Disclaimer: Do I even have to write anything here, or is the word 'disclaimer' enough?

Anyway, this is the sequel to my story In a Galaxy Far Far Away. You don't have to read it, but I would recommend it (and it's not just because I want people reading my stories either). This is a kind of collaboration between WizardJedi and I.


The man crept forward slowly on the balcony, darkness concealing him. As he lay in wait for his prey, adrenaline coursed through him, making him shiver in anticipation.

There. A speeder pulled up and a senator and his aides stepped out. The man lifted his dart gun as the speeder pulled away once more, leaving its passengers alone in the windy night. The man's finger found the trigger, and the senator fell to the ground.

As the aides rushed to their fallen comrade, the man smiled and left, wishing he could stay, but knowing he had more work to do. Another senator would be arriving soon, and he needed to be ready.

Short and sweet. More coming soon!