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Yet again, I find myself staring in your direction. Daring… Dreaming…

Yet again, you pay no heed. You never do.

I sigh, absently sipping my afternoon tea. I continue to stare dreamily, studying your extravagant features; your immaculate, gleaming hair… Your piercing, sapphire eyes… Your flawless, glowing facial features…

My cheeks burn a cerise tinge. I have yet to lay my eyes on a more beautiful creature. Any man – or woman – would give up their entire world just to be with you. I know I would. Quite unfortunately enough, however… You already have someone.

Oh, what I would pay to be in that person's shoes.

It crushes me so much that you love someone else. I've loved you longer than he has; you know that. I confessed my love to you months ago… But you never answered me back. Are you doing this to spite me? Is this your way of telling me you don't feel the same? Is this your answer? I feel so lost…

I almost - almost - regret falling in love with you. I always knew nothing would ever come of it; but I never listened to my conscience. I took the path I knew I would suffer on, and now I've paid the price. You were always so cold… Do you think me immature? Am I nothing more than a child to you? But… You're so much more to me… Why must this be so unfair?

You turn your head and catch my eyes. I blush yet again, but do not turn away. I look straight into your eyes, trying to discover your darkest secrets locked within them… They really are beautiful; it's difficult to turn away.

But alas, it looks like I don't have to turn away, anyway – you're the one to turn your head away. I sigh deeply in disappointment.

Oneesama… No, Zakuro… Why can't you understand? Why can't you read me properly? I'm not like your other fans. I don't just admire you as another idol… I'm hopelessly in love with you. Every night before I drift to sleep, I close my eyes and see you there. When I wander aimlessly through my dreamland, I feel you wandering beside me. You haunt my mind at every waking moment, and infest my thoughts with hopeless daydreams during the day. Your voice seems to constantly ring in my head with soothing words and endless pampering.

You're my unending bliss; my heaven.

But when I see you with another, my heaven seems to burst into flames. My heart aches, like it's about to jump right out of my chest.

It's unfair, Zakuro. I love you more than anyone. You're mine. My shining light… My star…

I need you.

I adore everything about you; you're beautiful looks, your strong emotions, your immense perfection… You're the only one I could ever really understand.

Delicate like rose petals, beautiful like the dawn… You're my shining star, and you always will be.

… Only you're not.