully functional so she can follow her big brother's footsteps into…Ravenclaw! Gotcha! Admit it, I had you going. C'mon, was there ever any doubt? And don't worry about the um…little box of surprises from Uncles Gred and Forge. This term's pranks will be fantastic and Ravenclaws are too smart to get caught pranking! No one ever suspects the quiet brainy ones, especially not red-headed flying instructors who will have Slytherin Green and Silver hair tomorrow, or Grand-godfathers who will have Gryffindor Crimson and Gold hair, it's a third year spell and I'm just an ickle baby firstie after all. Huzzah Marauder legacy!

As always, Draco chuckled as he folded the letter away. After he'd got over his initial horror…

Hufflepuff my arse! You little wanker!

He and Harry had had a good laugh, at both Severus' and Ron's expense. Granted, if Draco was a bit more than pleased at hearing about Ron's reaction to his Slytherin green hair with silver tips, he was careful not to gloat too much in Harry's presence. After all, the obnoxious sod was still his husband's best friend.

Though he'd been eagerly adopted by the Weasley clan, Evan never warmed up to that particular red-head. His first impressions still coloured his relationship with the man. And much to Ron's chagrin and Draco's secret satisfaction, it was Evan who'd adamantly argued against the Weasleys being named as anything more than honorary godparents to any of their children; though Evan's argument for needing only one set of godparents for the sake of custodial consistency in case of legal emergency, was rather transparent. While he adored his Aunt Hermione; Ron, was barely tolerated on the best of days. And though Evan had inherited considerable flying talent, Professor Weasley had been the only hold out in the decision to allow Evan to follow his Dad's footsteps, and take the Seeker position on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team as a first-year.

Draco continued rifling through the letters, grade reports, and reprimand notices the box contained. Evan was a consummate prankster. And while he was rarely caught, there'd been a few late-night fire calls, and foreboding sounding school notices. All in all though, his years at Hogwarts had been wonderful ones. Draco pulled out another overly read letter; one more worn than the others, for all of them bore signs of frequent handling and smiled as he was again caught up in memories…

Dear Papa and Dad,

The return trip was uneventful. Well mostly. The "Bad Faith Bunch" is still having some problems with those seventh-year Slytherins…you might get a notice with the morning owls. I swear they threw the first hexes. You can tell Aunt Ginny though that Kalleigh's bat-bogey hex is definitely as good as hers. I was mad impressed. Speaking of Kalleigh, our resident gossip had some news to share with the rest of us on the trip. I suggest if you want to keep some things secret, that you not have sensitive conversations with Mama Rhi in the 3rd floor East wing corridor. So…when were you going to tell me you're pregnant again? Yay us! Congratulations! Kalleigh didn't have much by way of details, how long 'til the baby comes? And do you know yet whether I'm getting a new brother or sister? I bet Chel wants a girl. I don't care. Everyone's really excited to have a new baby on the way though, and if Kalleigh knows, then everybody knows, so you might as well make an announcement at dinner or something.

I wish I was home. I'm going to miss out on everything. I think that's the part I like least about school. I miss you all so much. It's nice that all my cousins are here, and I get to see Aunt Hermione everyday, but I miss you. I'm not going to get to be there as the baby grows like I did with Chel. And I miss the runt too, even if she drives me barmy sometimes. Aidan says it's written into the big brother rule book that sibs are annoying until the age of 8. Only 3 more years to go! It's weird to think that I'll be graduating before Chel even starts here. I'm not going to get to do the whole big brother thing at Hogwarts. I sort of dowith The Bunch I guess, Chel may consider herself lucky after all.

I'm going to bed now; I have double potions with Hufflepuff first thing in the morning. You know how Uncle Sev is in the morning, and how much he just loves Hufflepuffs (almost as much as you Papa!).

