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A day for lovers; a day for love…or so they say…the sacred concept of this pure emotion has morphed into an anomaly of chubby Cupids, clichéd cards and stridently coloured red hearts. Love is simplicity; therein lies its true beauty.

I despised Valentine's Day with a passion: its gaudiness and banality disgusted me. Not that I believed in love. I, of all people, didn't believe in love…or so I thought…

No, I didn't believe in the chemically triggered euphoria that people passed as love. I still don't. What I did believe in was her. If I could perceive love as a person, then it would have to be her: beautiful by nature, unadorned, and pure; her heart worn on her face for the world to see, her eyes saying much more than she ever could…

And, so, the world goes round; another Valentine's Day sees another heart alone…Anzu sighed softly. She didn't expect any Valentines' presents- she had given up on them long ago, but she couldn't help but wish that she would finally meet that special person. 'Oh, get a grip! You've got exams to worry about…' a group of girls passed by her in a flurry of giggles and huge bouquets of roses. "…as I was saying" she wrinkled her nose. Everything nowadays was supersized. 'It's more about what you get and how big it is…' she sighed in frustration. 'It's supposed to be about love…' she thought wistfully, her blue eyes saddening.

Passing through the hallway Kaiba noticed Anzu's pensive look. Ignoring his instinct to pass her by, he went up to her.
"Now, what's wrong Mazaki?" he asked sounding harsher than he intended
Anzu started.
"Oh…Kaiba-kun…I was just thinking about…Valentine's Day…"
He gave a brief nod.
"It's silly, but it's just so…oh I don't know…materialistic nowadays…" she flinched under his gaze.
Kaiba looked a bit surprised, then he smiled.
"Happy Valentine's Day, Anzu!" he whispered.
"Happy Valentine's Day, Seto-kun…" Anzu murmured as Kaiba began to walk off.
Kaiba mused on Anzu's response: how her eyed had lit up so beautifully; her breathy utterance of his name…by far more precious than anything tangible.
Anzu smiled to herself in Kaiba's absence.
'Sometimes, all it takes is four little words…more treasured than any acquisition…' she smiled again remembering how he spoke her name.
And so, the world goes around; another Valentine's Day's gone by…and two hearts recognize each other.
Note: This goes out to everyone on Valentine's Day. Blessings! Happy Valentine's Day!