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It was hours and hours before a group of police officers came walking over to us. I quickly sat up straighter, and woke Casey up in the process. She rubbed her eyes up at me, sleepy and confused, and I nodded over to where the police were walking in. Instantly she sat up, completely awake.

"What's going on?" she practically demanded, clutching Jake's diaper bag to her still. She hadn't let it go since we arrived at the airport.

"The plane has been cleared for take off from Moncton," one officer informed us. "It'll be arriving here in about an hour and a half."

"Oh!" Casey let out a relieved gasp, collapsing against me. "I'll go call George!" she rushed off like the man had said that the flight we actually be landing in ten minutes.

"Everything's still okay?" I asked coolly. I really wanted to know if Jake was still alright. Not that I would believe that he is really okay until he is safe in my arms again.

But the officer who told us about the flight could obviously see right through me. "Your son's fine, Mr. Venturi. And your mother—"

"I don't care about her," I said quickly, interrupting him. I would never forgive her for this one. Never.

The officer just nodded, and they moved over to the other side of the gate to leave me alone. I'm sure that they could tell I was a bit… tense. Of course, who could blame me? My own mother had tried to kidnap my son. What if she had succeeded? What if she had gotten him to wherever the hell she was going across the damn ocean and changed their names and I never saw my baby again?

Just the thought of it made me shake with anger.

Casey came back and looked concerned when she saw me. "Derek? Derek, what happened?" She wrapped an arm around my trembling body.

"I can't believe she did this," I said through gritted teeth.

There was a pause of silence, and then Casey spoke calmly. "I'm not going to blame her or anything, as long as I get Jakey back."

My eyes flared. "Casey, I'm going to press charges!" I exploded. "I am NOT going to let her get away with this. She took our SON!"

But Casey remained composed. "She is still your mother, Derek."

"As far as I'm concerned, I never had a mother," I spat.

Casey just soothingly rubbed my back, trying to relax me. "Whatever you think is right, Derek. I'll let you handle that part. I just want my baby." I heard her voice break at her last sentence, even though she was trying to seem so strong for me. I looked over at her to see her blue eyes swimming with tears.

"Okay, Case," I let my features and voice soften, and pulled her delicate frame to me. I didn't mean to upset her. "Don't worry about it. You just think about how we're going to spoil Jake when we get him back." I kissed her forehead and she laughed, sniffling back her tears.

"How do you spoil a baby?" she asked with a smile.

I smiled back at her. "I don't really know but I'm sure you'll find a way."

The whole family came to the airport, excited to see Jacob again. Nora and Lizzie hugged Casey and Edwin gave me a sympathetic pat on the back. Marti jumped into my lap and told me about how she and Nora had baked cookies to celebrate Jake coming back home.

"But babies can't eat cookies so we'll just have to give him milk," Marti said matter-of-factly.

I gave my little sister a smile, glad that everyone was here.

The anticipation was killing us all. Every one of the MacDonald-Venturi clan leapt up when the officers came over to tell us that the plane was now landing. Casey was at the window in a flash, her eyes tilted up towards the sky as if she would be able to see Jake on the plane. Finally, the plane was in sight.

"How long does it take to land!" she screeched irritably as the plane circled above the runway.

I walked over to her and put an arm around her shoulders, trying to calm her down this time. My whole body was tense but I remained silent.

In fact, the whole gate seemed to be silent. Unless I was just tuning everybody out as I watched the plane finally set its wheels down on the ground.

"I need everybody to remain away from the door as we make sure all of the passengers get off the plane," some lady who worked for the airline announced on the loudspeaker. Casey and I watched as the three police officers walked over to her, ready to get Jake safely off of the plane.

We both held our breath as the doors opened and the officers went in. My lungs felt like they were going to explode, but I couldn't take a breath until I saw him. My son.

And one of the officers came out, carrying a baby car-seat. Casey rushed over to him, despite the airline attendant's calls for her to back away. The officer smiled at Casey.

