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"Hey, Vanessa, it's Nancy."

Vanessa Bender smiled into the phone at the sound of her friend's voice. "Hey, girl, what's up?"

On the other end of the line, Nancy Drew laughed, then paused before saying, "Actually, it's business. Sort of."

"Are you on another case?" Vanessa asked. Just last week she and Nancy had been on vacation in South Carolina solving a case with Frank and Joe Hardy which had involved her getting kidnapped and Nancy nearly having to rob a museum.

"That's right." Nancy said slowly. "And I need help. I was wondering if you were up for one more mind-numbingly dangerous adventure before the summer ends?"

Vanessa chuckled weakly, not sure if Nancy was joking or not. "I'm up for anything." she answered. "But why ask me and not Frank or Joe?" After all, she had only met Nancy through her boyfriend, Joe Hardy, and his brother, Frank.

Nancy snorted. "Much as I'd love to call in the Hardys, I really need a girl for this assignment. Normally, I'd ask George or Bess before dragging you into this, but Bess just got a job and George has a pretty bad ankle sprain..."

"So I'm a last resort?" Vanessa said, pretending to be offended.

"No, no, it's not that at all." Nancy said. "It's just that I was reluctant to ask you to do something like this. I don't know how Joe feels about you investigating, but-"

"Oh, please." Vanessa scoffed. "First of all, Joe doesn't own me. And second, he'd be cool about it." She was intrigued now- had Nancy stumbled on a case the Hardys couldn't help with? "So what's this case about?"

"Okay, here goes:" Nancy started. "I was called from New York yesterday by Peter and Chase Long."

"Long? Aren't those the computer guys? Brothers?"

"Right." Nancy said. "They've really built up a good reputation in the computer world, even though they're so young. They're planning to unveil their latest piece of technology soon and their plan is to start their own company if it's a success."

"But...?" Vanessa prompted.

"But they're worried about the confidentiality of the new product. Apparently they've been experiencing some problems that sound to me like sabotage- thievery, warning notes and the like. They're in the public eye constantly but they don't want the press to learn about the sabotage because they're worried for the future of the company."

"So they just want us to go up there and check it out?" Vanessa asked.

"In so many words." Nancy said. "And we'd be going undercover: as their girlfriends."

Vanessa's eyes widened and she grinned. "Sounds exciting. But why girlfriends instead of just giving us fake jobs or internships or something? In fact, why not just hire bodyguards?"

Nancy was surprised at Vanessa's acceptance of this plan, but she explained, "One, they don't want to tempt the saboteurs to do something worse. Sometimes criminals will panic and do something drastic when hired bodyguards are brought in. And two, they don't want to alert the media that they are being targeted. Having a girlfriend as a constant companion is a lot less suspicious than, say, an intern or something."

"Ah..." Vanessa said. "So what's this new technology they're so eager to protect?"

"I don't know much about it yet." Nancy told her. "I do know it's some kind of revolutionary new lie detector... But we'll find out when we get there... If you can come, that is."

"I'm in." Vanessa said. "My mom's away visiting friends until next week, but I'll call her and let her know what's going on."

"Okay, great. Thanks, Vanessa." Nancy said. "Oh, and one more thing, we start tomorrow."

Vanessa leaned forward on her elbows as she and Nancy sat in the back seat of the taxi on their way through New York City. "Are they cute?" she said. "How old are they?"

Nancy laughed. "Peter is 24, Chase is 22." she answered. "And they are definitely hot." She had never seen Vanessa so agitated. "Calm down." she said. "You're worrying too much."

Vanessa sat back, but her foot still tapped impatiently as she attempted to obey Nancy's instructions. "Hey, speaking of hot guys," she said. "How are things going with you and Frank?" Nancy and Frank had both recently broken up with their significant others, Ned Nickerson and Callie Shaw, in favor of a tentative long-distance relationship with each other.

Nancy sighed. "All right, I guess." she said. "I miss him; haven't talked to him since the day after vacation... Maybe we're not cut out for the long-distance thing."

Vanessa didn't know what to say. Was the perfect couple having troubles so soon? Before she could make an attempt to reassure Nancy, the cab pulled to a stop at Central Park: the designated meeting spot for them and the Long brothers. Both girls stepped out of the cab and Nancy went around to get the bags from the trunk while Vanessa leaned though the window to pay the driver. At the last minute, a roll of bills was gallantly handed to the cab driver from behind her. Startled, Vanessa spun around, straight into the arms of a handsome young man. "Nessa!" he exclaimed happily, leaning down to give her a lingering kiss.

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