Chapter 12: Tale of a Lost Soul.

The fresh scent of the ocean was carried by the wind to the guest it was currently hosting on the beach. The young woman smiled as the wind picked up, cooling her from the hot sun. Her white dress danced in the breeze, however she didn't mind, for this was the only place she could relax, escape from the world. She wasn't even sure how long she had just been standing there, wishing the waves would take her away, to anywhere other than here. Fate was a cruel soul, abandoning her here, with no way to escape.

It didn't seem so bad at times like this though, when she could just watch the clouds roll bye and listen to the waves of the ocean meeting the shore. However she knew times like these never did last very long. She already knew the head mistress would be looking for her, and that it wouldn't take her too much longer to find her here. So with that she closed her eyes and sighed, saying a silent good-bye to the beach as she began to head back. Hopefully she would be able to head to another hiding spot before she was discovered.

It had never been difficult to escape her confinement. She was a professional after all. The only problem was there was nowhere to go. A lot had happened to the poor village that she had once known and had reluctantly had grown to love. However that didn't change the fact that she hated them for doing it. She may have been able to forgive them for building a wall around the entire village, after all they were at war. But it had destroyed everything she loved about the place, all the flowers were gone now and the smell of the ocean was unable to break through the now polluted area. Due to the rapid change in atmosphere all the plants had died and even the wild life had left or had become extinct. "But worst of all," she thought as she walked down the now barren road that lead to the beach from town, "is that I no longer know anyone here." Everyone she had once known had long since gone. Leaving her feeling lost and alone in a world she had once known and loved. Fate had even been so cruel as to confine her in this place.

As she entered town she made sure to keep a low profile, after all it wouldn't do her any good to be caught now. The smell of gas fumes flooded the air as one of the army's jeeps drove by. The war had not been good to this place. Many had already died. She couldn't believe how things had turned out. The once humble village had turned into a war bunker, against the will of the finishing school of course. The school had been the one thing that kept money coming into this dead town. Of course only the rich nobles can afford to send their daughters here. It's far more of a babysitting job then a class room. All that is taught is how to keep oneself busy while the husband is away or too busy to pay attention to you. In fact she was surprised that they had wanted her in the school, after all she had no money, and was not the type of person to sit idly by while other did the work.

The head mistress had said that she could pay off her dept after she had gotten married to a rich man. Of course she wanted nothing to do with the school. They barely feed her, so that she wouldn't become too fat to attract a man. As for a bed, if you could call it that, was in the stables, an empty loft filled with hay. True fully none of that mattered to her. She was used to living on small portions and bad sleeping conditions, it was Madam Lynch that she loathed. Always telling her that she didn't behave like a proper lady, as if her definition was the only one that existed. At just the thought of her, the calm she had been able to claim from the beach left her, and her well known temper flared.

Her anger had always been one of her greater weaknesses. It took a lot out of her to not scream out loud and lunge into an undying rage, attacking anything that came within range. She may be a school dropout but she wasn't that stupid. Doing that would get her caught and she was so close to her next hideout, she could smell the freshly baked goods from the bakery, which is where the kind elderly Miss Hoshi resided. At that she breathed in what she could of the bakery and calmed her temper, a little.

As she heard the bell ring to the shop, Miss Hoshi turned around to see her lively little run away storm inside. "Now, now. It's a shame you were given blond hair my dear, red would have suited you so much better." Miss Hoshi cackled to herself as her new guest took her seat, a frown on her face. "There, there. Can't have an unhappy guest, it 

would ruin business." As she took a seat next to her and she offered one of the freshly baked buns. "Heavens know she doesn't get feed enough.", Elizabeth Hoshi thought as she noted that the poor girl had lost more weight. A soft "Thanks." was her reply as she took her rage out on the innocent baked good. Elizabeth watch as the young woman acted anything but, and inhaled her food.

Sadly though the peace would last long as Madam Lynch came bellowing down the street. "Annabelle! Annabelle! You wretched thing! Where are you?!"

Elizabeth watched as her guest groaned and slumped her shoulders together, "Ya know, I really wish she'd at least use me real name." At that the elderly woman patted her back, "It'll be ok Kid. Tomorrow is a new day, maybe by then that fat prick will have croaked." To both of their dismay however, their laughter ended up being their downfall, as it was what gave them away to Madam Lynch.

A/N- I swear to you I've not died. My muse was just slaughter by my job for awhile. But it's getting better. I am really sorry it took so long to do. I had a hard time writing it the way I wanted it to turn out. Even now it still kinda bugs me… I might revise it later but I couldn't just leave you hanging. Anyway this is the real Kid, I'll explain more about where she is in a later chapter. But with this I can keep going with the story! So please enjoy!