Hello, Everyone! This is my first story on Fanfiction! So I don't care what kind of review you leave me, even if it is criticism, as long as it helps. Depending on your reviews the story will differ here and there. I already have a basic idea of how everything goes but I want to know what you guys think of it! This is just the Prologue. I know, I'm sorry it is a song but please bear with me! It has to do with my story, I promise! I also put up Chapter one so you can actually have something to read!

Oh yeah! I don't own the rights to Chrono Trigger or Cross, yet….. Mwahahahah! World domination baby! Oh wait that's from another Square game… curses….

(If you were wondering it's from Threads of Fate. Which I don't own ether… man my life bites.)



Is not as it should



Come and go

But not you

Or so I thought so

No one flies anymore

The dragons won't even come to play

Everything's gone

Every-where-but here

Because of you

You were my dream

And I was yours

But then the world was saved

And now we are no more

Cerulean skies

Where we would laugh

And cry

Are all I long for

Because of you



So umm… yeah. Alrighty! On to chapter one!