Here's another chapter of the silliness that is Wreaking Havoc. There seems to have been a general outcry against the extent of Sam's violent actions, so this chapter is dedicated to all of those who wondered what the heck was going on. This chapter will reveal exactly why Sam was in such a blind fury. So thanks to all of the reviewers, you people make my day so much brighter.

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Wrecking Havoc

Ch. 6

Have you ever had that feeling when you feel all of the hope drain out of you? Like you hit a dead end and you're pretty much guaranteed a gruesome end? That's exactly how it was for me, the only exception being that fact that I had hit a literal dead end instead of a figurative one. Living up to one of my nicknames, Bad Luck Tuck, I had somehow managed to hit what was most likely the only dead end in the whole freak'n house! The stairs literally led to nowhere! It just ended at a small landing and just stopped, not a door in sight.

Down below, I heard the horrifying sound of splintering wood. I had to restrain myself from scrabbling at the wall in a pathetic attempt to somehow go through it. Instead, I stood trembling towards the stairs. Sam practically tripped in her haste to get to me. She threw back her arm, with the weird needle thing in it in preparation to hurl it at me.

But before she even threw her hand back forward, she collapsed on top of me. I'm sure my face was the very definition of a Kodak moment right then. Danny come rushing through the wall in ghost mode, ready to fight whatever thing he thought might have been after us.

Of course he couldn't have come sooner and saved me all that agony. Such is my life.

When Danny realized that there was no spook to defeat, he dropped his stance and landed on the floor, turning back to Danny Fenton. He looked around puzzled; an eyebrow came up when he saw the needle thing still clutched loosely in her hand.

"What happened?"

The question seemed almost too mundane.

"Oh, nothing special…except the fact that your girlfriend tried to kill me!"

"Hey, she's not my girlfriend!"

Of course that's the first thing to come out of his mouth, automatic reaction I suppose.

"Why would she try to kill you?"

I was so not going to enlighten him on that one. He'd either just stand back and watch or help her skin me alive.

"Is she okay?"

Oh yes, worry for her safety, not mine. Wasn't I the victim? I was a bit put off by his lack of concern, I have to say.

He quickly took her into his arms and examined her for injury. Once again I have to ask, why the heck would she have an injury! Anyways, a surprised look came over his face. In no time flat, he was on the floor and practically crying with laughter. I was a bit vexed, with the slightest hint of confusion to go along with it.

"What the heck is so funny?" I demanded, some of my vexation showing through my voice. Hey, one of my best friends tried to kill me and my other best friend was laughing about it!

"It-it's j-just…hahaha!"

It didn't seem like he could stop laughing for long enough to tell me anything, let alone in a coherent sentence. But almost as if on cue, Sam started to mumble.

"Kill…Tucker…die…hot iron pokers…"

Then it hit me. Was it possible, was there even the slightest chance, that Sam had been really sleeping the whole time she was trying to kill me?

No. Frick'n. Way.

At that point in time, two emotions rose up in me. One, a flooding relief that she would think this was a dream. Two, a really strong sense of annoyance.

The annoyance won for the moment.

"Oh, shut up." I said to Danny, and I marched my way down the stairs to get the phone so I could get the house fixed before Sam woke.

Half an hour later found Danny and me playing our brains out on the new game system Sam got just last week. The house was completely fixed, the diary was back in place, I had all of the information on my camera, Sam was in her sleeping bag none the wiser, and Danny was as oblivious as ever…hopefully. You can never tell with Danny.

So the first part of my objective was completed. Now the only things left to do was to get information out of Danny's diary, and analyze them both. Then I could put a master plan together that would be an example to all matchmakers around the world. I would do the impossible soon; get Danny and Sam to admit they loved each other.

The only thing I had to worry about was Danny, he can be more aware than we give him credit for, and there was no knowing how much he gleaned from that incident. He didn't look too suspicious, but than again, you can never tell with Danny.

'Oh, to heck with that.' I thought, 'Right now I'm just going to beat his skinny, non-techno geekish self all the way to Antarctica.'

The sad thing was, I lost. I think it might have been an omen.


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