"He's fine," he told her and let her take the car-seat from him. Casey peered in and instantly burst into tears. I shakily walked over to her and looked at my son. He was curled up in the car-seat sleeping peacefully, one tiny thumb stuck in his mouth.

I murmured my thanks to God as I lifted Jake's tiny body out of the car-seat, tears blurring my eyes as I did so. Jake woke up instantly, and his big blue eyes looked up at me.

I didn't hide the tears as they fell down my cheeks.

"Oh God, my baby!" Casey cried out and I let her take Jake from me. "My baby, my baby," she whispered over and over again as she showered kisses all over Jake's tiny face. He just stared up at her curiously. She hugged him tightly to her and then looked over at me.

I gave her a watery smile, reaching over and wiping the tears off of her face. She beamed and held Jake out to me, allowing me to take him. I pressed a kiss to his bald little head.

"We missed you, little guy," I croaked out, looking down at his small face. He reached up at me as if telling me that he was okay. A fresh batch of tears fell from my eyes, and Casey let out a sob of happiness, pressing her face against my shoulder in relief.

"THEY'RE JUST CHILDREN!" we suddenly heard a scream from the other side of the door. I knew that voice. I would know it from anywhere.

Two of the police officers burst through the door, dragging a fighting Alice Venturi with them.


Casey gaped and I reached over to her with my free arm, firmly pressing her against me. And I held my little family as I glared at my mother with hatred.

Finally Alice Venturi seemed to notice me and Casey. "Derek, my son!" she gave me this huge smile. "I was just trying to get my grandson away from that slut!" she practically spat at Casey. "She's an unfit mother!"

My eyes narrowed and I quickly handed Jake over to Casey.

"Derek, don't," Casey murmured to me, trying to stop me, knowing what I was going to do.

But I didn't stop. Because I couldn't let her talk about the mother of my child that way.

"YOU'RE ONE TO TALK!" I growled, charging right for her. The police officer who had gotten Jake safely to us stopped me just before I reached my mother. He held me back so I couldn't get at her, and I didn't fight him. All I really needed was my mouth.

"YOU WERE THE WORST MOTHER ON THE PLANET!" I yelled. "JAKE IS LUCKY TO HAVE CASEY FOR A MOTHER! AT LEAST SHE LOVES HIM! DID YOU EVER LOVE ME, MOM? DID YOU!" I saw red as I screamed at her, my whole body pumping with adrenaline and the tears streaming down my cheeks angrily.

Alice Venturi looked like she had been slapped in the face. And I liked that look. A lot.

Suddenly I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye and out of nowhere I found that Edwin was at my side.

"Derek's right," he said angrily. "You were a horrible mother. And Jake is lucky to have such good parents!" His face was red. I could see him trying to control his anger. I had never seen my little brother so mad before. "And don't you ever come near my nephew again!"

I stared over at Edwin in awe.

And a silent Alice Venturi was taken out by the police in handcuffs.

We all watched as Lizzie ran over to Edwin and planted a big kiss on his lips.

I looked over and could practically hear my dad and Nora both panicking in their heads, 'Not them too!'

Edwin looked at Lizzie in shock when she released him.

"That was amazing," Lizzie said reverently and then hugged him. Edwin hugged her back, his shocked look slowly turning into a shy smile.

I looked over at Casey. She was nuzzling our son while looking over at me proudly. I walked over to her slowly.

"You have the best daddy in the world," she whispered to Jake while still looking at me with her gentle Casey smile.

I gave her a smile filled with love and wrapped my arms around Casey and Jake. My family.

"I love you both," I whispered, kissing each of them on the crown of their head.

"Let's go home," my dad's voice suddenly sounded. It was an awkward tone for him, and I knew that it had been a bizarre past few days… well, past year for him. He wrapped an arm around Nora, who was carrying Marti, and they trekked off. Edwin and Lizzie followed, their hands linked. The blush on Edwin's face still hadn't gone away.

And I smiled, looking over at the most important people in my life. Casey and Jacob.

"Yeah, let's go home," I kissed them each again and we followed the rest of the MacDonald-Venturi clan out of the airport.

the end :-)