Valentine's Day Vignettes

By: Alison Lydon

Created for the older fan (ages 17-adult)

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. No copyright infringement is


These are not proper stories nor are they even short shorts. They are just one

to three pages double spaced fun miniatures.

They are little story nuggets to celebrate Valentine's Day. You don't need to

have a significant other; you can be your own valentine. But if you do have

someone to snuggle with all the better.

You know how you channel surf and catch a movie or show in the middle

that's what these four vignettes are. They aren't stories, there is no main plot,

they are just Valentine's Day nuggets for you to enjoy.

One is Walter and Audrey

Two is Josh and Mindy

Three is Megan and Neil


Four is Drake and someone unexpected

A little note without giving the mini plot-ettes away, if you don't like to read

anything 'controversial' then you might want to stop at chapter three.

Happy Valentine's Day!