"For the last time Remus, dying those Slytherin's hair pink was a BRILLIANT idea!" Sirius Black cried.

Remus turned angrily. "So it doesn't matter that we got another detention? I had a date with Silvia on Saturday!"

"Sorry, Remy!" James Potter muttered. "But, you know, it could be worse…"

"Oh really?" Remus asked, turning red.

"Yeah!" Peter said, lighting up. "Prongs could've had a date with Evans!"

"Yes!" James said. "I could've had a date with Evans!"

The four boys were silent for a moment. Sirius' cheeks bulged out.

"What's wrong, Padfoot?" James asked, confused.

Sirius burst out laughing. He grabbed his stomach and rolled on the floor. Remus and Peter soon followed. "Sorry!" They gasped. "You-Evans-Date!" James grunted, stamped his foot in a very Evans-ish manner, and stomped off.

As he walked away, he heard Sirius say, "Prongs and Evans date! Yeah, and the mutant hamsters from Zorg are gonna attack us with green jell-o!"

"Come on, Fred!" George Weasley yelled. "Let's go already!"

"Wait! We have to make sure this works!" Fred sighed.

"Fine! But hurry!"

Fred grabbed his wand and zapped the two motorcycles. He twisted a few dials, and the motorbikes let out a loud, low hum. Colored lights flashed, and a thick, gray fog surrounded the twins.

The humming got louder, and the twins rose up in the air.

"It's working!" George yelled excitedly.

THUNK! The two boys were thrown back onto the hard, cold stone floor.

"It didn't work…" Fred sighed.

"Well DUH!"


Fred and George Weasley looked up into the smiling, yet very confused, face of James Potter.