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"So Miss Weasley," Albus Dumbledore sighed. "You're worried because you can't find your brothers?" He had the faintest hint of a grin on his face, and Ginny sighed impatiently.

"That's not the POINT, Professor!" She screeched. "The POINT is that I SAW them go into that room. I waited outside for FIVE MINUTES. The door was CLOSED. When I went in, there was NOTHING in the room but dust. There were NO other doors OR windows, and YOU CAN'T APPARATE ON SCHOOL GROUNDS!"

Dumbledore frowned. His face became more serious, and he stood up. With his back facing Ginny, he asked, "Ginevra, do you have any idea where your brothers may have gone."

Ginny's face remained blank. Dumbledore turned to face her, and watched her think. Her face paled, and she opened her mouth, horrified.


"WHAT?" James bellowed. "Now they've got my BEST FRIEND-no offense Pads-AND my girlfriend?"

Sirius looked at James sadly. "Prongs, mate, there's three things wrong with that statement. ONE, I am your best mate, NOT Remus. TWO, Lily is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT your girlfriend."

"What's three?" George asked.

Sirius grinned. "Those things only THINK they have them, when really this was all a trap! The stupid little fuzzballs THINK they can beat us by capturing Moony and Lily-flower, but if we beat them…"

"If we beat them what?" James asked.

"Er." Sirius frowned. "Actually, I hadn't though that far yet."


Lucius Malfoy (in his hamster form) stood in front of the hamster army. They grew quiet, and he began his speech.

"Now, my loyal minions! We shall attack tonight! We have the girl and the wolf, and we can soon put our plan into action! The 'Marauders'," Here he sneered, "Will come to save them. We all know how noble Mr. Potter is; he will most definitely try to fight. But we can triumph! Only we have the Jell-O! Only we have the Jell-O! ONLY WE HAVE THE JELL-O!"

The hamsters cheered. Lily and Remus looked at each other and gulped as they moved closer and closer to the vat of boiling jell-o.


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