Love you,


p.s. I know I said it before, but I really want to thank you for taking us to spend the last two weeks of the hols in Lanzarote; I had a great time and so did Gabe, that was the best surprise! I guess you figured out that we're dating huh? Umm…are we going to have to have a talk about that? There's a reason I'm writing this after the fact you know…I'm trying to lessen the embarrassment factor…

Draco shook his head recalling the aftermath of that letter. There were, in fact, no more corridor conversations with Rhi, but the best and worst of it…he opened the letter underneath the last, still chuckling…

Dear Papa,

You HAVE to talk to Dad. Did he forget the Malfoy part of Potter-Malfoy? I cannot believe he and Mama Rhi sent ME a howler! A HOWLER! Has a Malfoy (in any form), ever in the history of LIFE received a HOWLER? I think not! Do you know how mortifyingly embarrassing that was? And did they really not guess that Gabe and I were a couple now? Why else would we want to be in the same room and ask that Chel stay with Mama Rhi? Hello! Privacy! I guess putting us together was you though wasn't it? Well you have to do something, because I'm not talking to either of them until they apologise. Grovelling would be good. Public humiliation would be better. I may have to think up something particularly heinous for the Easter hols.

I love you, even if your taste in men includes dunderheaded berks (thank Merlin neither condition seems to be genetic!),


p.s. Do not think my being mad at Dad is an excuse to go off your diet, I am more than capable of being mad at both of you at the same time!

Draco wiped mirthful tears from his eyes and folded the letters, carefully placing them in the box. Harry and Rhi were subject to the Evan-style silent treatment for weeks. Unfortunately for them, Evan-style silence was particularly prank ridden, and it had taken three owls before they learned not to open any of the "letters" from Evan without first checking for spells. Draco thought the colour change charm was rather brilliant. Harry had walked around with Howler red hands for days after that one, though he'd never gotten his son to reveal how he'd charmed the parchment to go off with results similar to several games of Exploding Snap, when opened by Harry or Rhi.

Maybe, I'll ask him about that again…

The soft, but distinctive tapping at the suite door, roused him from his musings, surprised Draco called his visitor to enter and smiled broadly as Evan came through the sitting room.

"Hey cub," he said softly as Evan folded himself onto the floor.

"Hey Papa, I thought you might be up. Guess you couldn't sleep either huh?"

Draco shook his head.

"I'm so nervous Papa," the young raven-haired man looked up at his father. "Were you this nervous?"

Draco smiled and tousled riotous trademark locks, "More I think," he said gently. "I knew he wouldn't, but I kept worrying that Harry would change his mind," he frowned slightly. "I was afraid I'd be hurt again, but I was more worried that he'd hurt you."

Evan leaned into his father's touch, "Good thing he showed up then. He would've been missing vital parts if he'd hurt me."

Draco leaned over and pressed a kiss to his son's head, "True, it wouldn't've been pretty. There wouldn't have been much left for me to kill though 'cause no matter what happened, Rhi would've gotten to him first."

Evan laughed, "I don't know who's more protective, you or Mama Rhi—she's already cornered Alex for a 'talk' you know."

Draco perked an eyebrow, "Has she really? And the girl's still going through with this madness? Are you sure she wasn't mis-sorted? That's Gryffindor courage if I've ever seen it."

Evan leaned back and swatted at his Papa's legs, "Funny Papa. I think Alex had Mama Rhi on her side by the end, which makes me somewhat wary of any future marital discord."

Draco snickered and nodded, "I feel for you cub. I truly do. Just try your best to never anger the women in your life."

Evan snorted, "And how's that advice different from what you've been telling me all along?"

Draco shrugged, "It's not. But I assume it's finally sunk in after hearing it for the last 24 years. I'm just reminding you."

"Well thanks for the reminder," Evan chuckled. "Oh, and thanks too for suggesting the colour-change ink for the programs!" The groom-to-be's eyes were wide, "I know I complained it was too expensive at first, but do you know how many times Alex has wanted to change the ink?" He shook his head, "And to keep her happy I would've done it too! We've actually spent less this way."

He shook his head at the lengths he'd go to keep his soon to be wife happy and pulled a rumpled booklet from his robe to hand over. Draco examined it as Evan went on about the number of changes that'd been made to the program in the last 24 hours.


The Marriage Service of

Alexandra Marian Helene Van DerZee


Evan Harrison Aurelianus James Draconis Potter-Malfoy

oOo Parents' Processional oOo

"Familia" ….. Martin and Potter-Malfoy

Cellist ….. Mr. Chase Seong Xihou

Flautist ….. Miss Aurora Meridianne Leidesdorff

oOo Wedding Party Processional oOo

"Canon in D" ….. Pachelbel

Pianist ….. Mr. Alistair Daniel Martin

oOo Nuptial Party Processional oOo

"For Love Alone" ….. Martin, Leidesdorff and Leidesdorff

oOo Godparents' Invocation of Blessings oOo

oOo Marriage Vows oOo

oOo Exchange of Rings oOo

oOo Announcement of Marriage oOo

"The Truth of Us" ….. Potter-Malfoy

Vocalists ….. Miss Kaelleigh Solange Williamson-Rilleux & Mrs. Emmeline Leidesdorff-Alridge

oOo Presentation of the Bride and Groom oOo

oOo Recessional oOo

"So Many Beginnings" ….. Martin and Xihou

Flautist ….. Ms. Dai Xihou


Parents of Bride ….. Arland Paul and Helene Renee Van DerZee

Godparents of Bride ….. Marion Armand and Michelle Celeste Foster

Parents of the Groom ….. Harry James and Draconis Potter-Malfoy

Godparents of Groom….. Remus John Lupin, Alistair Daniel Martin, and Melody Angelene Martin

Celebrant ….. Mrs. Hermione Weasley

Maid of Honor ….. Miss Denise Colleen Creevey

Bridesmaids ….. Miss Anastasia Renee Van DerZee & Miss Chelsea Lillian Artemisia Potter-Malfoy

Best Man ….. Mr. Aidan Philippe Williamson-Rilleux

Groomsmen ….. Mr. Gabriel Frederick Bell-Alexander & Mr. Michael Alain Carter Ignatius Constantine Pucey

Flower Girl ….. Harriett Ginerva Weasley

Ring Bearers ….. Orion Abraxas Cygnus Potter-Malfoy & Matthew Sirius Roland Potter-Malfoy

Ushers ….. Mr. Kevin Delaney Leidesdorff, Miss. Saundra Johanne Leidesdorff, Mr. Lennox Hiram Xihou, & Miss. Madison Lau Xihou


"…and you just missed every word of what I said didn't you?"

Draco blinked and made eye contact with his son, "I'm sorry what did you say?"

Evan snickered, "Never mind…what do you think of the programs?"

Draco's brow furrowed, "They're…interesting. What are the little bubble things? And why is it all spelled out like that. It's a wedding, there are only so many variations on a theme, I would think all your guests could guess that you'd exchange rings after your vows."

Evan snickered and shook his head, "Don't ask about the bubbles…that's all part and parcel of the 'don't anger the women in your life' thing. The rest of it?" He shrugged, "it's a muggle thing. I don't think there were programs at Emmeline and Randolph's wedding, and you and Dad didn't have them. Helene insisted though, and Alex jumped on it so here we are--programs."

"Heh," was Draco's non-committal answer. He spent a few more minutes examining the booklet, "Isn't Alex's family upset that nearly all of your music you've chosen are Bad Faith songs?"

"Nope. Her parents love your music, you know this. Remember the first time you met Helene?" Draco grimaced, that was definitely not a memory he wanted to revisit. "You do--so you know there'd be no objections from that quarter."

"And why are everyone's names written out like that?" He took a closer look and sighed, "And thank you for not listing all of mine."

Evan smirked, "The names thing was Helene, she insisted. Do you know how frustrating it was to have to track down everyone's middle names? And you're welcome. I thought I'd spare you. You're in for it from Helene though. I had to lie. Said I didn't know and that you weren't telling."

Draco snorted, "Lovely, so you've spared me only to set your mother-in-law on me."

"What can I say? I love you Papa," Evan grinned broadly.

"I know cub. I love you too," Draco returned Evan's smile, but the humour of the moment was lost and it quickly became a sad one.

"What is it Papa?" Evan turned to look up at his father directly.

Draco ran his fingers over the sharp and muscular planes of his son's tanned face. "You're all grown up," he said sadly. "You're a man now, starting your own family…you're not my baby anymore."

Evan took his father's hand and kissed his fingertips. "I will always be your baby Papa," Evan's lip curled in a mischievous grin, "even when my babies' babies are crawling all over your lap."

Draco snorted and tossed a glare at his son, "That'd better not be your way of trying to tell me something I really don't want to hear for many more years, Evan."

He shook his head chuckling, "Don't worry Papa. We're not planning on making you a grandpapa just yet. I want to finish this study and my new book first. And the Ministry's making noises about an ambassadorship or something."

"I take it neither of you are too keen on that idea?"

Evan shrugged, "Maybe later when we have kids, and are ready to settle down some. Alex wants to see more of the world she teaches about. They're not too happy that she's leaving the Wizarding Cultures and Customs position at Hogwarts to travel with me, but I love what I do Papa. I can't see myself as anything but a wizarding anthropologist right now."

Draco smiled softly, "Neither can I cub, even if I hate that you're so far away all the time."

"Not all the time Papa," Evan said gently, "besides I'm never really out of touch, though with this trip to the Amazon coming up, we'll have to work something out besides firecalls... Oi, and speaking of work, how's the new album coming?"

Draco smirked, "Why did we think Alistair would be less of a slave-driver if he was producing as well?" The blonde shook his head, "We'll be finished early and Rhi's talked the rest of us into a sort of mini-tour for late-summer."

Evan pursed his lips, "How's that going to work with Chel, Matthew and Rion? Not to mention your stomach?

"Not much different from how things went when we'd tour when you were little. Your Dad's going to handle my potions and things; he's taking a leave from St. Mungo's for it. Mel's sitting this one out, so he's got lounge duty too." Draco snickered, "A roomful of 10 and 8 year olds pumped up on sugar…I feel bad for him. And Chel's already planning on all the shopping she wants to do with Rhi as a 'reward' for her-"

"Nine OWLs," Evan rolled his eyes, "She's only mentioned it a dozen times since yesterday. Sheesh! So she got one more OWL than me, you'd think she'd been voted in as Minister of Magic the way she's carrying on."

"Come now Mr. Ravenclaw, are you really going to throw a fit of pique just because Chelsea did better on her OWLs than you did, and she's a Gryffindor?" Draco chided gently, "She's only mentioned it so often because of all the attention the wedding's cast on you."

"I know," Evan shrugged, "I'm really proud of her actually. She's just annoying me a bit, mentioning it all the time. 'Course it might just be that she's 15 that I find annoying." He tossed amused look at his father, "Was everything so dramatic when I was that age?"

Draco tipped his head back and laughed, reaching into the discarded box for the last letter he'd read. "Here," he chuckled, handing the letter over to Evan, "you tell me."

Evan took the missive and scanned it briefly, the expression on his face changing from puzzled to amused. "I guess it was, and I was only 14 at the time," he said finally. Shaking with laughter he handed the letter back, "I forgot all about that. How long did I go without talking to them?"

"About a month," Draco grinned, "then you and Gabe broke up. He decided you were better as friends, remember?"

"I remember," Evan nodded. "I thought it was the end of the world. And Merlin, I was so horrid to that little Gryffindor boy he started dating after!" He shook his head musing over his own recollections. "Are all my letters in there?" he asked after a while.

Draco nodded, "And all supply letters and the poor conduct notices…"

Evan smiled, "Reliving old times huh?"

Draco closed the box and sent it back to the chest that was their coffee table. "Just remembering," he said softly, "wondering when my little boy turned into such a fine man."

Evan got up on his knees and hugged his father, "I wouldn't have been if not for you Papa."

Draco shook his head, no. Evan became the man he did because they had wonderful family, because he'd had excellent teachers, because…

Evan squeezed his father tighter, "I know what you're thinking…and it's true. I don't think I'd be half of who I am today if it weren't for our family. But you were always my example Papa. Even after Dad came back into our lives, I knew that when I grew up I wanted to be the kind of man Draco Malfoy would be proud of, the kind of man he'd shown me how to be."

"Evan--" Draco choked.

"Shh… I love you, Papa." Evan pressed a kiss to his father's cheek, "I need you, and I always will."

Draco finally nodded as the sun rose on a new day. Harry would be awake soon. They'd have breakfast with their ever-expanding family, dress, and head for the gardens where they'd watch as their first child entered a new phase in his life. Harry would cry, and hand-in-hand they'd face this new future together; perhaps he was more ready for change than he'd thought. Draco took a deep breath and held Evan closer…there would always be change, but he remembered now that he didn't have to be afraid of what his future held, he'd always be loved, be needed, even as his children grew and became independent…he had just needed a little reminder to chase the doubt away…he'd needed to remember to always have faith.